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Criminal Justice Studies: CRIM 495

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Useful Databases

Criminal Justice Databases:

Sociology and Psychology Databases:

Journalism and News Databases:

Useful Resources

Search Strategies

  • Keep your search as simple as you can. Pick out a couple of key words or short phrases. Remember to play around with your search terms, using synonyms and related terms to find more results.
  • Use Boolean terms:
  • Use truncation: victim* tells the database to find victim, victims, victimization, victimized, etc.
  • Use quotes to search exact phrases
  • If a database has a thesaurus, use it to find the best search terms
  • Follow citations



C:  Currency:  The timeliness of the information.  When was the information published or posted? 
R:  Relevance:  Is the information directly related to your topic? 
A:  Authority:  The source of the information.  What are the author's credentials?
A: Accuracy:   The reliability and correctness of the content. Where does the information come from?
P: Purpose:  The reason the information exists.  What biases are involved?  Is the information fact, opinion or propaganda?

Use this link to print a copy of the C.R.A.A.P. Test created by the librarians at Cal State Chico.

See also: a video from Weslyan University about applying the CRAAP test.