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Faculty Colloquium Records Collection

Information about the Collection

The Faculty voted in 1973 to create a new Faculty Lecture Series. This series was called the Longwood College Faculty Colloquium. The series was designed to present all interested faculty members engaged in research and writing with an opportunity to share their results with the whole college community. In the early 1980s Longwood’s Colloquium invited Hampden-Sydney Professors to participate.

The provenance of this collection is unknown.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of memos, correspondence, abstracts and proposals, promotional materials such as booklets and press releases related to the Faculty Colloquium Lecture series from 1973 to 1990.  This set of records in incomplete and does not cover the full lifespan of the Colloquium. This collection does not include any audiovisual recordings of any of the lectures. However, proposals, programs, and handouts include abstracts and descriptions of the presentations.

This collection consists of .62 linear feet contained in 1 legal-sized Hollinger boxes.

There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Contents of the Collection

   Box 1 of 1: Longwood College Faculty Colloquium Records 1973-1990

Proposal to Form a Faculty Lecture Series 1973

Lecture Series handwritten notes 1973

Lecture Series Forms Drafts 1974

Lecture Proposals 1973-1974

Cullen Dalton – Descriptive Study of the Teacher Education of Longwood College from 1884-1927

“The Relationship between College Faculty and Administration”

Lecture Decision Letters 1973-974

Lecture Proposals 1974-1975

            Richard Brodesky – “Poetry and History in David Diop’s ‘Coupls de Pilon’”

Charlotte Hooker – “Jean Vigo’s A Propos De Nice: Documentary Film and Cinematic Poem”

Raymond Alie – “Rationality in Conglomerate Succession: A Case Study”

Lecture Decision Letters 1974-1975

General Committee Files 1974-1975

Lecture Proposals 1975-1976

R. E. Colebert - “Robert Brookings Graduate School of Economics and Government”

Gerald Graham – “The Effect of Dextro-amphetamine Sulfate on Integrated Action Potentials and Local Muscular Fatigue”

Joseph Law – “Solving the Difficult problem of Determing the Iodine Content in Marine Organisms”

Maria Crute – “Factors Influencing Career Mobility and Career Attainment of Women in the Field of Education”

Lecture Decision Letters 1975-1976

General Committee Files 1975-1976

Lecture Proposals 1976-1977

Jung Ra – “A Comparison of Preschool Children’s Preferences for Television and Their Parents”

Robert Wu – Mathematics

James McCray – “New Directions in Choral Notation”

Gilbert Miller – “Mercenaries and Auxiliaries: Henry VIII’s Employment of Foreign Soldiers in the French war of 1544-46”

Barbara Bishop – “The Print Revolution: Freedom from Past Tradition”

Marshall Hall – “The Private Journal of Lucius D. Gould”

Lecture Decision Letters 1976-1977

General Committee Files 1976-1977

Faculty Colloquium 5th Anniversary 1977-1978

5th Anniversary Lecture by Hazel E. Barnes 1977

Correspondence related to Colloquium Booklet

Colloquium Booklet Draft

Longwood College Faculty Colloquium Booklet

            Includes abstracts from most of the participants from 1973-1978

Lecture Proposals 1977-1978

            John Peale – “God in Christ: A ‘Historicist’ Perspective on the Bible.”

Gordon Stewart – “Central Virginia and the Eighteenth-Century German Literature: The ‘Hessian Connection’”

Elizabeth Etheridge – “The Neighborhood Mint: Dahlonega in the Age of Jackson”

Michael Lund - “The Reader in Thackeray’s Vanity Fair, and Elsewhere”

F. Richard Kidder – “A Function of the Mental Operation Involved”

Don Stuart – “James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake”

Lecture Decision Letters 1977-1978

General Committee Files 1977-1978

Lecture Proposals 1978-1979

            Don Stuart – “The Easter Uprising: Ireland in Yeats and Joyce”

            Thomas P. Burke – “Patrick H. Pearse: The Irish Revolutionary Pedagogue”

Martha E. Cook – “Literary Friendships: A Study of the Relationship of Allen Tate and Donald Davidson”

Geoffrey C. Orth – “Goethe’s Reception in America”

Lecture Decision letters 1978-1979

General Committee Files 1978-1979

Lecture Proposals 1980-1981

Jim Silliman – “A Study of the Effects of Cerebral Specialization on Performance in a Visual Location Task”

