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Building Subject Files

Information about the Collection

The materials in this collection include newspaper and magazine articles, programs, invitations, photographs, and other print materials that relate to buildings, campus master plans, and construction, at Longwood University.

These materials make up an artificial collection collected by the Library staff and other offices at Longwood University. There is no original provenance.

Scope and Content
The materials in this collection relate to a wide array of subjects related to buildings and grounds at Longwood. This collection contains materials on the following specific buildings. Notes in parenthesis are additional names of a building.

Alumni House (Longwood Bed and Breakfast)
ARC Dormitory
Athletic fields
Baptist Student Union*
Bedford Building
Blackwell Dining Hall
Beale Plaza (Blackwell Plaza)
Bock Commons
Center for Communications Studies and Theater (CSTAC)
Cox Dormitory
Cunninghams (North and South)
Curry Dormitory
Dorrill Dining Hall
French (Student Building)
Grainger (West Wing)
Health and Fitness Center
Heating Plant
Jarman Auditorium
Lancer Park
Cormier Way
Lankford Student Union
Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA)
Longwood House
Longwood Landings
Maugans Alumni Center
Register & Sharp Dormitories
Stevens (McCorkle/Jeffers)
Upchurch University Center
Willett Gym (Lancer Gym)

This collection consists of .83 linear feet contained in 2 legal-sized Hollinger boxes.

There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.
Other collections within the Longwood Archives and Special Collections that contain additional information on specific buildings:

LU-124 Greenwood Library Construction Project
LU-116 Master Plans
LU-022 Wynne Lab School (Campus School)
LU-125 Longwood House Collection
LU-079 Board of Trustees/Board of Visitors
LU-004 Richard Couture Collection
Unprocessed President's Office Files

Also, see printed books and articles related to Longwood History that contain information about buildings.

Brierley, Ann, “Evolution at its Best, Longwood Buildings Change Appearance with the Years,” Alumnae Magazine Vol. 41, no. 4, December 1955.

Couture, Richard T. The Jarman Legacy. Richmond, VA: Dietz Press, 2002.

Shepard, Barbara. Longwood University: The First 175 Years, Longwood University Foundation, 2014. Longwood Histories. 2. https://digitalcommons.longwood.edu/spec_luhistories/2.

Sprague, Rosemary. Longwood College: A History. Richmond, VA: William Byrd Press, 1989.

Contents of the Collection

   Box 1 of 2: General Campus Information & ARC Dormitory-Health and Fitness Center

Buildings on Campus with Dates Built 1884-1951

List of buildings and whom they are named for

List of buildings with notes and write-ups on who they are named after and their purpose or function on campus.

State Appropriation: Renovations & Land Acquisitions 1894

Article: “Nearly Six Million Asked for Longwood”

Articles: Campus Improvements 1966

Articles: Campus Improvements 1967

Articles: Dedication during 1967 Founders Day (Craft, Graham, Grainger, Iler, Stubs)

Articles: Campus Improvements 1968

Bond Issue 1968, Brochure, Poster & Press Releases

Article “State Education Looks Toward Bond Issue” Rotunda, October 16, 1968 (Ruffner renovations, Coyner/Home Economics, Wynne)

Bond Issue: Letter from President Willett to Alumna asking for support.

Article: “Campus Growth…First in Virginia” Farmville Herald March 19, 1971

Capital Outlay Projects 1976-1978, 1978-1980, 1980-1982, 1982-1984

Article: “LC receives Bequest of Land, Cash” August 29, 1979

Article “Capital Outlay Projects Set” Rotunda, February 5, 1980

Longwood Capital Budget Need: Renovation of Science Facilities 1984-1985

Article “Longwood Expansion” Rotunda, February 3, 1987

Press Release On Campus: “Proposed Capital Outlay Projects” March 17, 1989

Article “Renovations Rack Campus” Rotunda, Feb 17, 1995

News Release: “Carved in Stone” Slate signs 2002

Longwood Link Copy: “Two Years after the Great Fire Our Campus is Full of Life” April 2003

Article “Longwood Construction May Hit 130 Million” Farmville Herald, September 5, 2003

Press release: Renaming of 3 Buildings (Dorill Dinning Hall, Greenwood Library, Willett Gym)

Article “Longwood Honors Presidents” Farmville Herald, September 7, 2004 (Dorill Dinning Hall, Greenwood Library, Willett Gym)

Article: “Longwood Names Program, Buildings” Richmond Times Dispatch July 14, 2004 sent via email.

