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Farmville, Prince Edward County, and Regional History Collection

Biographical Information

As a resource, the Greenwood Library Archives maintains a collection of materials about local history subjects, including individual, events, landmarks, civic organizations, and places of business. A listing of these files is found below. Most of the files are in no way comprehensive and are meant only to serve as a beginning point for researchers. Materials contained vary from file to file and may include newspaper clippings, photographs, obituaries, and miscellaneous ephemera.


The materials in this collection have been acquired at different times and from various sources. These materials are collected on an ongoing basis as relevant resources are acquired.

Scope and Content

The materials in this collection span multiple centuries, including items from the mid to late 19th century, the 20th century, and early 21st century.


This collection consists of 2.25 linear feet contained in (4) archival boxes.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Contents of the Collection

   Box 1 of 4: Architecture, Businesses, Churches, Citizens of Note

            Book; “Farmville Architecture: An Illustrated Tour through 200 Years,” photocopy, original located in Special Collections, Virginiana Collection (F234.F2 F37 1998)

  Citizens Saving and Loan; promotional literature – 1976

            Fidelity American Bank; promotional literature – 1977

            First National Bank; promotional literature – 1976

            Peoples National Bank; Farmville Herald, article – 5/18/1956

            Virginia National Bank; promotional literature – 1968-1978

            Coupon book; 2007-2008

            “Daniel Wayside Furniture to Open in Farmville,” Farmville Herald, article – 7/3/1968

            Kyanite Mining in Prince Edward and Buckingham; Farmville Herald, article – 8/20/1943 and (1) pamphlet

            Linden Bed & Breakfast; brochure – 1997/98

            SciQuest.com; “Farmville Follow the Fortunes of Company Started by Native

Sons, Richmond Times Dispatch, article – 2/7/2000

            “Tri-Boro to Buy Land,” Farmville Herald, article – 7/25/2008

            “Shopping Center to be Built Next to Greens,” Farmville Herald, article – 1/6/1971

            Shorter Funeral Home (plan to build); Farmville Herald, article – 8/14/1967

            Suzi’s Antiques; “Period Pieces,” Roanoke Times, article – 2/12/1998

                        (item moved to map case, drawer 3)

            Uniroyal, Inc.; Farmville Herald, article – 12/18/1968

            Weyanoke Hotel

                        “Hotel Weyanoke Looks Back Over 25-Year Success,” Farmville Herald, article - 10/24/1990

                        “Hotel Directors Elect Fitzpatrick New Head; Manager Wooling to Retire,” Farmville Herald, article – 10/26/1951

  Cumberland County Churches; booklet, “Excerpts of History of the Tar Wallet Baptist Church,” printed in 1930

            Farmville Methodist Church; bulletins – 1944 and 1976

            Farmville Presbyterian Church; announcement of new organ – 1968, article about steeple – 1969, bulletin – 1975

            Prince Edward Churches; article – 1964, bulletin of Sharon Baptist Church service - (clipping, undated)

  Caldwell Family; copies of documents related to Caldwell family of Lunenburg – (1751-1971)

            Clark, Roy; collection of articles from The Farmville Herald – 12/5/03 and 11/30/07

            Cloyd, Nancy; “Local Author to Hold Book Signing,” Farmville Herald, article – 4/16/08

            Cobbs, Howard C.; “Tribute Will Be Paid to Former Hampden-Sydney Professor,” Richmond Times Dispatch, article – 6/5/1955

            Crute, Dave; “Town Dedicates Corner to Mayor J. David Crute,” Farmville Herald, article – 5/11/05

            Cunningham, John B.; memorial pamphlet – November 1979

            Doswell, Herbert; “Park Manager’s Career Path Make a Circle,” Farmville Herald, article – 2/23/1995

            Dunnington, India Knight; article features Ms. Dunnington, 100 years old, and her home Poplar Hill, Farmville Herald – 6/7/1957 (housed in drawer 3 of map case)

            Eike, Gene; photograph receiving award, Farmville Herald, article – 7/4/1975 and memorial service bulletin – 12/12/2000

            Gassner, Mordi; famous NY artist who lived in Charlotte County, Richmond Times Dispatch, February 1936 and Invitation to exhibition at Valentine Museum - 10/21/8?

