Research @ Longwood: Build a Thesis

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Build / Narrow Your Thesis

Okay, now that you've done your preliminary background research, you will need to refine your topic into a thesis.

Thesis Statements

A thesis statement focuses and announces the argument.

Thesis statements act as an anchor early in the paper to help understand the points made throughout.

Thesis statements are dynamic. The exact words for the thesis statement are not finalized until the paper is nearly complete.

After reading the thesis statement, the reader should have a clear understanding of the goals of the paper and continue to see the arguments made throughout the entire paper.

Formulate a Thesis

1) Decide your position on the issue that you have researched.

2) Formulate your thesis around the position you've taken.

3) Qualify your position by explaining it with circumstances or restrictions.

4) Include reasons that will support the plausibility of your thesis.

    Thesis Styles

    Analytical - Breaks down an issue into component parts, evaluates the issue, and presents this analysis to the audience.

    Expository - Explains something to the audience.

    Argumentative - Makes a claim, and justifies the claim with evidence. The aim is to convince the audience the claim is true.

    Thesis Statements

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