Invitations & Program Renaming Ceremony of Dorill Dining Hall, Greenwood Library and Willett Gym.

Press Release: “Master Plan Community Input Meeting set for Wednesday” Nov 4, 2014

Longwood Master Plan Webpage – captured 2002

Campus Master Plan Documents early 2000s

Longwood Master Plan webpage - captured 2003

Building the Future Website Webcams as of 2004

Longwood Construction Webpage – captured 2007

Longwood Construction “The Latest” Webpage – captured 2007

Internal Email: Campus Construction Update, June 12, 2007

Campus Maps Admissions

Equipment Specifications for Science Building & Physical Education Building, September 17, 1972

Alumni House: Notes and Copies of Articles from the Alumni Magazine.

Longwood University Bed and Breakfast (aka Alumni House): News and Brochure.

ARC Dormitory: Press Release and Article

Athletic Fields: Article “Old School Property Given to Longwood” Rotunda February 21, 1978

Athletic Fields: Articles on new Stadium Complex 2005

Baptist Student Union: Article, Service of Dedication

Bedford: Article, “Art Building is Named, Honor Given Campus, Civic Leader”

Bedford: Articles & Press Releases, Renovation and Re-Opening

Bedford: Articles Renovation Fire August 23, 2010

Article “Fine Arts Complex for Longwood” Farmville Herald, December 8, 1967(aka Bedford and Wygal)

Blackwell Dining Hall: Copies of article “Our New Dining Room” & Article “Rotunda Market Opens”

Blackwell: Internal Communication about Closing for Renovation 2014

Blackwell Plaza: Articles “Birth of a Plaza” Rotunda March 14, 1989 Copy of “Ground Broken for LC Project” Farmville

Herald May 11, 1988

Blackwell Plaza: Advertisement for Bids & Robinson Display Fountains

Blackwell Plaza: Contract Documents

Beale Plaza: Press Releases & Articles about Dedication (Also Blackwell Plaza)

Bristow: Article “$440,000 Service Center Set” Farmville Herald July 30, 1971; Dedication Speech Founders Day April 6, 1974

Brock Commons: Articles about the gift from Joan and Macon Brock

Brock Commons: Master Plan Website April 2002

Brock Commons: Internal Communications: Some related specifically to the Greenwood Library

Brock Commons: Dedication

Science Building (aka Chichester): Internal Communications

Science Building (aka Chichester): Press Releases & Articles

Science Building (aka Chichester): Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Science Departments Brochure – Information on Science Building

Chichester: Naming Articles & Invitations

Center for Communications Studies and Theater: Article: “New Theater to be Completed in 2007” Rotunda October 27, 2005

Center for Communication Studies and Theater (aka CSTAC): Groundbreaking

Cox Dormitory: Articles

Coyner: Press Release, “Coyners Honored in Building Naming”

Coyner: Articles, Farmville Herald November 28, 196

Cunninghams: General Information

North Cunningham: Articles Building

South Cunningham: Articles Building

South Cunningham: Dedication

Cunninghams: Internal Email about Closing

Curry: Dedication

Curry: Article “Cause of Dorm fire Still Undetermined” Rotunda April 10, 1979

Dorill Dinning Hall: Article Building

Dorill Dinning Hall: Opening

Student Building (aka French): copies of Articles from original Building

French: Dedication Program Founders Day March 22, 1969

French: Articles Renovation 1980s

French: Articles Renovation 2013

West Wing (aka Grainger): Articles about Building

West Wing (aka Grainger): Presentation of Portrait of James M. Grainger Portrait May 30, 1959

