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Reference for library staff for creating and maintaining guides. Style sheets, font information, logos, etc.


Boostrap 3.4.1 has four default alerts already set up. There are as follows:

Success! This alert box could indicate a successful or positive action.
alert alert-success
Info! This alert box could indicate a neutral informative change or action.
alert alter-info
Warning! This alert box could indicate a warning that might need attention.
alert alert-warning
Danger! This alert box could indicate a dangerous or potentially negative action.
alert alert-danger

Where can I put alerts? 

Currently, we have alerts set up for the website homepage and the Database A-Z page.  

Some alerts are easier to put up than others as the website homepage is a hidden box within the Greenwood Library guide so change the wording to your specific alert and unhide the box.  The Database A-Z page alert requires you to change a template within the LibGuides Admin side.  

Step 1: Greenwood Library Guide

Navigate to the back end of the Greenwood Library libguide (go to library homepage and use login link at bottom right of the page, in the footer).  You'll see the Alert Box in draft mode at the top of the homepage.  You can use the Edit function in the gear drop down menu (bottom right hand corner) or go directly to the code.  

Step 2: Change the alert type or edit the alert

As seen earlier in this page, you see Bootstrap has 4 default alert types.  If you want to change the type, copy and paste which type you want in the highlighted portion of the screenshot.  You can get to the code either through the gear icon and hitting HTML or open the Edit and click on Source (circled in red on screenshot).  Then you can return to the edit mode and simply type in your alert message.  

Step 3: Unhide the alert box

Lastly, unhide the alert box by clicking on the either the eye with a slash icon at the top left hand corner (next to the title) as seen in the red circle on the screenshot.  Then uncheck the Draft Mode and it'll be live.  

A-Z Database Alert

Step 1: Look & Feel setting

You must be an administrator in LibGuides to be able to change the alert on the A-Z page.  

Under Admin dropdown, go to Look & Feel.  Under Page Layout drop down, go to the bottom of the list A-Z.  

Step 2: Customize Template

Head to the second accordion labeled Customize A-Z Database Page Templates.  Select the A-Z Page with icon legend with alert

Step 3: Edit the code

Noting the highlighted text in the screenshot, find that text (or other text within the original code) and type in your alert.  

Then hit Save changes to this template.  DO NOT create a new template.  

Step 4: Make it live

After you've saved the code with your new alert, then head to the top accordion labeled Layout Options for A-Z Database Page.  In the drop down menu, select A-Z Page with icon legend with alert.  Then hit the Save button next to it.  It will now be live.  Remember to change back to the A-Z Page with icon legend when the alert is done.