Overdue, Lost, or Damaged Material

You are responsible for returning or renewing all materials borrowed with your library card by the due date. When a material becomes overdue, borrowing privileges will be blocked until the material is returned.

Lost or damaged materials and lost ID or library cards should be reported as soon as possible to the Desk.

A bill for replacement cost and processing fee is sent immediately upon the Library learning the material is lost. Damaged material is evaluated to determine if the material can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.  A librarian determines the fee for damaged material.

Library Fines

A courtesy notice will be sent via your Longwood e-mail account three days before the due date of your books.  For books, users are given 3 days past the due date to return them without paying fines.  On the 4th day overdue, fines are assessed at $1.00 per book.  Each additional day overdue is $.25 per book.

Fines start on all other material the first hour/day they are overdue. Fines are assessed at $1.00 per hour for faculty reserves and hourly reserves.  Fines for multimedia equipment are assessed at $1.00 per hour for each item, including accessories.  Fines for daily reserves and other audiovisual materials are assessed at $1.00 a day.  The maximum fine assessed for any material is $25.00.

Notices and bills are sent out on a daily basis by e-mail and postal mail for all materials. Fines for overdue materials are not refundable. Fines can be paid in the Library with Lancer Cash or with cash or check in the Cashiering Office located in Lancaster, Room 201.

Material that is thirty days overdue will be billed with a $25.00 processing fine assessed.  Accounts delinquent over 30 days may be placed with the Virginia Department of Taxation and/or a collection agency for debt collection.  Listing with the Virginia Department of Taxation may result in the seizure of funds from a tax refund, any refund from another state agency, and/or a lottery claim.

Unpaid fines/fees will result in registration or transcript blocks for students as well as suspension of borrowing privileges. Overdue fines are not charged to faculty and staff. However, faculty and staff borrowing privileges will be suspended for users who have long-overdue items.

To find out if you have any fines, you can request a list of your fines in person at the Desk or via phone 434.395.2433. You may also view your fines online through your Library account; however, there are some limitations to this feature of the service.

Appeal Policy for Fines and Charges

In the event that users feel the fines and/or charges levied against them by the Library are exceptional, they have the right to appeal. Users have 30 days within which to launch an appeal and are advised to come forward as soon as possible so that information regarding the appeal will be readily available. Past 30 days, fines and/or charges will be sent for collection and cannot be appealed.

Appeal decisions are based on a clear and concise statement provided by the user, in addition to the user’s Library record, previous appeals made by the user, the total amount due on the account, and any other information that is relevant to the appeal.

All reasonable concerns related to Library charges will be considered; however, the following are NOT considered reasons on which an appeal can be based:

  • Forgetting or not knowing due dates, amount of fines, or Library policy
  • Disagreement with Library fine/fee structure
  • Loaning the items to a third party
  • Being too busy or out of town
  • Claiming your need was greater than another’s or that you were not done with the item
  • Not receiving or not reading a courtesy overdue reminder
  • Disregarding a request to return a recalled item
  • Inability to pay fines/fees
  • Charges for lost or damaged items
  • Items returned to wrong library

Most fine appeals can be resolved by consulting with a Desk staff member. If a user disagrees with the outcome of this consultation, the individual may complete and submit the form below to the Information Services Manager. If no resolution is attained, the next level of appeal is the Head of Collections & Information Services. The user should arrange for an appointment to meet with the Head of Collections & Information Services to explain the reason for the appeal. The decision made between the user and the Library is final and binding.

Library holds on your student account will remain while the appeal is being reviewed. Holds will prevent students from registering, receiving grades, and acquiring transcripts. You will be notified of the outcome of your appeal within 7-10 working days via e-mail.

Fines and Appeals Form

Fines and Appeals

Policies and Appeals

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