            Gould, Wallace; famous poet who lived in Farmville, biographical information copied from The Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 54

            Haga, Nancy; “Community Hero Named…,” Farmville Herald, article – 7/26/08

            Hatchett, John; a short narrative of his life written by J.D. Eggleston, Farmville Herald, article – (no date available)

            Hoffman, William; obituaries from local newspaper – Fall 2009

            Jeffers, John; “Farmville Native has Colorful Photos on Display…,” Farmville Herald, article – 11/4/1966

            Johnston Family Photos; (3)

            Keenan, Joseph & Fran Johnston; (siblings from area who achieved distinction in fields), Farmville Herald, article – 6/27/1975

            McRobert, Archibald; DAR address given February 1928

            Miller, Nathaniel; (local dentist), biographical information and cover of 1980 funeral bulletin

            Morton William; copy of letter from J.W.P. Jenk – January 1893

            Reed, Walter; article about childhood spent in Farmville

            Rice, Mamie; (public health nurse), article about retirement

            Simpson, Howard; retirement party flyer – 7/08

            Sprague, Rosemary

                        “History Heard – Sprague Speaks to Woman’s Club of Farmville,” Farmville Herald, article – 11/21/1990

                        Bulletin for Sprague’s mother’s funeral service – May 14, 1979

            Thackston, William; (local dentist), biographical information, Virginia State Dental Association Bulletin – 1951

            Venable, Nathaniel and Mrs. A. Catherine; copies of letter to the Venable family in Farmville – 1847

            Wall, J. Barry; articles and obituary, Farmville Herald – October 1985

            Attorneys – “Lawyers of Prince Edward County: In Ye Olden Days,” Farmville Herald, article by Sally Bruce Dickinson – 1939

            Physicians – “Sketches of P.E. Doctors in Ye Olden Times,” Farmville Herald, article by Sally Bruce Dickinson – 1939

            Veterans – “Veteran’s Day Salute,” Crewe-Burkeville Journal, special issue, (provides information on local veterans dating back to the Revolutionary War) – November 11, 1994

   Box 2 of 4: Community and Regional Events, Local Community Services, and Government

            Appomattox Railroad Festival; brochure – October 1976

            Farmville’s Bicentennial Celebrations – 1954 and 1976

            Farmville Bicentennial Celebration – 1998

            Blue Grass Festival; program – 1975

            Community Theater productions; Farmville Herald, article – 4/3/1970

            Community Events; Memory Walk – 1996 and Walk-a-Thon – 1997

            Community Events; brochure – 1998

            Fall Fashion Show; sponsored by Southside Community Hospital, flyer – 1989

            Film Series – 1998-2006

            Heart of Virginia Festival; brochures and articles




                        “Heart of Va. Festival is Saturday,” Farmville Herald, article – 5/5/06

                        “Heart of Va. Festival Celebrates 30th Year,” Farmville Herald, article – 5/2/08

            Historic Garden Week; events – 1990

            Meherrin’s 25th Anniversary Celebration; program – 1998

            “Miss Farmville Named,” Farmville Herald, article – 7/4/1967

            Old Time and Blue Grass Family Festival; flyer – 1991

            Piedmont Planning District Symposium; memo – 1983

            Community Meetings; miscellaneous

            Arena and Varner Family Tragedy – August 2000

            “Bizarre Plantation and the Randolph Family Scandal Becomes a Movie;”

Richmond Times Dispatch, article – June 2002

            “Plane Crash Kills Farmville Lawyer – J. Barrye Wall, Jr.;” articles – March 1972

            Re: flooding; Farmville Herald, article – 10/27/1971

            Flood of June 1972; “Aerial View of Farmville Flood,” Farmville Herald, article – 6/8/72 (housed in drawer 3 of map case)

