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Music: Conducting Research

Databases for Research

Finding Books in the Library

The main area for music books is on the second floor, group study side of Greenwood Library. Below you'll find some areas of interest, including scores, history, biography, and musical study.


  • M5-1480 Instrumental Music
  • M1495-2199 Vocal Music
    • M1497-1998 Secular vocal music
    • M1999-2199 Sacred vocal music

ML Literature on music

  • ML159-3785 History and criticism
    • ML385-429 Biography
  • ML3800-3923 Philosophical and societal aspects of music. Physics and acoustics of music. Physiological aspects of music

MT Instruction and study

  • MT40-67 Composition. Elements and techniques of music
  • MT85 Conducting. Score reading and playing
  • MT90-146 Analysis and appreciation of musical works
  • MT170-810 Instrumental techniques
  • MT820-915 Singing and vocal technique

Evaluating Resources

Evaluate for Relevancy

  • How current is the information? Can you find a date that shows when the information was published or updated?
  • Does it give information that is relevant to your needs? Does it give you information that will help you better understand the composer, their work, and the musical background of their time period and genre/form?

Evaluate for Credibility

  • Who wrote the information? What are their credentials? Is an author listed?
  • Who published the information? What other information can you find on the website?
  • Does the information have citations or references? How thorough is the research?
  • What bias does the information have?

Databases for Streaming