West Wing to Grainger: Dedication Founders Day March 18, 1967

Grainger: Articles Rebuilding after the Fire 2001

Grainger: Articles Rebuilding Groundbreaking 2002

Grainger: Articles Reopening & Dedication 2003

Grainger: Web Photo Albums Demolition-Dedication

Grainer: 1990s Renovation see English and Modern Language LU-018

*Greenwood Library: See Greenwood Library Construction Project LU-124

Health and Fitness Center: Article “New Recreation Center to Be Built Later this Year” & Architectural Drawing from website

Health and Fitness Center: Articles related to the Groundbreaking

Health and Fitness Center: Internal Communications

Health and Fitness Center: Articles related to Dedication

Health and Fitness Center: Education Design Showcase

   Box 2 of 2: Heating Plant-Wynne

Heating Plant: Article “New Agency Warns On Smoke” Farmville Herald, June 18, 1971

Heating Plant: Article “Longwood Heats Campus with Sawdust”

Heating Plant: Articles Grand Opening 2011

Heating Plant: See Presidents Office Files

Training School (aka Hiner): Article “The New Training School Building” The Focus

Training School (aka Hiner): Articles General Information

Hiner (aka Training School): Articles & Invitation on Naming

Hiner: Invitation and Program from Grand Opening 1998

Hull: Email from Richard Bratcher to Patricia Cormier Subject – New Education Building

Hull: Dedication

Hull: Naming

Iler: Article Iler Gym Proposal

Iler: Dedication

Iler: New Gymnasium Needs

Iler: Specifications for Proposed Physical Education Building

Jarman Auditorium: Article “Site of New Auditorium Building” Rotunda, February 11, 1950

Jarman Auditorium: Dedication

Jarman Auditorium: Paper by Stacy Shelton 1999

Lancaster Library: Article “Exercise Mark Library Opening” Farmville Herald, November 3, 1939

Lancaster Library: Renovation and Dedication 1962

Lancaster Library: Article “The Bell Rejoins the Other Sounds” Farmville Herald, February 12, 1982

Lancaster: Articles 1990s Renovations and Building Guides

Lancer Park: Articles about purchase

Lancer Park: Grand Opening & Move In

Lancer Park: Article “Additions and Additional Problems in Lancer Park” Rotunda, September 4, 2012

Lancer Park, Longwood Landings & Longwood Village: Article “All the Comfort of Home, Residential Living Takes on a New Meaning.” Alumni Magazine Vol 8. No. 2, 2008

Cormier Way (Lancer Park): Opening

Lankford: Article “Dedication of Lankford building Highlights Founders’ Day Program” March 6, 1968

Lankford: General Information

Lankford: Internal Communication, Lankford Plaza 2002

Lankford: Lancer Café Renovations

Longwood College for Visual Arts (LCVA): Articles Purchase and Renovation 2004

Longwood House: Article “Longwood Country estate, Latest Addition to S.T.C.” Rotunda, March 14, 1929

Longwood House: Article “Beautiful Longwood Now Recreational Center for S.T.C….” Farmville Herald, March 1935

Longwood House: Article “Bronze Tablet to Venables is Unveiled at Longwood” The Farmville Leader, November 14, 1941 (Copy)

Longwood House: Articles Willett Years

Longwood House: General Information

Longwood House: Article “The General & the Railroad” about Joseph E. Johnston Ties the Southern Railway System Magazine, April 1959