            Tragedy of First Avenue; (local family murdered), collection of articles (local and Richmond) – September 2009

            Southside Community Hospital; “Dedication Exercises” for the “Mettauer Wing…,” booklet – 1954

            Southside Community Hospital; “Southside Celebrates 70 Years…,” Farmville Herald,  newspaper insert – Winter 1997

            Articles from The Farmville Herald about the purchase of fire truck:

                        “Longwood Wants to Help Town with Fire Truck,” 10/01/2003

                        “Fire Truck Condemned: Town Seeking Longwood’s Help to Buy Aerial Device,” – 10/01/2003

                        “Longwood Bought 1978 Fire Truck,” – 10/17/2003

                        “Fire Truck by Bonds,” – 10/22/2003

                        “LU Helps Firefighters Rise to the Occasion,” – 8/10/05

            Farmville/Prince Edward Community Library; flyers and information – 1984

            Rescue Squad:

                        “Safety Committee Commends Rescue Squad for Work;” Farmville Herald, article – 5/21/1969

                        “Rescue Squad Needs Helpers for Late October Fund Drive;” Farmville Herald, article – 10/06/1971

            Madeline’s House (shelter); benefit concert, Farmville Herald, articles – August 2008

            Airport (re: planning & building); Farmville Herald, articles – 1967

            “Bypass Hearing Called June 22;” Farmville Herald, article – 6/6/1971

            “Building Permits Rise;” Farmville Herald, article – 2/7/2007

            Construction of County Club Building; Farmville Herald, article – 1968

            “Prince Edward County Court House Are Approved;” Farmville Herald, article – 10/7/66

            Elections for Locality; Farmville Herald, articles related to:

                        Fore, William 6/16/05

                        Pairet, Tommy 5/9/08

                        Stokes, Herbert 4/3/70

                        Toney, Ernest 5/13/05

            Immigration Detention Center; Farmville Herald, articles about INS facility in Farmville 2007-2008

            Poplar Hill; re: golf course development, Farmville Herald, articles:

                        “Poplar Hill Land is Sold” – 6/8/2007

                        “Poplar Hill Deal Done” – 8/31/2007

            “No Tax Increase Foreseen in Town of Farmville;” Farmville Herald, article – 5/23/07

            Tourism Plan for Prince Edward and Farmville; Farmville Herald, article – 2/2/07

            Tourism; High Bridge Trail State Park, Farmville Herald, articles – 2007

            “YMCA Issue Addressed by Town Council;” Farmville Herald, articles – 3/16/07 and 3/19/07

            Zoning Plans; Farmville Herald, articles – 2007

            Correspondence between town and college related to streets and parking (1967-1982)

            “Town, LU Embrace Increased Dialogue;” Farmville Herald, article – 11/19/03

            Government Officials and Issues; Farmville Herald, articles – 1960s-1970s:

                        “New Councilman’s Aim: Administrate Fairly;” 6/17/66

                        “Council Sets Same Tax Levy, To Seek New Town Attorney;” 7/11/69

                        “Annexation Problems;” 3/12/71

                        “Town Ponders Location of New Water Treatment Plant;” 4/23/71

                        “Mercury Vapor Street Lights Set for Annexed, Old Areas;” 2/12/71

                        Economic Issues; multiple articles – 1967-1971

            Prince Edward Planning Commission; information and correspondence – 1943-1948

   Box 3 of 4: Historical Information, Landmarks, Maps, and Marketing Materials

            Brunswick; origins of Brunswick Stew

            Buckingham; history of Curdsville, Farmville Herald, article – March 1935


                        Cumberland Historical Society; Newsletter #2 (1984) and copy of the Historical Bulletin for November 1995

                        Cumberland County; booklet, “Needham Law School, 1821-1842,” by Robert Brock, 1935

            “History of the Confederate General Hospital Located at Farmville, Va., 1862-1865,” by Dr. James L. White, 1916

