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Information about the Collection

Pi Gamma Mu is an international honorary interdisciplinary social science society founded in 1924. Longwood’s Virginia Gamma chapter of Pi Gamma Mu was installed in 1927 and was active until the mid-1990s.


The origins of the items in this collection are, for the most part, not documented. Those with proven provenance are stated in the item description.

Scope and Content

The materials in this collection date from 1818 to 1970 and consist of historical memorabilia, ephemera, documents, and photographs collected by members of Pi Gamma Mu, as well as materials related specifically to the organization itself.


This collection consist of 6.65 linear feet contained in (7) legal-sized Hollinger boxes, (1) banker’s box, (1) archival flat box, and (1) archival photograph binder.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

A digitized version of the scrapbook located in Box 9 of this collection can be found on the Longwood University Digital Commons, at: https://digitalcommons.longwood.edu/scrapbooks/15

Contents of the Collection

   Box 1 of 9

Account book, 1848-1850. Likely related to Emory & Henry College and Ephraim Emerson (E.E.) Wiley, (from Helen Wiley Hardy, class of 1943, granddaughter of Joseph Jarman and Mary Helen Wiley; great-granddaughter of E.E. Wiley).

Alpha Kappa Gamma Handbooks, 1936 and 1947

Handbook for Alumnae Chapter of Longwood College

Alumni Photograph, Betty Price Rex

Alumnae in the News

Appointments to Administration, Earl Boggs and Mrs. Frank Watkins

Association of College Honor Societies Booklet, 1976

Ben Greet Players

     Playbook – “A Midsummers Night Dream” 1910

     Pamphlet introducing Ben Greet Players American Tour 1930

“Programme de L’annee 1930-31, Le Chapitre Pi Zeta de Beta Pi Theta

Dr. Bromfield, articles

Dr. J.L. Buchanan, photograph

Catalogs, summer 1895 and First Session 1884-85

Cub Creek Church History, Charlotte County, VA

Charter and By-laws of the American Association of University Women 1961

Class Day Exercises 1926, (4) photographs with accompanying information

Henry Clay letter 1852, copy (original in LU-016, Katherine Courtenay Johnston Collection)

The Colonnade 1954, ‘57, ‘64

Commencement Programs, 1937, ‘57, ‘60, ‘62, ‘63, ‘66, ‘68, and ‘69

Commencement Program June 3, 1972

Benjamin Cox, Farmville Herald article (copy), April 18, 1924

Letter to Ottie Craddock re: Founders Day Program 1934

Curriculum Making at Farmville State Teachers College, booklet (unknown year)

Daily News Leader, Saturday, February 18, 1939

Program from Senior Dance 1959

Martha Lee Doughty (graduate 1915)

     Beyond the Mist

     Shore Sketches

     In God’s Presence



Debate Team, Pi Kappa Delta (1920s)

David Dey (from Jessie Dey, Class of 1904)

     Special Order, “by command of Gen’l Lee”, July 21, 1862 signed by Maj. John Ambler

     Affidavit from Confederate States Armory, Richmond, VA, Nov. 17, 1864

     Special Orders, Dec. 24, 1864, signed by Lt. Gen. R.S. Ewell

     Parole Certificate, April 29, 1865, signed by Lt. Col. 1st Maine Veteran Volunteers

     Appointment of David Dey as 2nd Lt., by command of Sec. of War, CSA, May 9, 1864

     Other Certificates and receipts dated 1865

Diploma, Rose Baskerville Dickerson, 1911

Helen Draper, Christmas card to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffers, sent from Paris, France 1929

Student Office Election Ballots, 1955

Prospectus of the Farmville Coal and Iron Company, 1891 (copy)

Farmville Herald, article, July 2, 1909

Farmville Herald, articles, August 4, 1922 and January 17, 1930

   Box 2 of 9

Farmville Leader, August 9, 1922

(7) folders concerning 1934, 50th Anniversary of school

Fine Arts Festival, programs and information (1926, 27, 58, 59, 60)

The Focus, Vol. 1 NUMBER 9, Jan. 1912

Folk-Song Recital by George Harris, 1932

(3) Folk songs and rhymes

Article re: Forensic Tournament (date unknown)

Freshman Girls, photograph, b & w, 1947

Founders Day 1927, 60, 72 programs

            Also 5 photographic negatives, 29 photographs, b & w, date unknown

Gamma Kappa Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, Initiation and Installation, 1959

Garden Club of Longwood College, Spring Flower Show 1950, program

George Peabody College for Teachers, Program Honoring Alexander McMurray

Meet the Greeks, booklet, 1969-70

   Box 3 of 9

Alpha Kappa Gamma, stationery

Alpha Kappa Gamma, Joan Circle Report, November 1959

Alpha Kappa Gamma, convention schedules, 1958

Alpha Kappa Gamma, correspondence on early conventions (1930s)

Alpha Kappa Gamma, 25th Anniversary

Alpha Kappa Gamma and Lychnos Society

(2) folders re: Honor’s Papers

Symposium Honoring the Contributions of Dr. Jarman, program

Jarman Auditorium, ground-breaking (1949 or 50)