Longwood House: Internal Communication Landscaping

Longwood Landings: Press Release and Article announcements

Longwood Landings: Articles Related to Rezoning process

Longwood Landings: Press Release and Invitation “Topping Off” Ceremony

Longwood Landings: Progress Report Website & FAQs about Delays

Maugans Alumni Center: Press Release about Opening

Register & Sharp: Grand Opening

Register and Sharp: Resolutions naming the Buildings in Flat File

Ruffner: Article Renovations 1970

Ruffner: Archaeological Dig Website Capture

Ruffner: Articles on Signing the Rotunda

Ruffner: Articles related to Construction

Ruffner: Rotunda Paintings 2004

Ruffner: Articles with photos by Rob Chapman

Ruffner: Re-dedication Invite and Program

Ruffner: Re-dedication Articles

Ruffner: Re-dedication Website

Ruffner: Guide Brochure

Ruffner: American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase Bronze Citation

Ruffner: Press Release “Water Leak Damages Walls & Flooring in West Ruffner”

Ruffner: Tea Room Articles

Small Business Development Center

Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (aka Continuing Education Center of Southern Virginia): Press Release “New Name, New Building, New Location for CEC”

Stevens: Article “Longwood Will Christen New Hall Next September” August 11, 1950

Stevens: Articles about additions of McCorkle & Jeffers

Jeffers & McCorkle Dedication part of 1969 Founders Day Program in French File

Stubbs: New Dormitory Bid and Budget 1966

Stubbs: Article “New Dormitory Athletic Field in Longwood Bids” Farmville Herald, April 6, 1965

Stubbs: Articles Groundbreaking

Stubbs: Articles on Construction

Stubbs: Dedication Ceremony Speeches

Stubbs: Articles Dedication and Opening

Sunken Garden: Write-up by Sandra Pleva

Tabb: General Information

Tabb: Addition Progress Report (Copy)

Tabb: Press Release “Tabb is Back”

South Tabb/Infirmary: Compiled Information from Presidents Reports and Board of Visitors Meetings

Upchurch/University Center: Press Release “Longwood Board Approves Design for New University Center” 2009

Upchurch: Plans 2014

Upchurch: Opening and Dedication

Wheeler: “College to Receive Bids on Wheeler Hall…” Farmville Herald, March 20, 1959

Wheeler: Dedication Program

Also Dedication of Dabney Lancaster Library

Lancer Hall/Willett Gym: Article “Bond Issue Includes LC Gym”

Lancer Hall/Willett Gym: General Information

Lancer Hall/Willett Gym): Dedication

Willett Gym/Lancer Hall: Specifications for Physical & Health Education Building 1972

Wygal: Dedication Invite and Program

Wygal: Articles on Naming

Wygal: Molnar Recital Hall Naming

Wynne: Portrait Dedication

Wynne: Demolition


Located in Binder 8:

117.001 - Aerial view of Longwood's campus in the distance

117.002 - Aerial view of Longwood's campus

117.003 - Aerial view of Longwood's campus in the snow

117.004 - North Cunninghams from the back of Ruffner

117.005 - North Cunninghams from behind Ruffner

117.006 - North Cunningham from behind Ruffner

117.007 - Inside of Lancaster Library

117.008 - Wheeler Lawn

117.009 - Ruffner Rotunda from High Street east side*

117.010 - Lancaster Library from Wheeler lawn near North Cunninghams

117.011 - Front of Main Cunninghams from across Pine Street near Hiner/Coyner

117.012 - Ruffner's Rotunda in the snow

117.013 - Lankford Student Union Building from front

117.014 - Lancaster Library from the front

117.015 - Smoke stack

117.016 - North Cunninghams from the back of Lancaster

117.017 - "Pupils of the 'Practice School' as the training school was then known"*

117.018 - Hull

117.019 - Plaque dedicating teacher education building to Duvahl Ridgway Hull and Andrew W. Hull

117.020 - Blackwell Plaza looking toward North Cunningham

117.021 - Curry and Frazier, with two students in the foreground

117.022 - Ruffner's Rotunda

117.023 - Ruffner's Rotunda

117.024 - ARC Residence Hall

117.025 - Blackwell Plaza taken from North Cunninghams

117.026 - Wheeler Lawn taken from an upper floor of Blackwell Hall, trees obstruct full views of most of the buildings