            “Before the Surrender;” New York Herald, article – 4/14/1865

            “Adventure at Farmville, Virginia April 7, 1865,” Farmville Herald, article – 4/4/1980 (a reprint of an article by Lt. Jeff Colburn, Company A, First Maine Calvary, US Army 1861-1865)

            “Prince Edward County for a Home in Virginia,” booklet published by Johns & Co., Richmond, VA, 1888

            “Place to Live,” Farmville Herald, article – 3/24/44 (post-war planning for the town)

            “Farmville to Celebrate 150th Anniversary Thursday,” Farmville Herald, article by Herbert Bradshaw – 10/17/1948 (item moved to map file, drawer 3)

            Issue of Farmville Herald printed 10/22/1948 in recognition of the town’s sesquicentennial, includes article entitled, “Farmville… from Struggling Village to Modern Metropolis in Past 150 Years” (x2) (items moved to map file, drawer 3)

            Article in “Virginia and the Virginia County,” featuring stories on Prince Edward County, Longwood, and Hampden-Sydney – February 1950

            Article in Norfolk & Western Magazine, “Farmville, Virginia,” – March 1950

            Editorial in Farmville Herald, “Old Timers Spurred to Reminiscences,” – October 1959

            Flyer announcing meeting of those interested in the Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail – September 1998

            Article, Prince Edward County Historical Home, Templeton Manor, Burns

            “Places of Interest [in] Prince Edward County in Virginia,” article, published by the P.E. Co. Bicentennial Commission – May 1976

            “On January 15 Town Turns 200,” Farmville Herald, article – 1/9/98 (item moved to map file, drawer 3)

            “Farmville’s Oldest Home, 114 High Street,” article includes brief history of the home

            “Historical Marker Unveiled,” Farmville Herald, article – 9/24/03

            “PE Leaves 2004 Mark: Time Capsule Ceremony Held Sunday,” Farmville Herald, article – 12/8/04

            Map of Cumberland County (layout and design by Judy Glenn of Farmville, 1992)

            Map of Farmville and Prince Edward County (compliments of Virginia National Bank) (circa 1970s)

            Map of Farmville, Prince Edward County and Surrounding Counties (compliments of Caldwell Banker) (circa 1990) (item moved to map file, drawer 10)

            Map of Prince Edward and Charlotte Counties (compliments of Area Map Service) (2002) (item moved to map file, drawer 10)

            Map of Farmville and Prince Edward County (Mass Marketing, Inc., Cincinnati, 2008) (item moved to map file, drawer 10)

            Map of Prince Edward County (photocopy of map drawn by John Wood in 1820) (original in the Va. State Library)

            Business and Professional Women’s Club of Farmville, letter/flyer – 1984

            Farmville Exchange Club, “Newly-Installed Officers,” Farmville Herald, article 7/22/77

            Farmville Rotary, “New Rotary Head Takes Over,” Farmville Herald, article 7/15/77 and 30th Anniversary newspaper clippings – circa 1968

            Lions Club, 75th Anniversary Program – 1998

            Prince Edward Council on Human Relations, invitation to meeting of November 11, 1971

            Prince Edward County Bicentennial Commission, minutes – 1973-1974

            Prince Edward County Community Chest, flyers – 1965

            Prince Edward County Farm Bureau, “Area Farm ‘Promise’ Probed,” Farmville Herald, article – 7/30/69

            Prince Edward Landmark Committee Report of 1927 (original and copies)

            Waterworks Players, newspaper editorial – 1980

            Cumberland County 1999 Sesqui-Bicentennial Calendar (contains pictures of historical homes and landmarks)

            (14) photographs of a variety of landmarks, (circa late 1970s)

            (4) postcards

                        1) aerial view of town, early 1990s

                        2) sketch of downtown, State Teachers College era

                        3) color drawing of court house, circa 1920

                        4) color drawing of “Field Day” on Main Street, circa 1920

            Field Day, Farmville, VA – circa 1920s

            County Courthouse, Farmville, VA – circa 1920s

            Drawing of townscape, “Virginia, First in the Heart of the Nation – Farmville in the Heart of Virginia – circa 1950