Jerry Cardwell – “On Living and Using One’s Religion: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Orientations to Multidimensional Religiosity”

Peter H. Cunningham – “A Review and Critical Analysis of Theories of Motivation for Play Behavior”

William Woods – “Fiction and the Figures of Death”

Gerald Graham “The Physiological Potential of the Female Athlete”

Lecture Decisions Letters 1980-1981

General Committee Files 1980-1981

Lecture Proposals 1981-1982

Paul Hesselink – “A Harmonic Language of Arnold Schoenberg’s ‘Variations on a Recitative’ for Organ”

Douglas Young – “The Modern Woman in the Restoration Play-World: A New Concept of Marriage and Social Status in the Comedies of Etherege, Wycherley, and Congreve”

Robert Webber – “Input/Output Operation on a Computer”

William Shear – “Another World: Earth in the Devonian, 350 Million Years Ago”

Pat Barber  – “Oxygen the Tamed Toxin”

Lawrence G. Hlad – “If Technology is The Answer, What was The Question?: An Inquiry Into Alternative Futures.”

Phyllis Wacker – “Hippocampus, Habituation and Hyperactivity”

Nancy Vick – “A Study of Public School Censorship in Virginia”

Lynn Ferguson - “Cavernicolous Campodeid Dipulurans – Refugees of the Ice Age”

James Jordan – “A Prehistoric Indian Killing and Butchering Encampment in the Cumberland State Forest: The Anna’s Ridge Archeological Site”

Lecture Decision Letters 1981-1982

General Committee Files 1981-1982

General Committee Files 1982-1983

Lecture Proposals 1983-1984

            Allen Butler – “20th Century music, or “My 2-year-old can do that!”

            Chet Ballard – “The Effects of Federal Budget Cutbacks on Farmville, Virginia”

Richard Couture – “William H. Ruffner and the Foundations of Teacher Training in Farmville”

Ray Fawcett – “Proposed Experiment to Measure the Cross Section and Scattering Length of the Neutron”

Joseph E. Goldberg – “Liberty, Virtue, and National Defense: The Preservation of Liberal Democracy.”

Rosemary Sprague – “Holistic Hagiography: Perceptions in Sanctity from Asceticism to Humanism”

Lecture Decision Letters 1983-1984

General Committee Files 1983-1984

Lecture Proposals 1984-1985

            Marshall Hall – “Unionism in the South during the Civil War era”

            Maurice Maxwell – “An Insight into the 3,4-Bond of Thiophene”

            Gerald Carney – “The Play of Krsna: in Tradition, Town and Transformation”

            Jung Ra – “Educational Ideology: Three Schools of Thought”

            Kuldeep Turna – “E-Z Text-Graphics”

Lecture Decision letters 1984-1985

General Committee Files 1984-1985

Lecture Proposals 1985-1986

            David James – “The Ethics of New Reproductive Technology”

Jill Kelly – “Journalism’s Central Role in the Development of French 19th Century Aesthetics”

Stanley Gemborys – “Changes in the Land: Understanding Ecological History through the Artists’ Brush”

David Marion – “The ‘Administrative Presidency’ Reviewed” and “The Contemporary Court and the Requisites of Governance”

Elisabeth Flynn – “Guarino Guarini (1624-1683), Philosopher, Theorist, Architect and Teacher”

David Breil – “The Wee Worts of Peninsular Florida”

Lecture Decision letters 1985-1986

General Committee Files 1985-1986

General Committee Files 1986-1987

Lecture Proposals 1987-1988

            John Peale – “The Idea of Divine Action in the World”

            William Smear – “Creation as Science”

            Patrick Barber - “Crystals in the Space Age”

            Nelson Neal - “Children’s Attitudes Toward Dance”

Lecture Decision Letters 1987-1988

General Committee Files 1987-1988

Lecture Proposals 1989-1990

            Ruth Meese – Learning Disabled Children Study

Lecture Decision letters 1989-1990

Programs and Handouts 1973-1988

            Program 1973-1974

            Program 1975-1976

            Program 1976-1977

            Program 1977-1978

            Program Special Lecture by Hazel E. Barnes

            Program 1980-1981

            Program 1981-1982

            Program 1982-1983

            Program 1983-1984

            Program 1984-1985

            Program 1986-1987

            Program 1987-1988

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