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George William Jeffers Collection

Information about the Collection
George William Jeffers (1897-1995) was born in Freshwater, Newfoundland, in 1897. In 1917 Jeffers graduated from the Methodist College in St. Johns. He left Newfoundland in 1919 to attend Boston University where he earned his B.S. and M.A. degrees. In 1926 he became a professor at the State Teachers College in Farmville, Virginia, where he taught until his retirement in 1968. In 1931 he received his doctorate in marine biology from the University of Toronto. For a period of time during his tenure at Longwood, he served as head of the Department of Natural Sciences. In appreciation of his 42 years of dedication to his profession and his students, the science auditorium in Stevens Hall at Longwood was named in his honor.

Dr. Jeffers served as President of the Virginia Academy of Science from 1940 to 1941, and as the Director of Survey for the Chesapeake Bay Fisheries Commission from 1943 to 1945. He was one of the co-founders of the National Association of Biology Teachers.

Dr. Jeffers was a contributor of articles published in several scientific journals. He and a colleague, Edith Stevens, collaborated on several texts used in-house by their students. After his retirement from Longwood, Dr. Jeffers wrote a book entitled The Bastards’ Book which was published in 1981 by Driftwood Press.

This collection was transferred from Alumni Relations to the Longwood Library for its archival collection in December 1993 by Nancy Shelton, Director of Alumni Relations. Dr. Jeffers’ son, Jack Jeffers, had given these papers to Longwood via Alumni Relations.

Scope and Content
This collection, contained in nine archival boxes, is divided into the following series:

• Correspondence – contains letters written to and from Dr. Jeffers and are further divided into the following subseries: 

- Correspondence related to the Virginia Fisheries Lab.

- Correspondence with Longwood faculty. 

- Correspondence, personal.

- Correspondence with students and colleagues upon retirement.

- Correspondence, Newfoundland.

***All correspondence, with the exception of personal correspondence, are in chronological order. Personal correspondence is arranged alphabetically by the correspondent’s last name.

• Manuscripts – contains a variety of articles written by Dr. Jeffers and texts of addresses given by Dr. Jeffers. This series also contains a draft (typed, with corrections) of a book written by Dr. Jeffers (The Bastards’ Book). Included in this series are bits and pieces of stories written by Dr. Jeffers that appear to be autobiographical.

• Personal and Biographical Materials – contains a collection of materials that Dr. Jeffers kept with his personal papers and that relate to some aspect of his life and career. Included are a birth certificate, several photographs, educational information, employment information, newspaper clippings, and a personal notebook. This series also includes scrapbook materials with miscellaneous writings, clippings, and photographs that were significant to Dr. Jeffers. There is also an informal notebook filled with random handwritten notes and typed stories. The notebook is entitled “Chats with Jarman and More.”

• Miscellaneous Materials – contains research that Dr. Jeffers used in writing articles, including notes and clippings. This series also includes a variety of miscellaneous print materials dealing with organizations in which Dr. Jeffers was actively involved.

This collection consists of 4.8 linear feet and is contained in 9 archival boxes.

No restrictions to access or use for research purposes. The following books and pamphlets included with Dr. Jeffers’ donated papers have been catalogued and moved to the book collection in Special Collections:

1. Francis Butler Simkins, 1897-1966: Historian of the South. An 85 page booklet published by the Simkins family in his memory.

2. Jeffers, George. We Once Owned Blarney. Self-published pamphlet, 1970.

3. Jeffers, George. Christopher Columbus Reed: A Big Man in a Small Town. Self-published booklet. 1976.

4. Hart, Scott. From Sayler’s Creek to Appomattox. Randolph House, Inc., 1965.

5. Tabb, Jennie Masters. For You. Boston: Strattford Company, 1927.

6. Virginian. 1912 edition.

7. A Review of the South Central Piedmont Counties of Virginia.  Prepared by the Bureau of Population and Economic Research, UVA, April 1947.

