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Francis Butler Simkins Collection

Information about the Collection
Francis Butler Simkins was a professor of history at Longwood from 1928 to 1966.  During his years at Longwood, he was also an energetic researcher and prolific author.  He wrote two books on Ben Tillman, The Tillman Movement in South Carolina (1926) and Pitchfork Ben Tillman (1944).  He also wrote two books with co-authors, South Carolina during Reconstruction (1932) with Robert H. Woody, and The Women of the Confederacy (1936) with James W. Patton.  Additionally, with other historians and authors he wrote a successful school history of Virginia.  His college text, A History of the South (3rd ed., 1963) was widely used. Some of his essays were collected in The Everlasting South (1963).  Dr. Simkins, who passed away in 1966, is still remembered today as a southern historian of great renown.

This collection of papers was given to the History Department at Longwood by Simkins’ wife, Margaret Simkins, in the late 1970s.  The papers were housed in the History Department until the summer of 1994 when under the direction of history professor Richard Couture they were transferred to the library.

Scope and Content
This collection consists of 23 boxes of materials related to the life and career of Dr. Francis Butler Simkins.  Included in the collection are correspondence, writings, personal and biographical materials and a collection of miscellaneous materials.  The collection is divided into the following series:

  • Correspondence – housed in six boxes, this series is arranged alphabetically.
  • Manuscripts – this series includes random chapters of Simkins’ publication in a variety of formats.  Of special interest is Simkins’ unpublished autobiography.
  • Personal and Biographical
  • Miscellaneous

This collection consists of 12.45 linear feet contained in 23 archival boxes.

There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Contents of the Collection

   Series I: Correspondence

   Box 1 of 23: Correspondence A-D

            American Jewish Congress

            Adams, Bill

            B…, William

            Beele, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kennedy

            Bedsole, V.L.

            Barfield, Jr., Claude E.

            Baron, Vera

            Berkis, Alexander V.

            Bethea, Mrs. C.E. (W. Louisiana Historical Society)

            Bettersworth, John K.

            Bilden, Rudiger

            Bonner, James C.

            Booker, Jessie


            Bradley, Palmer

            Bragan, Clara

            Brooke, Estelle (Richmond Women’s Club)

            Brown, Oscar

            Burnette, Jr., Laurence

            Carnathan, Wiley J.

            Carter, Franklin I.

            Carstensen, Vernon

            Charley (from New York)

            Cheney, Jr., O. (Otto) Preston

            Childs, Mrs. Arney

            Clark, Ann

            Clark, Jr., Ross L.

            Clark, Thomas D.

            Congdon, Richard T. (see Putnams)

            Censtable, John (see Southern Regional Cousin)

            Cover, Kathleen

            Crawford, David

            Craushore, James H.

            Crenshaw, Ollinger (Washington and Lee University)

            Danthon, Donald

            Davis, Lambert (see University of N.C. Press)

            Dougherty, D.B. (see Appalachian State Teachers College)

   Box 2 of 23: Correspondence E-J

            Ellegood, Donald R. (see Louisiana State University Press)

            Ellis, Herbert A.

            Encyclopedia Americana and Britannica

            Fischer, LeRoy H.

            Fishwick, Marshall W.

            Freyre, Alfredo

            Haurk, Gordon B.

            Goode, Kenneth (Richmond Commonwealth Magazine)

            Gossett, Mrs. Thomas F.

            Govan, Thomas P. (see University of the South)

            Gray, Joe

            Griffin, William

            Healy, Jr., George W.

            Hendricks, James E.

            Hennings, (U.S. Carol.)

            Highsmith, William E.

            Hill, Louse Biles

            Hoffman, Donald B. (Phi Alpha Theta)

            Hoole, W. Stanley

            Holles, Daniel W.

            Hubbard, John R.

            Hunnicutt, Spotswood

            Jackson, Anne

            Jackson, W. Turrantine (University of California)

            James, Edward T. (Radcliffe College at Cambridge)



            Jones, Lewis P.

   Box 3 of 23: Correspondence K-O

            Kirwin, A.D. (University of Kentucky)

            Kohler, Charlotte (VA Quarterly Review)

            Knopf, Alfred A.

            Lancaster, Dabney S.

            Land, Robert Hunt

            Lanford, Jr., Francis G.

            Lewis, A.R. (University of Texas)

            Lewis, B.M. (Lewis Historical Publishing Co.)

            Long, Robert K. (World Book Encyclopedia)


            W. Louisiana Historical Society

            McWhiney, Grady

            Martin, Sarah Ann

            Meade, Robert

            Meyer, Sheldon

            Miles, Edwin A.

            Milleth, Donald J.

            Mirsky, Jeanette

            Noppen, Iva Van

            Osterweis, Rollin G.

            Owsley, Frank

   Box 4 of 23: Correspondence P-R

            Patton, James W.

            Pemmons, W.H.

            Pomeray, Earl

            Prear, Mary (see S. Carolina Historical Commission)

            Quint, Howard H.

            Roberts, Mrs. W.E.

            Robertson, Jr., James I.

            Roland, Charlie

            Rubin, Louis (The Hopkins Review)

   Box 5 of 23: Correspondence S-T

            Sully, A.S.

            Savage, Jr., Henry

            Schmeller, Kurt

            Simkins, Mrs. Francis

            Shugg, Roger W. (see A.A. Knopf)

            Silvestro, Clement

            Skipper, Ottis C.

            Smith, Laurence L.

            Stanford, Peter (see A.A. Knopf)

            Stoney, David (see S.C. Educational Television Center)

            Tabb, Mary P.

            Taliaferro, Harry

            Talmadge, John

            Tankersley, Allen

            Taylor, Henry P.