            Aerial view of Farmville – circa 1970s

            “Buckingham County, The Geographical Center of VA: A Guide to Places and People of Interest in Buckingham County,” brochure, published by Historic Buckingham, Inc. – 1977

            Farmville, Virginia; booklet about town published during the State Female Normal School era

            Farmville, Virginia; brochures and booklets promoting town – 1970s, 1980s, 1990s

            Farmville, Virginia; brochures and booklets promoting town – 2000-2009

            Farmville, Virginia; brochures featuring self-guided tour of town, including historical information – circa 1990

            Retreat Guide 2009; brochure containing information on central Virginia counties

            High Bridge Trail State Park – 2009 trail guide

            Prince Edward Recreation Center – undated article

            Sandy River Reservoir – brochure published circa 2005

            Twin Lakes State Park; Crewe Burkeville Journal, article about history of the lake – 2/23/95

   Box 4 of 4: Schools and Colleges, Studies, Reports, and Surveys, and Miscellaneous

            “President’s House, Blackstone College 1915-1950,” The Advocate, article – 6/4/98

            Farmville High School, program of closing exercise – May 7, 1896

            Farmville Elementary School, May Day Program – May 8, 1952

            Hampden-Sydney College:

                        1950 article in Virginia

                        The Record, Jan. 1954

                        Music Festival, flyer – 1986

                        Esther Thomas Atkinson Museum, exhibit brochure

                        “Texaco, Inc., Again Makes $7500 Aid Grant to H-SC,” Farmville Herald, article 5/32/69

            “Hampden-Sydney Women to Compile History,” Farmville Herald, article - 2/12/71

            “College Receives Bicentennial Flag,” The Record, article – 1972

            Hampden-Sydney, Campus Directory – 1975/76

            Hampden-Sydney, Eggleston Library:

                        Library handbook – 1985

                        Greeting card featuring front of library – December 2007

                        Fuqua Center dedication, flyer – 1986

                        Dedication of new library & invitation to event – 2007

            Prince Edward County Public Schools, booklet – 1990/91

            “Proposed Plans for Elementary School,” Farmville Herald, article – June 19, 1968

            Prince Edward County Public Schools, The Eagle, high school newspaper – 10/1978 and 2/13/1981

            Prince Edward County Public Schools, brochure, “Our Schools, Our Vision: A Shared Commitment – 2009

            Worsham High School, Graduation Exercises, program – 1934

            Special Survey of Farmville, Virginia by T. Gilbert Wood, Norfolk & Western Railroad Company – 1944 (item moved to map file, drawer 10)

            A Study of The Farmville Region by Virginia State Planning Board – June 1945 (item moved to map file, drawer 10)

            “Virginia Economic Review,” (2) issues – 1948

            “A Review of the South Central Piedmont Counties of Virginia,” prepared by the Bureau Population & Economic Research, UVA – April 1947

            Report on Resources of Farmville, Prince Edward Region – 1949

            “Industrial Sites and Economic Data – Farmville, VA,” Richmond: Division of Planning Economic Development – 1953

            Report of Prince Edward County, Virginia Division of Planning and Economic Development – 1954

            Prince Edward County, Virginia, soil survey, US Department of Agriculture – 1958

            Prince Edward County, Economic Study with Data Summary – December 1967

            “A Brief History of Company G, 116th Infantry, Farmville, Virginia,” address given by Col. David Paulette – February 1948

            “A Plan for the Central Business District of Farmville, Virginia,” study prepared by Mosely and Hening Associates, - October 1975

            “Proposed Zoning Ordinance and Building Zone Map,” Town Planning Commission Report – 1963

            Letter to William Morton of Farmville – 1893 (copy provided by Mr. Morton’s son)

            “Sources of Historical Data on Hampden-Sydney and Southern Virginia,” Dr. J.D. Eggleston, reprinted from Farmville Herald – September 16, 1948

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