The Greenwood Library Media Box is currently out of order. 

Please return your discs to the Desk until the issue is resolved. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

The Greenwood Media Box allows students, faculty, and staff to have 24 hour access to our newest DVDs and BluRay discs.  It is an automated system where you can browse, select, and borrow our newest and most popular DVDs/BluRays.  It is located in the breezeway between Greenwood Library and the Comma.  Simply come on by with your LancerCard and discover what new DVDs and BluRays are available for checkout.  

New DVDs

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Longwood students, faculty and staff are able to borrow up to 3 CDs and/or DVDs for 5 days at a time. For more information about borrowing, see our Borrowing Policy page