            Tillman, Mamee         


            Thomas, David N.

            Thompson, Hollin

            Thornley, Fant

            Thorp, Willard and Margaret

            Todd, H.P.

            Townsend, Leah

            Trimble, Lee S.

   Box 6 of 23: Correspondence U-Y

            Ugee, Phillip

            Board, V.M.

            Vieira, David G.

            W, Fred

            Wall, Bennett H.

            Wall, J.B. (Farmville Herald)

            Walters, John B.

            Wade, John D.

            Walmsley, James

            Wardlaw, Frank H.

            Wardlaw, Patterson

            Warren, Harris G.

            Watkins, Walter

            Watson, C.W.

            Weaver, Richard M.

            Webb, Jr., John W.

            Wevv, Jr., Thompson

            Weinberg, E.

            Wienefeld, R.H.

            Wiley, Bell I.

            Whiteman, D.J.

            Wilkerson, M.M.

            Woods, B.F.


            Woodward, Wade

            Wyatt, Elizabeth

            Yoder, J.C.

            Young, James Harvey

            Younger, Edward

            Correspondence – unsigned

   Series II: Manuscripts - Published Works, Drafts, Preliminary Research, and Notes

   Boxes 7, 8, 9 of 23: Manuscript; Virginia: History, Government and Geography

Virginia History Textbook (draft in typescript)


Virginia: History, Government, Geography   [by] Francis Butler Simkins, Spotswood Hunnicutt Jones [and] Sidman P. Poole. Published by Scribner in 1963.


Bibliography PPI – 18 (not complete)

Chapter XXI, pgs. 445-474

Chapter XXII, pgs. 475-496

Chapter XX!!, pgs. 543-562

Chapters XXI-XXII, pgs. 504-535

Chapter XXIII, pgs. 497-518

Chapter XXIII, pgs. 564-586

Chapter XXV, pgs. 543-575

Chapters XXV-XXVI, pgs. 612-645

Chapter XXVI, pgs. 584-594

Chapter XXVI, pgs. 598-606

Chapters XXVI-XXVII, pgs. 647-664

Chapter XXVII, pgs. 664-666


   Box 10 of 23: Drafts; Seaboard South


            Seaboard South (drafts of random chapters)

                        Title and Table of Contents


                        Chapter II, “Spanish Groupings”

                        Chapter III, “The English Come”

   Box 11 of 23: Segregation and Reconstruction

            Random chapters related to segregation and reconstruction.

   Box 12 of 23: Unidentified Manuscripts

            Random chapters/sections of unidentified manuscripts.

   Box 13 of 23: Writings and Lectures

            Book reviews, articles, essays, and lectures by Simkins.

   Box 14 of 23: Unpublished Autobiography (original)

            Unpublished autobiography of Simkins (original document).

   Box 15 of 23: Unpublished Autobiography (photocopy)

            Unpublished autobiography of Simkins (photocopy from which copies can be made).

   Box 16 of 23: Miscellaneous Notes and Religion

            Miscellaneous notes (arranged by topic).

            Materials on notable women.

            Notes about the Quakers.

            European influences on religion.

            Religion in Mississippi.

            Religion in Georgia.

            Religion in Maryland.

            Religion in the Carolinas.

            Religion in Virginia and other notes on Virginia.

            Excerpts from Richard Henry Watkins.

   Boxes 17 & 18 of 23: Miscellaneous Notes

            Miscellaneous notes related to writings and publications.

   Series III: Personal and Biographical

   Box 19 of 23: Personal Papers, Foundations, Historical Societies, and Reviews

            Miscellaneous personal papers.


            Papers related to family history.

            Autobiographical information.

            Contracts (1 of 2)

            Contracts (2 of 2)

            Royalty statements and related information.

            Reviews of Pitchfork Ben Tillman by Simkins.

            John H. Dunning Prize

            Guggenheim Foundation

            Guggenheim Fellowship awarded to Simkins for book about Jefferson Davis.

            Guggenheim Fellowship, general information

            Proposal for book about Ben Tillman.

            Proposal for book about Jefferson Davis.

            Arkansas Historical Association Conference Program, 1949

            Social Science Research Council

            Southern Historical Society (1 of 3)

            Southern Historical Society (2 of 3)

            Southern Historical Society (3 of 3)

            Virginia Historical Society – membership certificate

            Reviews of Simkins’ publications (1 of 3)

            Reviews of Simkins’ publications (2 of 3)

            Reviews of Simkins’ publications (3 of 3)

Miscellaneous personal papers including notes and correspondence with missing information and/or pages.

Grady McWhiney’s essay about Francis Butler Simkins.

   Box 20 of 23: Personal Papers

            Carter, W.K. – the Farmville House

            Financial Records (receipts, insurance forms, taxes, etc.)

            Chip Simkins’ college applications.

            Draft of Margaret Simkins’ children’s story.

   Series IV: Miscellaneous

   Box 21 of 23: Classes and Clubs

            Monograph Club

            History test given by Dr. Simkins.

            Class papers and notes.

            Materials of interest to Dr. Simkins.

   Box 22 of 23: Writings and Lectures

            Text of paper and lecture, “William Tatham: A Unique Little Known Southern Personality.”

            Text of paper and lecture, “Geography of the Upland South” given by Gene Wilhelm.

            Text of paper and lecture, “Subcultures of the Southern Appalachians” by Helen Matthews Lewis.

            Miscellaneous correspondence and information.

   Box 23 of 23: Records and Student Papers

            Miscellaneous papers including financial records and student papers.


Located in Binder 1:

003.001 - Francis Butler Simkins, passport photo, 1918*

*Denotes photo has been digitized.

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