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The Atrium

This study space contains flexible furniture and a limited number of floor outlets.  It also contains two self-check machines, the recreational reading collection, and the new book shelves.

The Learning Commons

This large space contains more than 60 computer stations (both PC and Mac), a charging station (with adaptors for a variety of devices), Mediascapes (for student groups to collaborate), book scanners (patrons save their scans to a flash drive or email), and several mobile whiteboards. 

Group Study Rooms- 142, 152, 155

These rooms accommodate groups of 6-8 students.  They have flat screen monitors with Crestron Air Media (for wireless screen sharing via laptop, tablet and phone). Available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Library Instruction Rooms- 147, 148, 149

These classrooms are used primarily for Library Instruction.  They are equipped with large flat screen monitors and whiteboard tables.  When not scheduled for a class, they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Group Study Room

Equipped with tables and power sources, this area contains a large portion of our print collection.  Though this area does not have a noise restriction, please respect other students and groups.   

Quiet Study Room

Equipped with individual carrels and power sources, this area contains the rest of our print collection.  This is for students who would like a quiet study experience. 

Classroom- 209 A, 209 B

Located in the Group Study Room, this partitioned room seats 50 (25 on each side).  This classroom is often reserved for classes, library instruction, and club meetings.  When not in use, students are welcome to use the technology and space. 

Humanities Reading Room/Graduate Student Gathering Space- 210

Located in the Group Study Room, this space is reservable by graduate students, and when not reserved, is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for all students.  

Study Rooms

Located on the back walls of the Group Study Room and the Quiet Study Room, each room is equipped with a table and 1-2 chairs.  Available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Children's Literature Room

This room houses the library’s Children’s Literature collection and the K-12 Textbook Repository.  There is also a group study space with whiteboard tables located in the back corner of the room. 

Computer Lab- 201

This computer lab, located in the Children’s Literature Room, has 20 computer stations.  This room is reserved for student, staff, & faculty use and requires a LancerCard for entrance.


Room Equipment

Assistive Technology

For patrons who might need access to assistive software, the Library has provided ZoomText and Kurzweil 3000 on all library computers in the Learning Commons and Computer Lab 201. If you need assistance, please see The Desk, or the Disability Resources Office at 434-395-2391.


Learning Commons Features

Book Scanner

Book scanner_type 2


Group media desk

Mediascape -- Stationary

Copiers and Printer

Copier and Printer

Mediascape -- Mobile