117.027 - Hull

117.028 - Wheeler from in front of Cox

117.030 - Lancaster Library Clock Tower

117.031 - Architectural Drawing of Mary White Cox Dormitory

117.032 - ARC dormitory from Lankford Mall. Taken by Dr. Boyer (2 copies)

117.033 - ARC fountain close up. Taken by Dr. Boyer (2 copies)

117.034 - ARC Fountain looking towards Greenwood Library. Taken by Dr. Boyer (2 copies)

117.035 - ARC Fountain looking towards Greenwood Library. Taken by Dr. Boyer (2 copies)

117.036 - Greenwood Library, from ARC Side. Taken by Dr. Boyer (2 copies)

117.037 - Greenwood Library from Lankford Mall. Taken by Dr. Boyer (2 copies)

117.038 - Greenwood Library from Lankford Mall. Taken by Dr. Boyer. (2 copies)

117.039 - Greenwood Library from the Lankford Student Union (Redford & Pine). Taken by Dr. Boyer (2 copies)

117.040 - Greenwood Library, from across Lankford Mall. Taken by Dr. Boyer. (2 copies)

117.041 - Greenwood Library from Lankford Student Union (Redford & Pine). Taken by Dr. Boyer

117.042 - Greenwood Library from Lankford Mall. Taken by Dr. Boyer

117.043 - Lancaster from High Street. Taken by Dr. Boyer (2 copies)

117.044 - Curry and Frazier from south end of campus. Frazier is in the foreground (2 copies)

117.045 - Curry and Frazier from S. Main Street. Aerial View. Curry in the foreground

117.046 - Curry and Frazier from S. Main Street, close up. Curry is in the foreground

117.047 - Backside of Lankford Student Union, from Lankford Mall

117.048 - The front of Stubbs Hall

117.049 - Longwood House

117.050 - The front of Grainer under construction

117.051 - Tabb before the White House (East Wing) fire.*

117.052 - Front of Wheeler, with student sitting on a bench (2 copies)

117.053 - Ruffner from High Street east side

117.054 - Ruffner's Rotunda in the fall

117.055 - Lankford Student Union ribbon cutting during Founders Day*

117.056 - Lankford Student Union ribbon cutting during Founders Day*

117.057 - Lankford Student Union ribbon cutting during Founders Day*

117.058 - Lankford Student Union ribbon cutting during Founders Day*

117.059 - Lankford Student Union ribbon cutting during Founders Day*

117.060 - Architectural drawing of Lankford Student Union

117.063 - Longwood House postcard

117.064 - Tea Room State Normal School for Women postcard

117.065 - Dining Room, State Normal School for Women Postcard

117.066 - Wynne Campus School postcard, with information about the school on the back. (2 copies)

117.067 - Aerial view of campus postcard (2 copies)

117.068 - Student Building Postcard

117.069 - Student Building Post card, with message to Miss Lucy from Evelyn M. Coleman

117.070 - Jarman Auditorium Postcard

117.071 - Lancaster Library State Teachers College

117.072 - Lancaster Library State Teachers College

117.073 - Curry and Frazier with Frazier in the foreground, from the front

117.074 - Curry and Frazier with Curry in the foreground, from the back on Main Street

117.075 - Frazier under construction, from front of building*

117.076 - Curry under construction, foundation of Frazier being started*

117.077 - West wing of Ruffner looking towards the Colonnade

117.078 - Ruffner corner of main Ruffner and east wing

117.079 - East Wing of Ruffner

117.080 - East Wing of Ruffner

117.081 - Ruffner external columns

117.082 - Front door of Ruffner

117.083 - Ruffner front door and window

117.084 - Ruffner window into the Rotunda

117.085 - Ruffner external columns

117.086 - Ruffner external columns, and light above the front door

117.087 - Ruffner raking cornice, and flags on the dome of the Rotunda

117.088 - Ruffner raking cornice and top of external columns

117.089 - Ruffner taken from the east side partial view of the front door. Portrait view

