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Mattoon Family Collection

Information about the Collection

The Mattoon Collection contains materials collected by Mary Venable Cox (1881-1969) and her husband, John Chester Mattoon (1872-1940).  Mary Venable Cox was born at the Cox family homestead eight miles north of Farmville, VA.  At the age of seven, she was sent to live with her Uncle Benjamin Cox who was the business manager of the State Normal School in Farmville.  She attended the training school that was associated with the State Normal School for four years. Upon graduation from the eighth grade, she entered the State Normal School and graduated in June 1900.  From 1900-1901 Mary Venable Cox taught at a private school in Winchester, VA and the following year she and her cousin Mary White Cox (daughter of Benjamin) taught in a two-room schoolhouse in Raphine, VA.  In 1902, she received a scholarship to attend the Teachers College at Columbia University in New York City.  She attended classes there for two years and in 1904 received a Bachelor’s Diploma in Education.  In the fall of that same year, she began teaching algebra at the State Normal School at Farmville and acted as assistant to her future husband John Chester Mattoon who had begun teaching there in 1902.  The two were eventually married in June of 1907 at Benjamin Cox’s home in Farmville.  John Mattoon continued to teach at the State Normal School until the end of the spring term in 1912 at which point he accepted a position at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, Ind.  In 1915, after the University of Indiana discontinued the practical vocational program, the Mattoons moved to Baltimore, Maryland where J.C. Mattoon found work at Bartlett-Hayward & Company.  From 1918-1919 Mary Venable Mattoon worked in Washington, D.C. with the Quartermaster Corps, commuting each day from Baltimore.  In 1925, they moved to Woodstock, MD.  It was there, that John Mattoon would pass away in 1940, after an eight-year battle with cancer.  Mary Venable Mattoon remained in Woodstock until 1966 when she moved to Lancaster, Ohio to be nearer to her son’s family. She passed away on March 18, 1969.


The Mattoon Collection was donated to the Greenwood Library Archives in fall 2017 by Elizabeth Kaites, the granddaughter of Mary Venable Mattoon and J.C. Mattoon.

Scope and Content

The materials in this collection date from the mid-19th century through the 1960s and consist of photographs, memorabilia, ephemera, and two dresses from the early 20th century.


This collection consists of 5.3 linear feet contained in 2 legal-sized archival boxes and 3 flat boxes.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Digitized content from this collection is available on the Longwood University Digital Commons.

Contents of the Collection

   Box 1 of 5

Mattoon emblem

Book on “The History of Mary Venable Cox Mattoon”

Family Records: marriages, deaths

Handbook on the History of Brunswick Co., VA

Newspaper articles on Prince Edward School closings

Newspaper articles on Founder’s Day

Genealogical notes

Letters to Mrs. J. C. Mattoon

Newspaper article on Charles & Elizabeth Pendery

Daughters of the American Revolution papers (Josiah Chambers)

Letter to Mary V. Cox from J.J. Doster

Letters of Recommendation for Mary V. Cox

Letters to John C. Mattoon Sr. (1863)

Letters to Miss Sallie L. Pendery (1863)

Alumnae Magazine

Sutton Family Tree

Samuel F. Pendery, Certificate of Service

Mattoon-Cox genealogy notes

Minutes of the “Old Timer’s Reunion” (1880)

The Keystone (1899) by J.M. Coleman (Stella Mattoon)

Virginia Cavalcade

Dedication of Mary White Cox dorm

Stella Mattoon’s album

Marriage Invitation of Mary V. Cox and John Mattoon

   Box 2 of 5

The Virginian (1908)

Medical College of Virginia book cover (1913)

Helen Cox Miscellaneious baby items (folder)

Article on pin cushion doll

Letter to Mary Ann

Hosiery advertisement

Copy of 1937 letter to Kate

Notes on Cox Family Genealogy

“A Childhood at Staunton Hill” article

“Francis Makemie, Disturbing Dissenter” article

   Box 3 of 5

Helen Cox miscellaneous baby items

Four (4) small fans

Two (2) baby rattles

Baby cap-made by Hattie

Baby shoes

Helen Cox baby cap and shoe

In wooden and velvet box

   Box 4 of 5

Mary Venable Cox Mattoon wedding dress

   Box 5 of 5

Mary Venable Cox Mattoon purple dress


Located in Binder 8:

157.0001 – Dr. Elmer E. Jones, Carlotta Lewis, Mary Glasgow, & Mary Preston at Appomattox Courthouse.* (image)

157.0002 – Benjamin Allen Cox.* (image)

157.0003 – Emerson Apartments, New York. 1907.* (image)

157.0004 – Manual Training Shop, Illinois.* (image)

157.0005 – John C. and Mary V. Mattoon house in Bloomington, Indiana.* (image)

157.0006 – Dr. Elmer E. Jones house – Bloomington, Indiana.* (image)

157.0007 – Garage at Dan’s house in Bloomington, Indiana.* (image)

157.0008 – Soldier’s Home, Hampton, Virginia.* (image)

157.0009 – Rotunda, State Female Normal School.* (image)

157.0010 – Lancaster home, “Rochelle.”* (image)

157.0011 – Branch in woods near “Rochelle.”* (image)

157.0012 – Episcopal Church, Farmville, VA.* (image)

157.0013 – Farmville flood, 1912.* (image)

157.0014 – John Chester Mattoon.

