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Reporting Adoptions to the Bookstore

Reporting to the Bookstore

Barnes & Noble @ Longwood now uses the Barnes & Noble Adoptions and Insights Portal to report adoptions. This site draws from a number of publisher databases to assist you in easily locating the correct text. Make sure that you share information about what format (e.g. print/ebook) you recommend students obtain if you have a preference.
If you're using an OER or other text that you can't find on the site, reach out directly to the bookstore for assistance. Alternatively, for OER, you can also indicate that no book is assigned, but add a note to the alert students that a book actually is required, although it is free.

Reporting Adoptions

According to the Faculty Policy and Procedures Manual, "textbook adoptions shall be made with sufficient lead time to university- or contract-managed bookstores so as to confirm availability of the requested materials and, where possible, ensure maximum availability of used textbooks." Universal reporting to the bookstore
  • Creates a comprehensive list of all course materials being assigned.
  • Creates transparency for students, so they are aware of what they need to purchase. Or, in the case of open texts, are aware there is a text for the course, even if it's free.
  • Ensures that those students who are required to use financial aid dollars marked for course materials at the bookstore can use their funds to purchase materials.
  • Ensures that those students who may want their own copy or a print copy can obtain it through the bookstore. 
Due to both the policy requirement and the additional benefits, Greenwood Library recommends reporting textbook adoptions to the bookstore, even for texts which are freely available, including library ebooks and OER. However, for those freely available books, you should include a note alerting your students that a free version exists.

Adding a note about free editions

Whenever there is a free version of your course material available, GreenwoodLibrary strongly encourages faculty to add a note in the Barnes & Noble interface.  Letting students know a free version is available
  • Creates transparency so students know and can evaluate their options of obtaining the required materials.
  • Eases worries of students worried about the cost of the textbook or, alternatively, how they can succeed if they can't afford to purchase the materials.
  • For OER indicated as "no textbook required," lets students know they actually do have a textbook, it's just freely available.
Notes can be added through the Adoptions and Insights Portal or by contacting the bookstore directly. The note will appear alongside the book listing on the Barnes & Noble site.

Sample notes include: 

  • Please talk to your instructor before purchasing this text.
  • This book is available as a free version online/through Greenwood Library. Please see your instructor for additional information.

Bookstore Adoption Deadlines

Adoption and Insights Portal (AIP)  Longwood University Bookstore

Faculty, please submit your Course Materials adoptions to the Longwood Bookstore. 
For more information, contact Brain Adler, Bookstore Manager-


Adoption Deadlines

Spring: mid October
Fall: mid March


Department chairs submit course schedules to the Registrar.
Fall – Submitted in mid-to-late January
Intercession – Submitted with Spring Schedule in late July, early August
Spring – Submitted in late July, early August
Summer – Submitted in early October

VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal Search (Open Version)

VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal

VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal (Open Version)

Use the search box above to access a wide array of Open Educational Resources, shared library resources, and previews of content available for purchase using VIVA funds (contact Greenwood Library for full-text access).  
Once you have found a title you wish to use, please select the "Adopt" or "Request Purchase" buttons and complete the form.  A library staff member will send you access links after processing. 
The VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal is part of the Virtual Library of Virginia Open and Affordable Course Content Initiative that promotes affordability in higher education and student success. For more information, including Open Course Grants and the Open Education Network, click here

Library E-Book Collections

additional library e-book collection

Library E-Book Collections

E-book collections owned or subscribed to by Longwood University.

ProQuest e-book Central

ProQuest Ebook Central

A collection of approximately 150,000.  For access to EBookCentral on mobile devices, download the BlueFire reader for iOS and Android. Users will need to create a free Adobe ID and log into to BlueFire before downloading any e-book content. For laptops, use Adobe Digital Editions.

Ebsco E-Book Collection (Publication dates vary)

Contains over 70,000 multidisciplinary e-books from the Library's NetLibrary and Ebsco Academic collections.

Safari Technical Books

O'Reilly for Higher Education

Includes more than 38,000 book titles and more than 30,000 hours of video. Topics range from programming to IT networking to project management to graphic design to business strategy. The content includes code snippets, certification preparation materials, practice exercises, training videos, and much more. Additional content includes learning paths, case studies, interactive tutorials, and audio books.

engineering collection

Taylor and Francis E books

The Engineering Collection includes over 2310 cutting-edge and bestselling references, with access to the latest handbooks in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.