(2) folders: Articles re: Dr. Jarman

Rotunda Articles re: Dr. Jarman and (2) photographs of Dr. Jarman, b & w

(3) folders with misc. information re: Dr. Jarman

Dr. Dabney Lancaster, misc. information, and (3) photographs, b & w

Dr. Lancaster, correspondence

Dr. Landrum

Dr. Lankford, inauguration

Letter from Infirmary 1921, Price List

Excerpt from G.W. Jeffers letters of Longwood history 1955

Hattie Lindsay, Reports on Grades, 1873, 1874, 1876

History of the Class of 1957, Jeanne Saunders

Summer Calendar of Events 1958, 59 and Summer Comment Program 1960

Longwood History 1 of 4

Picture postcards showing damage from fire on South Wing, White Hall, 1923

            Account of 1923 fire at White Hall, 1949

            Longwood College logo

            Conservatory of Music pamphlet, 1919/20

            State Teacher’s College, catalog request mailing

            Application for Admission, 1920s

            Application for Room in Dorms 1926

            Alma Mater Sheet Music

Longwood History 2 of 4

            Picture postcards of Longwood

            North View of Main Building 1902

            Panoramic Picture of State Teachers College

            Photograph (b&w) of Longwood College Historical Marker

            Photograph (b&w) of William Neff at dedication of Jarman Hall

            Photograph (b&w) of Lancaster, John Stewart Battle, and Blake T. Newton

Longwood History 3 of 4

            Drawing of Ruffner Hall, 1958

            Etching of Ruffner Hall

            State Normal School Catalog and Circular, First Session 1884-85

            Letter from Ruth J. Staton of Roanoke concerning donation of above mentioned catalog.

            Mary Watkins reply to above listed letter.

            Panoramic picture postcard of State Female Normal School

Longwood History 4 of 4

            Aerial Photographs of Campus 1960

            Historical Sketch of Longwood by Kappa Delta Pi

State Teachers College 1935, booklet

Maddox, William A.

Marriage Licenses 1851-1862, Washington County

May Day Program 1927, 58, and 60

   Box 4 of 9

Dr. Peter Mettaver, clipping from HSC

Miscellaneous, organizations

Miscellaneous, Joan of Arc Equestrian Statue

Mu Omega Sorority, The Circle 1946-47

Longwood Student field trips to Museums 1 of 2

            Correspondence (Mostly Jarman and Derr)

Longwood Student Field Trips to Museums 2 of 2

            Correspondence Lancaster

            Correspondence Jeffers

            2 b&w Photographs, Mr. and Mrs. Derr, 4-H Club

Miscellaneous, Miss Stubbs

            Biography of Miss Stubbs


            3 Song Books


            Junior Festival of Music, Southside, VA

(2) folders, Music

            Festival Programs, Petersburg, VA 1884-1890


            Programs of Longwood

Band and Orchestra Clinic 1950

Correspondence 1920s and 30s, Mostly re: Joan of Arc Statue

Phi Gamma Mu, Correspondence, 1950s, 60s, 70s

University of Virginia, newsletters, 1940s

Copy of Peter Johnston’s Last Will and Testament, 1786

New Student Orientation, Program, 1969

Re: Hampden Sydney Pantie Raid 1953             

Copy of French passport 1818, A. Preot (original in LU-171, Arnaud Preot Collection)

Rotunda article on William A. Noble, also picture of Jarman, picture of Jennie Tabb, and picture of T.A. McCorkle

Physical Education photographs:  Hockey and Basketball

Pi Gamma Mu, Ideal, and Rotunda 1929

(2) folders: Pi Gamma Mu, Constitution and Bylaws

   Box 5 of 9

Pi Gamma Mu, Items for Meetings

Pi Gamma Mu, Membership, certificates and membership cards

Pi Gamma Mu, Membership, desire to pledge cards

Pi Gamma Mu, Membership (introductory copy of Les Sciences Sociale)

Pi Gamma Mu, membership lists

Pi Gamma Mu, newsletters

Pi Gamma Mu, ritual books

Pi Gamma Mu, ritual items

Pi Gamma Mu, scholarships

Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary’s Book - 1927-31

Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary’s Book - 1967-77

Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary’s Book - 1956-57 and 1945-53

Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary’s Book - 1932-35

Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary’s Book - 1957-60

Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary’s Book - 1935-38

   Box 6 of 9

Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary’s Notes - undated

Pi Gamma Mu, Treasurer’s Book – 1962-67

Pi Gamma Mu, Treasurer’s Book – 1935-53

Pi Gamma Mu, Treasurer’s Book – 1929-1935

Pi Gamma Mu, Expenditures, 1962-79

Longwood, speech and theatre production programs

“Publicity Letters”

            Leola Wheeler, notebook, Student Activities Committee, and correspondence re: SAC

Publicity Releases, undated (1940s-50s?)