157.0015 – John Chester Mattoon, Truett’s Cave, Indiana, 1914.* (image)

157.0016 – John C. Mattoon, Dr. Elmer E. Jones, and Henry Morton hanging from tree branch.* (image)

157.0017 – John C. Mattoon, Dr. Elmer E. Jones, and students sitting on tree branch, 1905.* (image)

157.0018 – John C. Mattoon and students in woods.* (image)

157.0019 – Inscribed on back: “Rochelle Party, 1907.”* (image)

157.0020 – Class of 1908 with honorary member, John C. Mattoon.* (image)

157.0021 – John C. Mattoon and students sitting underneath a tree (~1906).* (image)

157.0022 – Helen Mattoon at 2 years of age.* (image)

157.0023 – Helen Mattoon, wedding.

157.0024 – Mary Venable Cox Mattoon and Helen Mattoon (at 8 months old).*

157.0025 – Young girl on hood of Model T (likely Helen Mattoon).*

157.0026 – Helen Mattoon at 2 years of age.*

157.0027 – Helen Mattoon in wedding dress.* (image)

157.0028 – Mary Venable Cox (age 6 or 7) (carte de visite), 1879.* (image)

157.0029 – Mary Venable Cox Mattoon in Covington, VA, 1913.* (image)

157.0030 – Mary Venable Cox Mattoon in front of former home of her uncle, Benjamin Cox on High Street, Farmville, VA, 1966.* (image)

157.0031 – Mary Venable Cox, 1904.* (image)

157.0032 – Mary Venable Cox, 1907.* (image)

157.0033 – Dr. Elmer E. Jones (bottom left), John C. Mattoon (top right), and students on Willis Mountain, 1903.* (image)

157.0034 – Class trip to Willis Mountain. John C. Mattoon, bottom row.* (image)

157.0035 – Class picnic on Willis Mountain. B.M. Cox standing in back.* (image)

157.0036 – Willis Mountain.* (image)

157.0037 – Class picnic on Willis Mountain. B.M. Cox (3rd from left). John C. Mattoon (standing, bottom).* (image)

157.0038 – Guitar and Mandolin Club, 1907. John C. Mattoon (back row, middle). Dr. Elmer Jones (far right).* (image)

157.0039 – Guitar and Mandolin Club, 1908. Dr. Elmer Jones (back row, left). John C. Mattoon (back row, right).* (image)

157.0040 – Archery Club, 1905. John C. Mattoon (2nd row, left). Dr. Elmer Jones (2nd row, right).* (image)

157.0041 – Archery Club, 1905. John C. Mattoon (2nd row, left). Dr. Elmer Jones (2nd row, 2nd from right).* (image)

157.0042 – Archery Club, 1905. John C. Mattoon (kneeling, far left). Dr. Elmer E. Jones (2nd row, in front of target).* (image)

157.0043 – Dr. Elmer E. Jones, Miss Hill, and Miss London with bows & arrows on road through woods.* (image)

157.0044 – John C. Mattoon (in front of target), Dr. Elmer E. Jones, and unknown with archery target.* (image)

157.0045 – unknown woman, John C. Mattoon (left of target), unknown man, and Dr. Elmer E. Jones (far right) with archery target.* (image)

157.0046 – Mary White Cox (daughter of B.M. Cox, cousin of Mary Venable Cox Mattoon).* (image)

157.0047 – Benjamin Ashley Cox.* (image)

157.0048 – Benjamin Ashley Cox.* (image)

157.0049 – Benjamin Ashley Cox.* (image)

157.0050 – Mary Rebecca Allen Cox, 1876.* (image)

157.0051 – “Grandpapa” Pendery (John C. Mattoon’s grandfather)(~1870s).* (image)

157.0052 – Clarence Calfee (Mary Venable Cox Mattoon’s cousin).* (image)

157.0053 – John Henry Cox, 1896.* (image)

157.0054 – Louise Wyman (Mary Venable Cox’s roommate at S.N.S., 1904.* (image)

157.0055 – Sarah Hayes.* (image)

157.0056 – Sarah Hayes.* (image)

157.0057 – Zoula La Boyteaux (left), John C. Mattoon, unknown, and Steptoe Campbell, 1906.* (image)

157.0058 – Zoula La Boyteaux.* (image)

157.0059 – Zoula La Boyteaux (left) and John C. Mattoon (holding gun), 1905.* (image)

157.0060 – Zoula La Boyteaux.* (image)

157.0061 – Maude Adams (husband taught physics at Ohio State), roommate of Mary Venable Cox at Columbia, 1906.* (image)

157.0062 – Dr. Elmer E. Jones and Elmer Jr. in Bloomington, Indiana.* (image)

157.0063 – Falls at Cataract, Indiana.* (image)

157.0064 – Harbor at Norfolk, VA (~1905).* (image)

157.0065 – Icehouse on Rappahannock River.* (image)

157.0066 – Rappahannock River.* (image)

157.0067 – Rappahannock River.* (image)

157.0068-157.0112 – Appomattox River (from various/multiple viewpoints/locations).* (image)

157.0113-157.0128 – Buffalo Creek (from various/multiple viewpoints/locations).* (image)

157.0129-157.0131 – Paulett’s Pond.* (image)

157.0132 – Lithia Springs.* (image)

157.0133-157.0134 – John C. Mattoon standing on shore holding gun.* (image)

157.0135 – John C. Mattoon’s boat on pond.* (image)

157.0136 – John C. Mattoon’s boat on small river.* (image)

157.0137 – John C. Mattoon’s boat at river landing.* (image)

157.0138 – Path by cliffs above Jackson’s dam.* (image)

157.0139 – Above Jackson’s Dam near Farmville, VA.* (image)

157.0140-157.0155 – Unidentified river.* (image)

157.0156 – Two unidentified children wading in creek.* (image)

157.0157 – Four unidentified people on creek bank.* (image)

157.0158 – Five unidentified people on creek bank.* (image)

157.0159 – Unidentified man.* (image)

157.0160 – Ben Lewis Cox Nesbitt.* (image)


* Denotes photograph has been digitized.

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