Civil Rights in Prince Edward County – Oral History Collection

Information about the Collection
The oral history transcripts in this collection are from interviews conducted by students from various classes at Longwood University over the course of 5 years. The interviews all pertain to the subject of school segregation and the struggle for civil rights in Prince Edward County and particularly Farmville, Virginia.

These transcripts came into the Greenwood Library over the course of multiple years (1997-2002).

Scope and Content
This collection contains transcripts from 29 oral history interviews conducted between 1997 and 2002. The topics of the interviews cover broadly: the struggle for civil rights in Prince Edward County, school desegregation, and the closing of the public schools in Prince Edward County.

This collection consists of 1 linear foot and is housed in (1) legal-sized Hollinger box.

While the Greenwood Library has access to the original recordings associated with these transcripts, the sound quality of those recordings is not ideal and the interviews contained within are often difficult to decipher.

Additionally, consent and release forms are not present for several of these transcripts. Those transcripts/oral histories are not currently available for research purposes.

Archives and Records Specialist

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Contents of the Collection

Interview 1995.02, Ethel Fisher*

Interview 1995.04, James Ghee*

Interview 1995.05, Ernestine Herndon*

Interview 1995.07, Laverne Pervall*

Interview 1995.08, Edith Austin*

Interview 1997.01, Barbara Johns Powell*

Interview 1998.01, Willie Shepperson*

Interview 1998.02, Lester Shepperson*

Interview 1998.04, Ed Peeples and Ruby Walker*

Interview 1998.08, Shirley Eanes (transcript 1) (audio recording)

Interview 1998.09, Jacqueline Wall

Interview 1998.10, Margaret Brown and Larine Watts (transcript) 

Interview 1998.11, James Lee (transcript)

Interview 1998.12, Angeles Christian (transcript)

Interview 1998.13, Armistead (Chuckie) Reid

Interview 1998.14, Woodrow Parker

Interview 1998.15, Kathy Smith (transcript)

Interview 1998.16, Maida Woods-Davis

Interview 2000.01, Mary Berlin (transcript)

Interview 2000.02, William and Henry Powell (transcript)

Interview 2000.03, R.C. Smith*

Interview 2000.04, Dr. Carolyn Wells (transcript)

Interview 2000.05, Jacquelyn Reid (transcript)

Interview 2000.06, Nell Casteen (transcript)

Interview 2000.07, Odessa Branch (transcript)

Interview 2000.08, Rita Moseley (transcript)

Interview 2000.09, William F. Watkins (transcript)

Interview 2002.01, Theresa Clark (transcript)

Interview 2002.02, Dorothy Holcomb (transcript)


*Consent and release form missing or non-existent.