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Style Guide

Reference for library staff for creating and maintaining guides. Style sheets, font information, logos, etc.

Web Safe Fonts

Sans-Serif Font: Arial

Serif Font: Georgia*

*Currently only the guides using a serif font are Archives & Special Collections -- Serif fonts are not the best accessible fonts due to its difficult to process for people who are dyslexic or visually impaired.  Avoid using Serif fonts if possible. 

Web safe fonts are fonts that are included with most operating systems, the implication of such high availability is that a designer can expect typography involving web safe fonts to appear exactly as intended to most users. 

How to properly use headings in LibGuides

H1 Heading -- Reserved for Page Titles.*

*Note about H1 headings -- when a new page is created, ALWAYS enter in a page title.  It is hidden within the code so screen readers can access it but will not be visible on the website itself.   

H2 Heading -- Reserved for Box Titles

H3 Heading -- Use within Boxes

H4 Heading -- Use within Boxes

H5 Heading -- Use within Boxes
Screenshot of paragraph format drop down in LibGuides

Headings are important for accessibility as it creates a hierarchy for screen readers to use to help disabled people navigate through the page.  

Access heading options through the Paragraph Format drop down in the WYSIWYG editor in LibGuides. 

Paragraph size: 14px

LibGuides defaults to size 12px which is relatively small so when possible, use the Size drop down in the WYSIWYG to change it to 14px. All you need to do is highlight the text and then click on the Size drop down, scrolling down to 14.  

Sometimes if the code has been changed in the back, it will disable some options within the WYSIWYG editor. If you are having trouble doing so, please contact Hope and she'll fix it within the code. 

Screenshot of WYSIWYG for Font Size


Resources for Fonts and Headings