Contents of the Collection

   Series I: Correspondence

   Sub-series A: Correspondence related to the Virginia Fisheries Lab

Box 1 of 9: Correspondence

            Folders 1-38 - Conquerors of Time – draft copy in typescript

   Sub-series B: Correspondence with Longwood Faculty

Box 1 of 9

            Folder 3 - Correspondence with Edna Stevens (sister of Edith Stevens) 1969-1970

                      4 - Correspondence with Longwood Faculty 1930s

                      5 - Correspondence with Longwood Faculty 1940s

                      6 - Correspondence with Longwood Faculty 1950s

                      7 - Correspondence with Longwood Faculty 1960s

   Sub-series C: Personal Correspondence

   Folder 8 – 1916-1941

Box 1 of 9

                                    Addington, L.F.

                                    Alvey, Edward Jr.


                                    Bird, L.C.

                                    Bishop, W.R.

                                    Bugoen, W.B.

                                    Caldwell, Otis

                                    Clark, Austin H.

                                    Clift, William

                                    Davis, Donald

                                    Fenwick, Mark

                                    Fray, J.J.

                                    Freeman, Mallory

                                    Galvin, Roland

                                    Gaylord, Ilsien Nathalie

                                    Hagg, H.B.

                                    Hastings, C.B.

                                    Harrington, S.J. and M.A.

                                    Huntsman, A.G.

                                    James, Sara

                                    Jones, W. Catesby

                                    Mallieu, Benjamin

                                    Miller, E.C.L.

                                    Mosley, J.M.


                                    Negus, Sidney

                                    Nichols, Mary


                                    Palmer, James

                                    Pringle, Ruth

                                    Rayfield, Margaret

                                    Royle, Harry

                                    Stevenson, May (Harbor Grace)


                                    “The Physics Girls”


                                    Weysse, Arthur W.

                                    Williams, Thomas

                                    Zoology Class

   Folder 9 – 1941-1959

Box 1 of 9                                   


                                    Atkinson, P. Tulane

                                    Blees, W.A.

                                    Chapman, Walter

                                    Cline, Justus H.

                                    Collins, J.C.

                                    Evans, L.S.

                                    Gaines, Francis P.

                                    Gammon, Edgar G.

                                    Hardy, Elizabeth

                                    Houdek, P.K.

                                    Howe, H.E.

                                    Jackson, Georgia

                                    Junior Class

                                    Lawless, Elinor

                                    Louthan, Frank

                                    Macfarlane, A.N.

                                    Massey, A.B.

                                    McDowell, E.D.

                                    Morgan, Banner Bill

                                    Mundee, Roy

                                    Negus, Sidney

                                    Owens, Helen


                                    Rawls, Mrs. Clyde

                                    Rice, Minnie V.

                                    Sheepe, E.S.

                                    Stanley, Thos. B.




                                    Wareham, Richard T.


                                    Wiggins, R.E.

                                    Wingo, A.L.


                                    Yang, You Chan

   Folder 10 – 1960-1968

Box 1 of 9                                   

                                    Abdalla, Carolyn Gray

                                    Abell, Bess

                                    Burgess, Carter L.

                                    Clifton, Patrica

                                    Cotter, David

                                    Creasy, Jane B.

                                    Dees, Bowen C.

                                    Evans, Rebecca

                                    Flint, Franklin

                                    Floyd, Susie

                                    Fraser, Allan

                                    Gustafson, Faye

                                    Lankford, F.G. Jr.

                                    Marritt, Dorothy

                                    Michaels, James W.

                                    Morrell, William E.

                                    Morris, Nancy

                                    Neal, Nathan A.

                                    Niermeyer, A.B.

                                    Orndorff, Beverly

                                    Remsburg, Vera Baron

                                    Smallpiece, Basil

                                    Sneller, Maurice

                                    Stoneburner, Frances

                                    Styles, Twitty

                                    Waleski, Mary

                                    Whitehill, Walter Muir

                                    Wohler, Patrick

   Folder 11 – 1970-1988

Box 1 of 9                                   

                                    Abdalla, Carolyn Gray

                                    Abell, Bess

                                    Burgess, Carter L.

