Citation Help 2.0: Author Date

Most Common Chicago Citations


Bibliography: Lastname, Firstname. Year. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher.

example: Wilbur, Richard. 1963. The Poems of Richard Wilbur. New York: Harcourt, Brace, & World.

In-text citation: (Lastname Year, pp)

example: (Wilbur 1963, 18)

Journal article (from a library database)

Bibliography: Lastname, Firstname and Firstname Lastname. Year. "Article Title."Journal Title vol# (no. #): p-p. doi: 10.21222/10111

example: Wright, Carlton Leroy, and Christine Gangelhoff. 2013. "Cultural Identity in Bahamian Art Music: The Expression of Four Bahamian Composers." International Journal Of Bahamian Studies 19 (2): 70-79. doi: 10.15362/ijbs.v19i2.189.

In-text citation: (Lastname Year, pp)

example: (Wright and Gangelhoff 2013, 71-72)


Website citations can often be made simply by mentioning the site in the text of a paper (According to the American Cancer Society's website...) and including a corresponding note. If a full bibliographic citation is needed, use the format below.

Bibliography: Lastname, Firstname/Organization name. Year. "Title of Website." Last modified/Access date. URL.

example:  American Cancer Society. 2015. "Cancer Screening Guidelines." Last modified October 20.

In-text citation: (Lastname/Organization Year)

example: (American Cancer Society 2015)