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Suggested Keywords and Search Tips

Try a variety of synonyms and related terms to find the most results:

Theater OR Theatre


Dramatic Arts


Performing Arts

Keep your search as simple as you can. Think about what you want to find and pick out a couple of key words or short phrases. Play around with your terms, and if you're still having trouble:

Other Places to Browse

In addition to the Literature sections listed to the left, here are some other places you might look for resources. And remember, there might be items in even more locations that would be helpful for your research (so use our search bar and ask us for help!).

  • Manner and Customs (General)
    • Costume. Dress. Fashion: GT500-2370
  • Decorative Arts
    • Interior Decoration. House Decoration: NK1700-2195
  • Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts
    • Clothing Manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring: TT490-695
    • Hairdressing. Beauty Culture. Barbers' Work: TT950-979

Featured Databases

Browsing in the Library

Greenwood Library uses the Library of Congress Classification system, which groups together items on a similar subject. If you want to browse our stacks, you can start with the areas listed below, but be aware that there might be resources in other locations that would be helpful for your research!

  • Literature (General) 
    • Drama: PN1600-3307
    • Collections of General Literature. Drama: PN6110.5-6120
  • French Literature
    • History and Criticism. Drama: PQ500-591
    • Collections. Drama: PQ1211-1241
  • Italian Literature
    • History and Criticism. Drama: PQ4133-4160
    • Collections. Drama: PQ4227-4245
  • Spanish Literature
    • History and Criticism. Drama: PQ6098.7-6129
    • Collections. Drama: PQ6217-6241
  • English Literature
    • Drama: PR621-739
    • Collections. Drama: PR1241-1273
  • American Literature
    • Drama: PS330-352
    • Collections. Drama: PS623-635
  • German Literature
    • History. Drama: PT605-709
    • Collections. Drama: PT1251-1299

Featured Books