                                    Clifton, Patrica

                                    Cotter, David

                                    Creasy, Jane B.

                                    Dees, Bowen C.

                                    Evans, Rebecca

                                    Flint, Franklin

                                    Floyd, Susie

                                    Fraser, Allan

                                    Gustafson, Faye

                                    Lankford, F.G. Jr.

                                    Marritt, Dorothy

                                    Michaels, James W.

                                    Morrell, William E.

                                    Morris, Nancy

                                    Neal, Nathan A.

                                    Niermeyer, A.B.

                                    Orndorff, Beverly

                                    Remsburg, Vera Baron

                                    Smallpiece, Basil

                                    Sneller, Maurice

                                    Stoneburner, Frances

                                    Styles, Twitty

                                    Waleski, Mary

                                    Whitehill, Walter Muir

                                    Wohler, Patrick

   Folder 12

Box 1 of 9

Correspondence written by Anna and George Jeffers (contains letters written to family members and editors of publications).

   Folder 13

Box 1 of 9

Correspondence with students (1940-1980)

   Sub-series D: Correspondence with Students and Faculty upon Retirement

Box 1 of 9

Folder  14 – Photocopies of letters.

                              15 – 1961

                              16 – 1961-1968

   Sub-series E: Correspondence with Newfoundland Contacts

Box 2 of 9: Correspondence (continued)

Folder  1 – 1925-1967

                                    2 – 1965-1970

                                    3 – Letter from Bobbie Robertson (1971-1978)                    

                                    4 – Letters from Bobbie Robertson (1979-1981)

                                    5 – Letters from Bobbie Robertson (1982-1986)

   Series II: Manuscripts

   Box 3 of 9: Draft, The Bastard’s Book

  Folders 1-17 – Draft of The Bastards’ Book (each chapter contains one of the 17 chapters)

   Box 4 of 9: Reports, Commissions, Research, and Writings

Folder 1 – Interim Report on the Chesapeake Bay Fisheries Commission, written under the direction of Dr. Jeffers (November 1945)

Folders 2-4 – Chesapeake Bay Fisheries Commission – writings and appendices of this study

Folder 5 – Research and correspondence related to the study of the Chesapeake Bay Fisheries Commission

Folders 6-8 – History of the Virginia Academy of Science

Folder 9 – Virginia Biology – rough draft 1

Folder 10 – Virginia Biology – rough draft 2

   Box 5 of 9: Draft, History of Science

            Folders 1-20 – History of Science – drafts of the text and research

   Box 6 of 9: Drafts, Papers, Unpublished Writings, and Articles          

Folder 1 – Introduction to Biology (typescript of a 1943 in-house publication)        

            2 – Fishes: The Earliest Vertebrates (typescript with corrections)

            3 – Royal Place Names in Virginia (typescript of a draft copy)

4 – “A State Academy Charts its Course” (reprint of article published in the Scientific Monthly – Jan. 1943)

5 – What Bastards (typescript of a draft copy)

Folders 6-20 – Unpublished stories that appear to be biographical

            21 – two incomplete and unidentified handwritten stories

            22 – Listing of Articles and Papers Written by Jeffers:

  • Scientific Scholarship (an undated article)
  • Walter Reed (a reprint from Farmville Herald dated 3/29/39)
  • Fatness, Digestion and Food of Passamaquoddy Young Herring (an article received for publication May 1936 by Atlantic Biological Station)
  • Migration of Fishes (reprinted from The American Biology Teacher, Jan. 1939)
  • New England Intercollegiate Field Trip (a brief article published in Science)
  • A State Academy Charts its Course (a reprint from The Scientific Monthly, January 1943)
  • International Biology (a reprint from The American Biology Teacher, Dec. 1944)
  • The Teaching of Biology (a brief article printed in Carolina Tips, Sep. 1954)
  • Top of the World (incomplete typescript – not dated)

