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Find Articles

Articles from journals will likely comprise a lot of your research since they are often timely and focused. This page will show you how to find refine your search for articles. You can find journal articles within library databases on the Database & Resources A-Z list, or if you are looking for a specific journal title, you can try our Journal Search

What's that 'Find It' Button?

If you come across a Find It button, that means the full-text is not available through your current database. Click the button to see if it is available in another database or in print. 

If the article you want is NOT available, you can still request it through Interlibrary Loan!

          How to Refine Your Search

          Try using something called "boolean logic," words that connect your keywords to refine your results. Demonstrated in the graphic below, "AND" narrows your search results to include resources that feature both keywords; "OR" broadens your search to include resources that mention either keyword; and "NOT" narrows your results to include only the first keyword while excluding the second. 

          Boolean logic