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The Foundation Center

The Greenwood Library at Longwood University is a Foundation Center Funding Information Network Partner, serving Southside Virginia.  This means that the library houses a print Foundation Center Cooperating Collection devoted to foundations and grant-seeking resources, which is located in the Reference area of the Learning Commons. The Library also offers access to the Foundation Center’s licensed databases on site on library computers as an outreach initiative for the public and as a service to the academic community. Members of the community may come to the Greenwood Library during its regular business hours and have access to these databases and print materials free of charge.

Ask The Foundation Center

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The Foundation Center's Ask Us service makes it easy for you to engage our team of expert librarians who can answer any of your questions about foundations, philanthropy, fundraising, and nonprofits. Ask the Foundation Center Librarian.

Databases to start your research

The Foundation Center databases are a great place to find out about grants and grant-awarding organizations. These databases from the Foundation Center are only available on site in the Greenwood Library. They cannot be accessed remotely.

Members of the community are welcome to use these databases onsite at the Greenwood Library, along with faculty, staff, students, and other affiliates of Longwood University.



Other sources for grant information that are freely available on the web:

Books available at the Greenwood Library