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Library Policies, Procedures and Guidelines: Gift and Donation Policy


Greenwood Library is grateful for offers of gifts of materials for its collections. The Library welcomes donated books and manuscripts that enhance its collections in support of the University’s teaching and research needs. The Library may decline offers of gifts if they unnecessarily duplicate existing holdings, if the subject matter is outside the scope of its collections, or if there are donor restrictions the Library cannot honor. 

Donors should contact the Library to discuss possible gifts of books, journals, or other materials before sending them. If a gift collection is accepted, the Library may sell those items not appropriate for the collection and which cannot be referred to other libraries. Library staff are not permitted to appraise gifts, but the University of Virginia keeps a list of a number of appraisers who can be consulted.

For questions relating to general gift policy matters, contact Tammy Hines, Head of Collections & Information Services. 

Gift and Donation Policy

Partially through the generosity of gifts, both monetary and physical, the Greenwood Library is able to add depth to the academic resources available to our community. Financial contributions to the Friends of the Library, which help support the Library’s services, facilities and collections, can be made through the Longwood University Foundation; please specify “Greenwood Library” under “Designation.”

The following guidelines are offered to assist donors interested in giving gifts-in-kind, such as books, manuscripts, and other research materials. Based upon these criteria, the Library retains the right to accept or decline all potential gifts.

I. General Guidelines

Due to the high cost of managing the gift process, the Library’s goal in accepting gifts is to acquire only materials which are highly relevant to the University's needs. All potential gifts will be evaluated by librarians in accordance with the collection development policy of the Library. Potential gift items will meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Support the University’s current and evolving curriculum and academic disciplines;
  • Sustain the research needs of faculty and students;
  • Augment collections of depth;
  • Enhance the unique and noteworthy holdings of the Library’s special collections.

II. Disposition of Gift Materials

With the exception of some special collections and archival materials, all gifts added to the collection will be cataloged and listed in the online public catalog.

Since all gift materials that are added to the general collection are shelved in the appropriate subject classification, the Library cannot maintain separate named collections, unless by prior agreement by authority of the Dean of the Library. Items may be returned to the donor only in special circumstances and if arranged in advance.

Some items may be deemed unacceptable to add to our collection because of condition, content or format; items not added may be sold through the Friends of the Library periodic book sales or discarded in accordance with our Collection Development policy. Proceeds from book sales are used to support future library activities or acquisitions for the Library’s research collections.

III. Process for Accepting Gifts

The Dean of the Library ensures adherence to Longwood University's policy on accepting gifts-in-kind. Donors may be asked to provide a title list and description of any gift before it can be considered. In the absence of such documentation, the Library may require on-site evaluation of the collection by library staff before a determination to accept can be made. These individuals will evaluate potential gifts for appropriateness to the collections. When a gift is accepted, the donor and the Library representative will sign a Deed of Gift; both parties will keep copies for their records.

Gifts delivered without prior arrangement or contact with the Library may not be accepted or acknowledged.

For gifts valued at or over $500, donors will be directed to the Longwood University Foundation Gift Review Committee to ensure all proper IRS forms are filed and that the University is able to accept the gift. The donor should seek independent appraisal to determine the value of the gift(s). For gifts valued at over $5000, the appraisal is required, dated no more than 60 days from the date of transfer. IRS law prohibits librarians and staff from appraising materials or the University paying for or arranging for appraisals. Pertinent information is available in IRS Publication No. 561 "Determining the Value of Donated Property." Because tax laws change frequently, donors are advised to seek professional tax or estate counsel prior to making a gift. If possible, a copy of the appraisal should also be submitted to the Library.


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