Report Cards

            Almer Ames, Onley High School, 1915-1916

            Ethel Finnley, Onley High School, 1916-1917

Rockford College

The Rotunda

(5) folders, writings by Dr. Marvin Schlegel

75th Anniversary, Founder’s Day, highlights

The Tributum, 1942, National Journal of Sigma Pi Rho

Dr. Francis Simkins, newspaper articles and (3) b&w photographs

Dr. Simonini, newspaper articles

Institute of Southern Culture 1958-1960

State Female Normal School, 1897-98, handbook

   Box 7 of 9

State Female Normal School, 1903-04, handbook

State Female Normal School, 1904-05, handbook

C.W. Stone, newspaper article

Mary Frederick Stone, magazine, ***unreadable

Student Letters, 1958 and 1962

Student Standards Constitution

Jennie Masters Tabb, writings, newspaper clippings, carte de visite 1893, and correspondence

“75 Years of Teacher Education,” Program, LWC 1959

Test given by faculty (1959, His 221, given by Thomas Bailey)

Thackson, Dr. William W.H.

Training School 1919-1924

Undated Letter (approx. 1900, praising Farmville Female College)

United Nations

Letters from John Ware, 1st child enrolled in practice school

Lottie West, notes on biblical history

Pauline Williamson, letter of recommendation

Lulu Gaines Winston, 1933, poem in Sunday School Times

Letter to Dr. Wynne, Head of Dept. of Ed., 1934

Y.W.C.A. – My STC Diary 1943

   Box 8 of 9

1927/1928 – 1945/1946

By-laws and Constitution

Index Cards

Treasury Expenditures (bank books, receipts, bank statements)




Safety Pins

Note from Dr. Hall- Undated

   Box 9 of 9

Pi Gamma Mu scrapbook, 1927-1946 (scan)


Located in Binder 1

001.001 – Pat Altwegg, Class of 1954*

001.002 – Betty Price Rex while a student at Farmville Female*

001.003 – Dr. J.L. Buchanan*

001.004 – Class Day Exercises, 1924 (1 of 4)*

001.005 – Class Day Exercises, 1924 (2 of 4)*

001.006 – Class Day Exercises, 1924 (3 of 4)*

001.007 – Class Day Exercises, 1924 (4 of 4)*

001.008 – Freshman Girls, 1947*

001.009 – Dr. Lankford, Founders Day, ca. 1950s (3 copies)*

001.010 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, Punch Bowl at reception (3 copies)*

001.011 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, Couple in front of fireplace (2 copies)*

001.012 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, 3 women on couch (2 copies)*

001.013 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, processional (2 copies)*

001.014 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, processional (2)*

001.015 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, processional (3)

001.016 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, receiving line at party (2 copies)

001.017 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, students working*

001.018 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, alumna sitting on couch*

001.019 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, speaker

001.020 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, woman in cap and gown speaking

001.021 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, women at podium

001.022 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, Dr. Lankford presenting award

001.023 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, women in audience, man dancing

001.024 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, women sitting around table

001.025 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, display (1)

001.026 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, display (2)

001.027 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, display (3)

001.028 – Founders Day, ca. 1950s, display (4)

001.029 – Jarman Auditorium Groundbreaking*

001.030 – Dr. Jarman, portrait (unknown year)*

001.031 – Dr. Lancaster, radio address*

001.032 – Dr. Lancaster and family (1)*

001.033 – Dr. Lancaster and family (2)*

001.034 – William Neff at Jarman Auditorium Ceremony*

001.035 – Dedication of Jarman Hall*

001.036 – Aerial View of Campus (1960) (1 of 2)*

001.037 – Aerial View of Campus (1960) (2 of 2)*

001.038 – Varsity Basketball Team, 1949-1950*

001.039 – Physical Fitness Class (French Hall Gymnasium)*

001.040 – Field Hockey Game*

001.041 – Decorating Bicycles (2 copies)*

001.042 – Training School Students, late 1800s-early 1900s (1 of 2)*

001.043 – Training School Students, late 1800s-early 1900s (2 of 2)*

001.044 – May Day Celebration, ca. early 1900s*

001.045 – Manny Fanny Littleton (Mrs. Kline), 1900*

001.046 – Annie Shraver, 1905*

001.047 – Pauline Williamson, unknown year*

001.048 – Dr. Francis Butler Simkins, 1941*

001.049 – Dr. Simkins seated at his desk, unknown year*

001.050 – Dr. Simkins in his office, unknown year

001.051 – Jennie M. Tabb, 1893*

001.052 – Picture postcard of White House ruins after fire, November 17, 1923 (1 of 2)

001.053 – Picture postcard of White House ruins after fire, November 17, 1923 (2 of 2)

001.054 – The Rotunda, picture postcard

001.055 – Lancaster Library, picture postcard

001.056 – State Normal School (view of campus from High St.)

001.057 – Aerial sketch of State Teachers College, postcard

001.058 – Ruffner Hall, postcard advertisement

001.059 – French Hall, picture postcard

001.060 – Jarman Hall, picture postcard

001.061 – Ruffner Hall and Colonnades, large panoramic postcard

001.062 – Dr. Jarman and small child, unknown year

001.063 – negative, Dr. Lankford and Dr. Lancaster in front of fireplace

*photo has been digitized.

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