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Music Education: Find Books

Find Books

On this page, you'll:

  • Find selected books
  • Learn how to find other books by searching subjects, keywords, and browsing the book stacks

Selected Books

Treasures from the Orff Attic
Recorder Karate
Recorder Karate 2
Bucket Jams
First We Sing! Kodaly-Inspired Teaching
First We Sing! Teaching Strategies
Kodaly in the Classroom (Primary)
Kodaly in the Classroom (Intermediate)
Discovering Orff
Daily Ukulele
150 American Folk Songs to Sing, Read, and Play
150 Rounds for Singing and Teaching
Sail Away: 155 American Folk Songs to Sing, Read, and Play
A Concise Survey of Music Philosophy
Ukulele Jazz
Great Popular Songs
Ukulele in the Classroom: Teacher Edition
Ukulele in the Classroom: Student Edition
Fun with Boomwhackers

Browsing in the Library

Greenwood Library uses the Library of Congress Classification system, which groups together items on a similar subject. If you want to browse our books stacks, you can start with the areas listed below, but be aware that there might be resources in other locations that would be helpful for your research!

  • M: Printed Music (Scores)
    • M5-1480: Instrumental Music
      • M1000-1075: Orchestra
      • M1100-1160: String Orchestra
      • M1200-1270: Band
      • M1375-1420: Instrumental Music for Children
    • M1495-2199: Vocal Music
      • M1530-1609: Secular Music for Choruses
      • M1990-M1998: Secular Vocal Music for Children
      • M2020-2101.5: Sacred Music for Choruses
      • M2190-2196: Sacred Vocal Music for Children
  • ML: Literature on Music
    • ML159-3785: History and Criticism
      • ML459-1380: Instruments and Instrumental Music
      • ML1400-3275: Vocal Music
  • MT: Music Instruction and Study
    • MT70-74: Instrumentation and Orchestration 
    • MT85: Conducting
    • MT155 Music theory for children 
    • MT170-810: Instrumental Techniques
      • MT259-338 Stringed Instruments
      • MT339-533: Wind Instruments
      • MT655-725: Percussion and Other Instruments
      • MT728-735: Ensembles
      • MT740-810: Instrumental Techniques for Children 
    • MT820-915: Singing and Vocal Technique
      • MT898-915: Vocal Techniques for Children
    • MT918-948: School Music

Subject Searching

Below are some examples of subject headings to use in searching the library's catalog.

Keyword Searching

Try a variety of synonyms and related terms to find the most results:


Choir OR Choral

Voice OR Vocal

Band OR Instrumental OR Orchestral

Song OR Singing

Teacher OR Education OR School OR Instruction

Keep your search as simple as you can. Think about what you want to find and pick out a couple of key words or short phrases. Play around with your terms, don't stop just because your first search didn't find anything.