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Faculty Services

Librarians offer research appointments to students, faculty, and staff. Some students recognize their need for assistance and schedule on their own, but you may also refer students that you recognize may need further research help.

You may even decide to make a research appointment with a librarian a requirement for an assignment. If you decide to require research appointments, please note the following:

  • We ask that you discuss this requirement with your liaison librarian at least a week before the assignment.
  • We encourage you to allow your students to meet with any librarian, not just their liaison. The liaison librarian will make a reasonable effort to meet with as many students as possible, but to ensure all students get assistance on the agreed upon timeline, students should be able to meet with any librarian listed in the appointment scheduler.
  • The librarian will provide the student with a Research Consultation Form as a digital PDF as proof of appointment attendance. We do not recommend you accept the email from "Library Calendar, alerts@mail.libcal.com" as proof of appointment attendance, as students have the ability to cancel the appointment after receiving the email. 


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