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Tristan Marowski_LibGuide: Southern Literature

Honors enhancement assignment for Dr. Miller

Southern Literature

Southern literature encompasses literature written about the South. This period of literature extends from the colonial era to modern day and is distinguished from other literature by including characteristics of the expectations of what the South is. This includes anything related to the experiences and aesthetics of the South. The canon of Southern literature is gradually expanding to include more diverse and previously unheard voices, and this guide provides information and resources to start with research on Southern literature and its canon.

Important Terminology

The South. Not just a geographical distinguisher, but an identity associated with certain styles, themes, and tropes.

New Southern Studies. Highlights the idea of diversifying the canon of Southern literature. Seeks to expand the understanding of "the South" to look more at the lived experiences of individuals rather than just generalizing a "South" that leaves out certain voices.

Anthologies in Southern Literature

Specific Focuses in Southern Literature

Slave Narratives:

Women Writers:

The Queer South:

The Asian American South:

Native Souths:

Immigrant Souths:

Library Resources

Library of Congress call number ranges most useful for Southern literature:

PS1-3626 - American Literature

PS551-559 - American Literature: South

Other useful subject guides:

Databases for further research:

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