Folder 23 – Published articles and letters to editors (a miscellaneous collection of personal opinions related to previously published articles)

Folder 24 – Article submitted to the Rotarian in 1956 titled “Talking Back to Mr. Hoover”

Folder 25 – Article submitted to the Richmond Times Dispatch about Newfoundland (undated)

Folder 26 – Book report written for class in 1925

Folder 27 – Paper prepared in methods class (1929) “Course of Study for High School Biology”

Folder 28 – Paper related to the teaching of science

Folder 29 – Small Town Talk – a brief writing about Prince Edward County

Folder 30 – four poems written by Dr. Jeffers

Folder 31 – Texts of Addresses Given by Dr. Jeffers:

  • The Rotarian, Showcase of Rotary
  • The Relationship of High School Science to the Defense
  • Conditions of Life in the Sea (copy of typescript and undated handwritten copy)
  • Top of the World (incomplete typescript with no date)
  • Typescript of an address given at the Virginia meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (01/02/1934).
  • Typescript of faculty lecture (02/21/1934).
  • Text of radio broadcast of 12/31/1938 given at the Virginia meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  • England and Her Brood (typescript of an address given for Lion’s Club on 10/06/1939.
  • Science Clubs (typescript of a radio address given 12/23/1939).
  • Science and the Future of Mankind (typescript and handwritten copy of an address given at a gathering of the American Nature Study Society on 12/28/1940).
  • Regional Responsibility of the Teacher’s College in the Field of Science (an address given at the conference for the Education of Teachers in Science in April of 1948 (folder includes handwritten pages and typescript)

   Box 7 of 9: Personal and Biographical

Folder 1 – Includes birth certificate and other miscellaneous items.

            2 – Remarks of Grace Virginia Rawls during dedication of Jeffers Auditorium in 1969.

            3 – Articles about and photographs of Dr. Jeffers.

            4 – Programs of events in which Jeffers presented or had some involvement.

            5 – Information related to Dr. Jeffers’ education:

  • Certification from Council of Higher Education, Newfoundland verification upon passing exam (October 1910)
  • Certificate from Public Schools of Newfoundland, verification of passing exams             (October 1917)
  • Correspondence with William Warren of Boston concerning transcript from Boston University (1924)
  • Boston University commencement program (1924)
  • Appointment notices to be a research assistant at the University of Toronto
  • Correspondence concerning the possibility of Teaching Fellowship at Boston University
  • University of Toronto, program for Final Public Exam for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
  • Transcript from Boston University Graduate School (January 16, 1933)
  • Notification of election as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (August 26, 1933)

6 – Employment information:

  • Contract dated July 1926 between Dr. Jeffers and the Interstate Teachers’ Agency
  • Recommendation (August 1926) from Interstate Teachers’ Agency to apply to State Teachers’ College, Farmville, Virginia
  • Correspondence between Dr. Jeffers and Mr. Chappell, Chairman of Committee of Barrow Bible Class, concerning employment
  • Correspondence concerning the opening of a full time position at the University of New Hampshire Marine Zoological Laboratory
  • Letter from the Director of the Office of Naval Officer Procurement (September 16, 1942)
  • 1969, excerpt from the Alumni Bulletin on Jeffers’ retirement

7 – Newspaper articles about Dr. Jeffers

8 – Programs from Department of Science (Longwood) honoring Dr. Jeffers

9 – Personal notebook

10 – “Biology at Farmville,” Dr. Jeffers Book

Folders 11-12 – Scrapbook materials including writing, clippings, and photographs

            13 – “Chats with Jarman and More” – a personal book filled with handwritten and typed stories

   Box 8 of 9: Teaching and Research

Folder 1 – Notebook with loose leaf pages “Dr. Jeff’s quote book.”

