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John Peter Wynne Collection

Information about the Collection

John Peter Wynne (1888-1977) received his A.B. and A.M. from Duke University. He was awarded his Ph.D. at Columbia University in 1928. In 1924 Wynne became the Director of Teacher Education at Longwood which at that time was known as the State Teachers College at Farmville. During his tenure at Longwood, Wynne was directly involved with issues related to education at Longwood. He was also involved in the activities of organizations dedicated to improving education in Virginia, as well as nationwide. In addition to teaching, Wynne also authored 29 books related to the topic of education. The philosophy of education was the theme for many of these publications. During his career as teacher and author, his main goal and interest was in educating those who would also become great leaders and teachers.


Many of these records were initially given to Alumni Relations who in turn passed them on to the Library; other records included a group held in the library's archival storage room. Items from the library's collection included newspaper clippings, a listing of his publications, and his vitae.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of documents related to the career of Dr. John Peter Wynne who taught at Longwood from 1924 to 1959. The collection is divided into the following series:
• Correspondence
• Committee Work
• Manuscripts
• Personal & Biographical Materials

----Correspondence: This series includes a small collection of correspondence that is subdivided into the following categories:
• Correspondence with Individuals within the College Community;
• Correspondence with Friends and Acquaintances;
• Miscellaneous Correspondence.
Items within these groups are in chronological order.

----Committee Work: Dr. Wynne was involved in the Philosophy of Education Society throughout much of his teaching career. Papers in this series include information about the society's meetings and conferences from 1947 to 1966. The series related to the Society is in chronological order and includes announcements of conferences, agendas, lists of society members, and information related to the work of the Society. During Dr. Wynne's tenure with the Society, he was involved in a joint study with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and information related to this study is included in this series.
Information related to other organizations in which Dr. Wynne was a member is included in this series. Of special interest is Dr. Wynne's involvement in a study on education with the Virginia State Department of Education.

----Manuscripts: In addition to being a well-known and respected educator in his field, Dr. Wynne was also an accomplished author producing many published books and articles related to the philosophy of education. This collection includes drafts of chapters from several of his publications. This series also includes the texts of speeches given by Dr. Wynne and some articles and book reviews written by Wynne.

----Personal and Biographical Materials: This collection includes a few photographs of Dr. Wynne, items that relate to the schools from which he received his degrees, his vitae and some miscellaneous materials collected throughout his lifetime. The collection also contains clippings on a variety of Wynne-related activities. An obituary which gives a summary of Wynne's life and career is included in these clippings.


This collection consists of 4 linear feet contained in 7 archival boxes.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Contents of the Collection

   Series I: Correspondence

   Box 1 of 7: Correspondence and Committee Work

Folder 1- Teacher Education (Student and Reports), 1944

2 - Correspondence with those with the college community, 1932

3 - “Course of Study Committee,” 1949-1955

4 - Post-Graduate Degree at Columbia University, 1925-1926

5 - Presidents of College, 1928-1952

6 - STC/Longwood Faculty and staff including training school staff, 1947-1953

7 - “Graduate Council,” Longwood, 1954

8 - Student Educational Association; Association of Alumnae, 1965

9 - Student Standards Committee at STC, April 11, 1941

10 - from Albert Balz at University of Virginia, October 11, 1949

11 - with Davis Paschell, Coordinator of Teacher Education, State Board of Education, 1948

12 - Longwood’s Association of Alumnae, 1967

13 - Founder’s Day, 1971

14 - Related to Publications: 1944-1962

15 - Related to Publications: “The Education Forum,” 1951

16 - Related to Publications: “Qualities of Experience,” 1957

17 - Related to Publications: Qualities of Educations, “Experimental Editions,” 1957-1958

18 - Miscellaneous: note to H.C. Cunningham; about the garden

19 - “An Abstract of a Progress Report on the Joint Study of the Qualities of Experience”

   Series II: Committee Work; Philosophy of Education Society

   Box 1 of 7

Folder 20 – “Report of Event,” conference, 1947

21 – conference 1947

22 – conference 1948

23 – “Comments on the Report of R. Bruce Raup,” February 11, 1949

24 – “Regional Report to the Director of the Society in Region III,” Regional Conference Agenda, October 1949

25 – letter, 1950

26 – Region III, meeting minutes, 1951

27 – Report on the 5th Annual Conference of Region III, October 1951

28 – Report on the 6th Annual Conference of Region III, 1952

29 – papers related to Society, 1953

30 – Constitution, 1953

   Box 2 of 7: Committee Work and Organizations

Folder 1 – Annual Conference Report, 1954

            2 – Region III, conference, 1955

            3 – Annual Conference, 1956

            4 – South Atlantic Region Meetings and Events, 1957

            5 – “Coordinating Committee,” 1957

            6 – South Atlantic Region, conference, 1958

            7 – “Letter to Prospective Employers of Teachers of Philosophy,” program for14th Annual Meeting, 1958

            8 – Annual Meeting Program, 1959

            9 – Annual Conference Report, 1960

            10 – Annual Report, 1962

            11 – Papers of the South Atlantic Conference and the Southern Humanities Conference, 1964