117.090 - Ruffner from the right side, partial view of the front door, landscape view

117.091 - Ruffner east wing

117.092 - Ruffner east wing

117.093 - East Wing of Ruffner

117.094 - Ruffner front door

117.095 - Ruffner picture of a window

117.096 - Ruffner rotunda

117.097 - Ruffner east wing and sign

117.098 - East wing of Ruffner

117.099 - East wing of Ruffner

117.100 - Ruffner west wing

117.101 - West wing of Ruffner

117.102 - West Ruffner

117.103 - West Ruffner with colonnade in the background

117.104 - Ruffner columns above the front door

117.105 - Photo of smiling girl

117.106 - Picture of smiling girl

117.107 - East wing of Ruffner form across High Street

117.108 - West wing of Ruffner, from across High Street

117.109 - West wing of Ruffner looking toward the east wing, taken from across high street

117.110 - West wing of Ruffner looking towards the East wing from across High Street

117.111 - West wing of Ruffner looking towards the main section, from across High Street

117.112 - Rotunda of Ruffner through a tree from across high street

117.113 - Ruffner Rotunda portrait from across high street

117.114 - Ruffner Rotunda landscape from across high street

117.115 - Ruffner Rotunda portrait from across high street

117.116 - East wing of Ruffner from across high street

117.117 - West wing of Ruffner from across high street

117.118 - Rotunda of Ruffner portrait with sign from across high street

117.119 - East wing of Ruffner and partial view of the Rotunda from across high street

117.120 - East wing of Ruffner from across high street

117.121 - Ruffner Rotunda with sign from across high street

117.122 - West wing of Ruffner from across high street

117.123 - East wing of Ruffner from across high street

117.124 - Ruffner Rotunda from across High Street, landscape

117.125 - Ruffner Rotunda and east wing from across high street

117.126 - East wing of Ruffner from across the high street

117.127 - West wing of Ruffner with a partial view of the Rotunda

117.128 - East wing of Ruffner from across High street

117.129 - Ruffner rotunda, from across high street landscape

117.130 - Ruffner Rotunda from across high street portrait

117.131 - East wing of Ruffner from across high street

117.132 - Interior of the parlor in the Rotunda*

117.133 - View of Lancaster Library taken in front of Jarman Auditorium trees slightly obscure the view of the library

117.134 -View of Lancaster Library in the snow from across High Street. On back "Campus Standards…Library"

117.135 - Interior of Lancaster Library, student is studying at a table. On back "Interior to old Library Lancaster Buld."

117.136 - Aerial view of Lankford Student Union (probably taken form Curry). Stubbs, Cox and South Cunninghams are all visible*

117.137 - Side view of Lankford Building by Max Ward Delmar Studios. Student is visible in basement window

117.138 - South view of Lankford Student activities building. View of the loading dock door and side parking lot

117.139 - Henry Willett, Bill Dorrill, Patricia Cormier and Janet Greenwood, at the naming dedication of Willett Gym, Dorrill Dining Hall, and the Greenwood Library (2 copies) *

117.140 - Henry Willett, Bill Dorill, and Janet Greenwood during the naming dedication of Willett Gym, Dorill Dining Hall, and Greenwood Library

117.141 - Henry Willett & Spouse, Bill Dorill & Spouse, Patricia Cormier, Raymond Cormier, and Janet Greenwood, at the naming rededication of Willett Gym, Dorill Dining Hall, and Greenwood Library. (2 copies)

117.142 - Francis Lankford Jr. Plaque, students are holding the plaque

117.143 - Francis Lankford Jr. Plaque and Lankford Student Union plaque with students holding both plaques.

117.144 - Architectural Drawing of Brock Commons looking towards fountain and back of Grainger and Ruffner.*

* Denotes photograph has been digitized.

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