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Nursing practice encompasses a wide range of knowledge that can include pharmacology, social services, psychology and behavioral sciences, management, and a host of other subject areas. Tips on accessing professional journals and library databases are provided on this page.

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Keyword Search

  • Don't enter the search as a complete sentence.
  • Type just the individual words that describe the concept you are looking for. 
  • Use Boolean logic (AND/OR/NOT) to combine keywords.
  • Use synonyms to find more articles.
    • Teenager, Adolescent, Adolescence, Youth
    • Man, Male, Masculine
    • Heart, Cardiac
    • Sports injuries, Baseball injury, Basketball injury, etc.

Use Available Database Limiters 

  • Click the box for Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed).
  • Select a date range.
  • Browse the other search options/tools to specialize your search.

Database Demonstration: CINAHL with Full Text

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