            12 – “Subject Matter Content of Philosophy of Education,” March 1964

            13 – Annual Meeting Schedule, 1966

   Box 3 of 7: Committee Work, Organizations, and Manuscripts

Folder 1 – VEA: “Commission to Study a Foundation Program in Education”

   Series III: Business Papers

   Box 3 of 7

Folder 5 – “An Opportunity for Professional Organizations to Participate in The Improvement of Accreditation and Certification,” 1953

            6 – “Analysis of Content of Curriculum III, Leading to Teaching in the Elementary School,” State Teachers College, 1941-1942

            7 – “The Curriculum Program,” LB 1945 .W96 1940 (preservation copy)

            8 – reprint of “Current Changes in Curriculum Thinking as They Affect Elementary, Secondary, and College Education.”

            9 – “Curriculum Making at Farmville,” (STC-Jarman Era), 1935

            10 – “Desirable Qualities of Experience,” preliminary manuscript, (random chapters and sections from chapters)

            11 – “Evolutions of the Philosophy Underlying the Virginia Curriculum Program”

            12 – “Foundation of Education”

            13 – “Human Experience and Educational Beliefs,” outline for text

            14 – reprint of “Introduction to the Training School Course of Study for the Kindergarten and Primary Grades” reprint of “Principles and Technique of Curriculum Making,” (STC-Jarman Era)

            15 – “Methods and Standards of Rating Prospective Teachers,” (Published by Teacher Education Staff at STC under the direction of Dr. Wynne), 1945

            16 – “Outline of Introduction to Philosophy of Education Class at American University”

            17 – recommendation, “Philosophy of Education at Longwood College”

            18 – “Principles and Technique of Curriculum Making” (17 copies)

            19 – “Reconstruction of Education for Prospective Students,” contents and preface, (incomplete)

            20 – “Reconstruction of Education for Prospective Students,” Chapter 1, The Nature of Teacher Education, (incomplete)

            21 – “Reconstruction of Education for Prospective Students,” Chapter 2, General Aims of Teacher Education, (incomplete)

            22 – “Reconstruction of Education for Prospective Students,” Chapter 5, The Student Teacher Program, (incomplete)

            23 – “Reconstruction of Education for Prospective Students,” Chapter 7, Administration for Teacher Education, (incomplete)

            24 – “Reconstruction of Education for Prospective Students,” Chapter 8, Implementation of Reconstruction in Teacher Education, (incomplete)

   Box 4 of 7: Manuscripts and Publications

Folder 1 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” preface and contents

            2 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” preface and contents, (typescript of draft)

            3 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 1, Meaning of Teacher Education

            4 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 1, Meaning of Teacher Education, (typescript of draft)

            5 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 2, Aims of Teacher Education

            6 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 2, Aims of Teacher Education, (typescript of draft)

            7 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 3, Direct Experience in Teacher Education

            8 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 3, Direct Experience in Teacher Education, (typescript of draft)

            9 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 4, Instructional Organization

            10 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 4, Instructional Organization, (typescript of draft)

            11 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 5, Integration of Teacher Education

            12 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 5, Integration of Teacher Education, (typescript of draft)

            13 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 6, The Administrative Organization

            14 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 6, The Administrative Organization, (typescript of draft)

            15 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 7, Methods of Teaching

            16 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 7, Methods of Teaching, (typescript of draft)

            17 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 8, Methods of Evaluation

            18 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 8, Methods of Evaluation, (typescript of draft)

            19 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 9, Observation and Participation

Folders 20-21 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 9, Observation and Participation, (typescript of draft)

            22 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 10, Supervision of Student Teachers

            23 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 10, Supervision of Student Teachers, (typescript of draft)

            24 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 11, Supervision of Beginning Teachers

   Box 5 of 7: Manuscripts and Publications (continued)

Folder 1 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 11, Supervision of Beginning Teachers, (typescript of draft)

            2 – “Teaching Teachers: Pre-service and In-service,” Chapter 12, Preparation for Teaching Teachers

            3 – “The Teacher and the Curriculum,” LB1025 .W974 1937 (preservation copy)

Folders 4-5 – “Theories of Desirable Experience,” LB2805.5 W961 1940 (preservation copies)

            6 – “Some Considerations Involved in the Formal Initiation of an Improvement Program in Teacher Education”

            7 – “Syllabus for a First Course in Philosophy of Life and Education,” 1951

            8 – “Syllabus in Principles of Teaching,” LB28055 .W96 1941 (preservation copy)

            9 – “Three Emphases Recognized in Teacher Education Programs,” 1950

            10 – Educational Theories; Outline and Theories of Knowledge, The Rational Disclosure Theory of Knowledge

            11 – Educational Theories; Outline and Theories of Knowledge, The Fixed Structure Theory of Reality

            12 – Educational Theories; The Empirical Nature Theory of Reality

            13 – Educational Theories; The Servant Theory of Knowledge

            14 – Educational Theories; The Pragmatic Theory of Knowledge

            15 – unidentified; fragments of publications

   Box 6 of 7: Manuscripts, Articles, Book Reviews, Reports, and Speeches

Folder 1 – Written for Education Outlook, “An Opportunity for Professional Organizations to Participate in the Improvement of

