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Brock Experience

A research guide to aid students and faculty participating in Brock Experience courses.

Recommended Readings

Being Human: Genetics and Society

All humans share the same set of genes, but the ones in your genome are a once in a lifetime collection, unique in all of history. The nature of our genes, their contribution to who we are as individual people, as a culture, and as a species leads to many unanswerable questions.  In this course, students will develop knowledge of gene structures and the expression of genetic information as heritable traits. To build context for how society has responded to human genetic knowledge, students will investigate the misapplication of genetics through historic eugenic programs, discuss the personal and societal impact of genetic disorders, and investigate a future where gene augmentation for therapeutic and artistic goals is possible. We will consider the technological challenges, ethical conundrums, and personal dilemma that are associated with the risks and benefits of CRISPR-based gene therapy. Throughout, we will probe how the perception and function of our genetics defines us as a human, regardless of ability or disability.

Recommended Resources

Where do I start?

Below are some of our most useful resources for this Brock Experience.  You will find the complete list of Biological and Environmental Sciences databases on our A-Z list.


Public Resources:

OMIM: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man®: An Online Catalog of Human Genes and Genetic Disorders


Academic Databases: