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Library Policies, Procedures and Guidelines: Archives & Special Collections Policy

Collection Usage Policy

The stacks in both the archives and special collections are closed and materials from these collections may only be used in-house. Requests for archival materials can be made by utilizing the “Request Access to this Collection” button on any of the online finding aids on the Greenwood Library Archives website. Requests for materials from special collections can be made by filling out a request form. Likewise, requests for access to any materials from the archives and special collections can be made in-person, 9am-4pm at The Desk.

Updated July 2017

Reading Room Usage Guidelines

The Greenwood Library Archives and Special Collections Reading Room can be found on the second floor of the library in room 202 and is currently open by appointment only. Additonally, accommodations can be made for those researchers who are unable to visit the reading room during normal business hours. Please contact Jamie Krogh at kroghjl@longwood.edu or Benedict Chatelain at chatelainbg@longwood.edu to make arrangements.

In order to prevent damage to any research materials, food and drink are not allowed in the reading room.

You may bring paper, pencils, laptops, and any secondary material you need in to the reading room. Pens are not allowed in the reading room.

When you arrive:

  • Check in with the staff member at the reading room reference desk. The staff member will have you complete a short registration form.
  • If you have not already done so, discuss which materials you would like to see with the reference staff.

Using Archives and Special Collections materials:

  • When requested items are brought for your use, please observe any special handling instructions given you by the staff.
  • No materials may leave the reading room.
  • Please do not mark or alter in any way books, documents, or other items from the collections. Paper is available for use as bookmarks, if needed.
  • If requesting multiple items, please keep only one box on the table at a time and remove only one folder at a time.
  • Please maintain the existing order of items in folders and document boxes. If you think that a filing error has occurred, please do not rearrange items; notify a staff person of the error.
  • If you wish to request copies of items from the collection, reading room staff will assist you in scanning any items deemed safe for duplication.

Updated July 2017

University Archives Collection Policy

The purpose of Greenwood Library’s Archives is to collect, preserve, provide access to, and encourage the use of the materials, books, and other items in the archival collection. The Archives Manager is responsible for the development of collections in this department.

The University Archives serves as the corporate memory for the history of Longwood University. Its principal function is to provide a secure repository for the University’s historically significant records, including the records of the Board of Visitors; the office files of former presidents, deans and department chairpersons; and collections of personal papers donated by faculty, administrators, and others associated with the University.

Collection Guidelines

The Longwood University Archives collects print, memorabilia, and photographic materials that relate to the history of the University. The Archives Manager will assist office managers in making decisions about what is of potential enduring historical value.

The following is a list of textual materials that have archival significance in documenting the history, development, and major activities of Longwood University. These materials should be maintained in each office or sent to the Library to be included in the archival collection.

  • Annual reports
  • Minutes of department or committee meetings
  • Policy statements and related documents
  • Materials documenting organizational or structural changes of a department
  • Major planning documents
  • Histories of a department including documents related to special activities and events
  • Major reports produced by departments or committees
  • Departmental publications
  • Correspondence related to important events such as the inauguration of a President or the opening and dedication of a new facility
  • Unique photographs, scrapbooks and other memorabilia

The following are collected on an ongoing basis:

  • University catalogs and student handbooks
  • The Rotunda (student newspaper)
  • The Student Yearbook and/or The Freshman Register
  • Student literary publications
  • Departmental newsletters and magazines
  • News releases
  • Sports news
  • Alumni Magazine
  • Longwood publications and reports such as The Strategic Report
  • Convocation and Commencement programs
  • Promotional materials produced by Marketing and Communications
  • Academic Affairs minutes
  • Faculty Senate minutes
  • Faculty papers and publications
  • Board of Visitors agendas and minutes

Archival copies of the Longwood University Senior Honors Research papers and Masters Theses are collected and housed in Special Collections. A second copy is cataloged for the circulating collection.

Greenwood Library seeks donations of any materials related to the University’s history and will accept such donations from students, faculty, staff, and other interested persons. The Library encourages faculty members to donate their research papers and manuscripts for inclusion in Special Collections.

Approved October 2008
Updated August 2010

Virginia Authors Collection Development Policy & Guidelines

Selection and usage of materials in the Greenwood Library’s Virginia Authors Collection are governed by the following procedures and guidelines:

  • A librarian is assigned to coordinate the collection development activities with consultation and direction of the Dean of the Library.
  • This collection is continually enriched through donations of autographed copies of authors’ works.
  • The Library will attempt to obtain two copies of each author’s work, one autographed copy and one circulating copy.
  • A letter from the office of the Dean of the Library will be sent to solicit donations of authors’ work(s).
  • The Library may purchase a circulating copy of an author’s work should an author donate only an autographed copy.
  • Coordination with the acquisitions department will avoid unnecessary duplication or triplication of sources added to the Virginia Authors Collection.
  • Usage policy of Virginia Authors Collection will follow the same guidelines of Special Collections Room Usage Policy and Procedures.

Reviewed August 2010



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