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Style Guide

Reference for library staff for creating and maintaining guides. Style sheets, font information, logos, etc.

Greenwood Library has four kinds of digital marketing -- the web banner on the homepage of the website, the screens in the atrium, the digital poster next to the Desk and social media posts.  

Atrium Screen Information

TV screens in the Atrium

The TV screens are located in the atrium, above the displays. The remote for turning on and off these screens are located in the far left drawer at the Desk (drawers are labeled).

The dimensions for the screens ideally is 1920 px by 1080 px. There is a template within Greenwood Library's professional Canva account, or it is the same dimensions as presentation slide.

The files for the slides are located in shared drive LibStaff>Digital Sign Files>(current school year, e.g. Fall 2020- Spring 2021)>Type (TV Slides or Web Banners)

To upload new slides, you must have the IP address in order to upload the new files to the TV's microSD card.   Follow the Atrium Screen Upload/Delete Instructions

For reference, is the TV facing the front doors and is the TV facing the stairs.
If the TVs will not let you upload any new slides or delete slides, there is a problem with the microSD card. We have an extra microSD card in the Digital Signage Supplies folder in the Instruction cabinet.
Before you replace the microSD card, make sure the extra microSD card has been formatted on a computer. The adapter for the microSD is in the folder. Turn off the TV. To find the microSD slot on the TV, grab a stool or ladder and look directly up at the back of each TV (see photo for reference). Simply pop out of the old one and replace with the blank one and turn TV back on. Go back to your computer and try to upload your slides again.
If the TV is still being troublesome, contact IT for them to come and take a look at it.

Atrium Screen Upload/Delete Instructions

Step 1: SD Card Viewer

Type or click on the IP address: 


Then click on SD Card Viewer at the bottom on the side navigation bar.  It is highlighted in the screenshot. 

TV Instructions_Step 1

Step 2: IP Address (MP)

Click on the first IP address (the one highlighted in the screenshot) under the heading of IP Address (MP).  

TV Instruction 2

Third Screen: Upload/Delete page

A new screen will pop up, it will be the screen that will allow you to upload or delete slides from the screens.  Upload is near the top of the screen, and to delete a slide, click on the check box next to the slide and then hit Delete at the top of that box.  Note the highlighted areas on the screenshot for assistance. 

Be sure to let the slide complete upload and show up in the list before uploading another.  

After either uploading or deleting slides, be sure to turn the screens off and then back on to refresh the TV. 

TV Instructions Step 3

Digital Poster

The Digital Poster is located beside the front desk.  The key to the digital poster can be found in the envelope labelled Digital Signage Supplies in the Instruction Cabinet.   

Step 1: Upload new slides to USB drive. 

Step 2: Rotate new slides to the right. Rotate the image from a portrait position to landscape with the top to the right. 

Step 3: Eject USB drive from computer.  

Step 4: Unlock Digital Poster with key attached to USB drive. 

Step 5: Insert USB drive, the USB port is near the bottom, next to a small speaker (picture coming).  Wait for a message to pop up on the screen side of "Please unplug disk." 

Step 6: Lock the digital poster and it will restart itself with the new slides.

The dimensions for the digital poster slides is 1587 px by 2245 px. 

The files for the slides are located in shared drive LibStaff>Digital Sign Files>2019>Digital Poster>Current

New Web Banner

Step 1: Greenwood Library Guide (#941530)

Navigate to the Greenwood Library Guide (#941530) in LibGuides (or navigate to library website and login in via bottom link).  Scroll down to the web banner.  Click on the gear icon in the top right corner (circled in screenshot)

Step 2: Insert New Image

At the bottom of the slides, click on Add New Slide (circled in screenshot).  Select image (first option in drop down menu).

Step 3: Open Image Manager

Click on Open Image Manager so you can upload the web banner (circled in screenshot).

Step 4: Upload web banner in appropriate folder

Click on Shared Folders (highlighted in screenshot) and then navigate down to appropriate folder.  It should be labeled Banners - Semester Year (eg. Banners -- Fall 2022).  Click on that folder and it'll open up that semester's banners.  Select your image from your computer or the Shared Drive (LibStaff > Digital Sign Files > Semester & Year (eg. Fall 2022 - Spring 2023) > Web Banners. 

Step 5: Selecting image

Once you've uploaded the image into the Shared Folder, you can click on the image icon (circled in screenshot) to automatically input the link to the image into the Slide Image URL field.  Or you can click on the hyperlink button and manually copy the URL and paste it into the Slide Image URL.  

Step 6: Add alt text & links

Add any links needed (such as to an event page, LibGuides, blog, etc).  Then add Image Alt Text. Keep your alt text short, you want to make sure a screen reader gets the gest of the image so name of the event, or database.  If there is a link, include that in the alt text so the screen reader reads that it is a clickable image that goes somewhere else. Do NOT put a title or description for Web Banner messes up the format.  

Step 7: Save & Return to Guide

Hit the save button in the Add Slide Screen.  Then hit Save and Return to Guide button on the top and bottom of the slides. If you need to reorder the slides (like if you want an event slide to be top of the list) you can drag the slide to reposition it (use the double sided arrow icon, to the left of the thumbnail of the image).  And you're done!