            2 – Class record book – 1926/1927

            3 – Listing of Science Majors, 1957-1963

            4 – Listing of faculty publications (typescript containing pages 5-23 only)

            5 – Outline for “Ocean Science”

            6 – Virginia Resource-Use Educational Council

            7 – Virginia Education Association, Science Section

            8 – Virginia Academy of Science

            9 – Miscellaneous Organizational Involvements:

  • Easter Seals
  • Guernsey Society
  • Farmville Rotary Club
  • Prince Edward County Planning Commission
  • Smithsonian National Associates
  • Travelers’ Protective Association of America
  • National Travel Club
  • Newfoundland Historical Society
  • The English Speaking Union
  • Hakluyt Society

10 – Articles about Newfoundland

Folders 11-13 – Articles related to the closing of the schools in Prince Edward County

   Box 9 of 9: Articles, Newspaper Clippings, and Research

Folder 1 – Article about Virginia scientists

            2 – articles – Virginia Journal of Science

Folders 3-9 – miscellaneous clippings, articles, and materials of interest to Dr. Jeffers

            10 – Research materials related to the Virginia Journal of Education

            11 – Research materials related to biology

            12 – Fishery Industries of the Chesapeake Bay – typed pages in binder (unidentified author)

            13 – Typed pages in binder, chapters are about the various species of fish in the Chesapeake Bay, volume contains no title page


Located in Binder 1:

007.001 – Dr. Jeffers in full regalia, standing in front of Jeffers Hall.*

007.002 – Dr. Jeffers honored at dedication of Jeffers Hall.*

007.003 – Dr. Gordon Moss (mid 1920s)*

007.004 – George William Jeffers, small portrait photo, mid 1920s.*

007.005 – Unknown student in foreground, possibly Dr. Moss, blurred woman in background.

007.006 – Francis Butler Simkins*

007.007 – Group photo. Includes: Anne and George Jeffers.*

007.008 – Thanksgiving 1949*

007.009 – 50th Anniversary of school (1 of 2)*

007.010 – 50th Anniversary of school (2 of 2)*

007.011 – Dr. Raymond French and alums, Orlando, FL 1966*

007.012 – Group photo of students.*

007.013 – George William Jeffers in his office.*

007.014 – postcard, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

007.015 – postcard, The Kennedy Memorial, Runnymede

007.016 – Small photograph of a home. “Mary Peck” written on bottom border.* **

007.017 – George William Jeffers, portrait* **

007.018 – Photo of two small children. “Agee” written along bottom border.**

007.019 – Woman standing on boat taking a photo.**

007.020 – Three people standing in front of entrance to building. “Trent” written along bottom border.**

007.021 – Couple with baby. Christmas photo. “Billups” is written along bottom of photo.**

007.022 – Frances & George Mallory family photo. Watkins Glen.**

007.023 – Caralie Nelson, 1941 (alum)**

007.024 – Unknown couple standing near stoop in front of home.**

007.025 – Small boy seated in front of mirror. “Helen Wiley, Hardy, Jimmy Wheat” written on bottom of photo.**

007.026 – Portrait of woman. “Higginbotham” written along bottom of photo.**

007.027 – Portrait of man. “Higginbotham” written along bottom of photo.**

007.028 – Ruth Dagger & date dancing, Dr. Jeffers in background.* **

007.029 – Woman and two small children. “Bragg” written along bottom of photo.**

007.030 – Photo of three small children. “Jim, John, Alice Anne, Langbein” written along bottom of photo.**

007.031 – Family portrait. “Jim, Steve, Jeff, Al, Dolores, & Sue” written along bottom of photo.**

007.032 – Family Christmas portrait. The Jack Burkes.**

007.033 – Photo of Dr. Jarman. Unknown year.* **

007.034 – Wedding photo. Unknown people.**

007.035 – Woman and baby. “Wallace” written along bottom of photo.**

007.036 – Lychnos Society, 1958* **

007.037 – small portrait, unknown person**

007.038 – Wedding photo. Nancy Anderson, Ruth Androvich, Pat Borkey.**

*Denotes photo has been digitized.

** Photo is in scrapbook entitled “Biology at Farmville,” George William Jeffers Collection, Box 7 of 11.

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