Accreditation and Certification”

2 – “Educational Opportunities at Longwood College for Future Teachers”

3 – “Mind and Education,” 1952

Folder 4 – Reviews of publications related to education, written by Dr. Wynne

5 – various book reviews written by Dr. Wynne

Folder 6 – reports on Lab Schools and student teaching (college and schools in Farmville); “Student Teaching at Longwood”

7 – “Report on Post-Teaching Participation in the Farmville Elementary School,” 1954

8 – “Reports on Proposed Means of Improving Instruction in the Public Schools of Farmville,” early 1950s, “Drafts of

Agreements Between Prince Edward School Board and State Teaching College Training School”

Folder 9 – “1917-1918, A Salute to the Role of Halifax County in World War I,” Halifax Historical Society, April 26, 1967

10 – address entitled “Creativity,” Kappa Delta Pi, Annual Banquet, Longwood, December 1955

11 – address entitled “How to Influence Other People,” Farm Security Administration, Farmville, May 1939

12 – meeting of the South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society, “Idea of Qualities of Experience as a Challenge of

Philosophy of Education,” October 18, 1954

13 – address entitled “Two Worlds,” National Education Association, April 7, 1948

14 – “Verification of the Truth Claims of Prepositions from the Standpoint of the Philosophy of Experimentalism,” paper read at

the Annual Meeting of the Virginia Philosophical Association

15 – address, Kappa Delta Pi, April 17, 1963

16 – STC Program, Education Week, text of speech by Dr. Wynne (not dated)

Folder 17 – “Conceptions of the Curriculum” and “The Advanced Curriculum” (outline and handouts)

18 – “Philosophy of Education” and “Planning the Course of Instruction” (handouts)

19 – “Student Teaching in Elementary Schools,” “Virginia Teacher Training,” “Report on Conference of Preparation of Teachers”

20 – “A Study in Integration in Educational Method,” abstract of dissertation

21 – transcript of interview with four Longwood students who complete student teaching, April 1954

22 – Wayne State University; History and Philosophy of Education Department, Education 360, History of Educational Ideas

   Series IV: Personal and Biographical Materials; Biographical Information, Memorabilia, and Photos

   Box 7 of 7: Personal and Biographical

Folder 1 – announcements of Wynne’s publications

2 – application for Ph.D. matriculation examination, 1925, Teachers College, Columbia University

3 – University of Pittsburgh, curriculum study 1939, photograph of Dr. Wynne

4 – official register of Harvard University, Summer School 1943, Arts, Sciences, and Education; (Dr. Wynne taught a class)

5 – Duke University, Reunion for Class of 1913, 1914, 1915, and 1916 (June 6-8, 1959)

6 – Photograph, 1963; commencement information for Alumni, brochure Program Baccalaureate Services 1963,

Commencement News, 1963, Award presented to Dr. Wynne from Duke University

7 – Duke University Half Century Club Annual meeting, June 4, 1967

8 – “John P. Wynne,” written and delivered by Dr. Floyd Smertfeger; March 20, 1971

9 – Rockford College, “The Brief Book of Rockford College”

10 – Louisburg College; The Oak, 1948, yearbook

11 – county fair ribbons; Farmville

12 – dedication of the Memorial Classroom Building: program, plaque, photo, name tag with ribbon

13 – photographs (3)

14 – certificate of award, Phi Delta Kappa Membership, 1926

15 – program for Christmas Banquet attended by the Wynne’s

16 – program for conference attended by Dr. Wynne

Folder 17 – Dr. Wynne as visiting professor, 1929

18 – speaking engagements, 1939-1944

19 – The American Legion, 1941-1944

20 – related to the Rotary Club, 1943

21- related to education in Virginia Schools, 1945 (not directly related to Dr. Wynne)

22 – related to Wynne’s resignation and retirement, 1959

23 – related to colleagues, friends, and family

24 – miscellaneous

Folder 25 – “Longwood Offers Graduate Course in Education,” Fall 1954

26 – Longwood Class: “Test in Modern Classical Philosophy”

27 – miscellaneous papers

Folders 28-31 – “Qualities of Experience,” Dr. Wynne scrapbook

Folder 32 – “Qualities of Experience,” photocopy of Dr. Wynne scrapbook


Located in Binder 4:

013.001 – Photo of plaque memorializing Roy R. Pearson, first administrator of Prince Edward Academy

013.002 – Unknown group of boys with three teachers. ______ McIlwayne, Supt. of Schools, far right, middle row. Possibly side entrance of Farmville High School.

013.003 – (L to R) J. Barry Wall, _____ , John Peter Wynne*

013.004 – (L to R) J. Barry Wall, John Peter Wynne, Johnny Southall*

013.005 – John Peter Wynne standing in garden.*

013.006 – Duke University Alumni Event (John Peter Wynne, 2nd from left, front row).*

*Denotes photograph has been digitized.

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