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Paulett Family Business Records

Biographical Information

The Paulett Family has a long history associated with business in Farmville, Virginia. Richard Singleton Paulett, born in Charlotte County in 1820, came to Farmville in 1842. He was a commission merchant, establishing a partnership with John Thackston and W.P. Elam, which later operated as R.S. Paulett and Company, Paulett and Carroll, Hilliard, Hill and Company, Warren, Paulett, and Company, and then as Paulett, Son, and Company (which he operated with his son, Richard H. Paulett, who later formed a hardware firm with Charles F. Bugg). Richard S. Paulett was also involved in the tobacco business. His tobacco company, R.S. Paulett & Son (which he operated with his son Samuel Whitfield Paulett) was one of the largest exporters of tobacco in the state, shipping primarily to England and Norway. After the death of H.E. Warren, the first President of Planters Bank, R.S. Paulett was named his successor, and remained in that position until his death in 1902. Samuel W. Paulett, who later opened Paulett Crockery Company, was a veteran of the Confederate Army, having enlisted when he was 15 years old. S.W. Paulett was also a member of the Farmville District School Board from 1886 to 1920, and was Farmville’s mayor from 1916 to 1920.


This collection was donated to the Farmville-Prince Edward County Historical Society by Thelma Mottley in the early 2000s.

Scope and Content

This collection, which dates from 1877 to 1929, represents the business records of Richard Singleton Paulett, Paulett, Son, & Company, S.W. Paulett, R.H. Paulett, H.A. Paulett, H.C. Paulett, E.L. Paulett, and Paulett and Bugg. These records include property deeds, deeds of trust, stock certificates, contracts, and correspondence.


This collection consists of .65 linear feet contained in (1) legal-sized Hollinger box.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Contents of the Collection

       Box 1 of 1:

Deed, property transfer, M.J. McGlasson to James T. Gray and Richard S. Paulett, 1870 (Lots No. 8, 9, 10, & 11, Randolph Survey) (scan)

Cancelled checks, R.S. Paulett, 1890-1897

Deed of trust, R.S. Paulett and R.M. Flippen, 1894 (scan)

Deed, property transfer, H.E. Wall to R.S. Paulett, 1894 (Lot No. 10, Randolph Survey) (scan)

Rental agreement between R.S. Paulett and H.C. Campbell, 1895 (scan)

Account statement and bonds, Jack Bell with R.S. Paulett, 1895-1900

Agreement between J.B. Wall and R.S. Paulett, 1895 (re: the construction of a skylight and the use of a shared hallway) (scan)

Rental agreement between R.S. Paulett, J.P. Fitzgerald and Emma Stuart, 1896-1897 (scan #1) (scan #2)

Deed, property transfer, Caleb Baldwin to R.S., R.H. & H.C. Paulett, 1897 (property near Prospect Depot)

Deed of trust, R.S. Paulett and G.H. Richardson, 1898

Deed, property transfer, W.C. Trent to R.S. Paulett, 1900 (also includes correspondence re: property value) (property in Buckingham County)

Deed, property transfer, William Smith & R.S. Paulett to Emmett Richardson, 1900 (Cumberland County, estate of Richard J. Phillips) (scan)

Correspondence, M.B. Blanton to R.S. Paulett, 1900 (re: debt)

Rental agreement between R.S. Paulett, J.P. Fitzgerald and Henry Harris, 1901-1902

Rental agreement between R.S. Paulett, J.P. Fitzgerald and E.D. Elliott, 1902

Flyer advertising land being sold by the estate of R.S. Paulett, ca. 1903

S.W. Paulett, stock certificate, Oxford Land, Improvement, and Manufacturing Co., 1871

Deed of trust, R.S. and S.W. Paulett and Prince Edward Building Fund, 1879 (scan #1) (scan #2)

S.W. Paulett, receipts, property tax, Farmville and Prince Edward County, 1880-1887

Deed, property transfer, J.C. Birdsong to S.W. Paulett, 1883 (scan #1) (scan #2)

Re: purchase of house and lot (part of lot #113) by S.W. Paulett and H.C. Paulett, 1886 (scan)

Deed, property transfer, John W. White to Samuel W. Paulett, 1887 (property on Grace and Grove Streets) (scan)

Deed, property transfer, S.W. Paulett to Farmville and Powhatan Railroad, 1888 (right of way for railroad to cross land belonging to Paulett) (scan)

S.W. Paulett, re: property taxes (properties outside Prince Edward County), 1891-1927

Deed of trust, F.C. Anderson and H.A. Wilbourne, 1877

S.W. Paulett and R.S. Paulett, stock certificates, Mutual Annuity Co., 1892

Deeds of trust, S.W. Paulett and M.B. Blanton, 1893-1896

Correspondence, Edw. S. Dean, Nottoway County Clerk, to S.W. Paulett, 1899

Abstract of title, land conveyed by Creed Davis, 1902 (property near Burkeville, Nottoway County)

Correspondence, S.W. Paulett to H.A. Wilbourne, 1902 (re: offer to purchase land)

Correspondence, W.E. Seymour to H.A. Wilbourne, 1906 (re: rent on farm owned by S.W. Paulett)

Deed of trust, S.W. Paulett and H.A. Wilbourne, 1906

Correspondence between A.W. Cornick and S.W. Paulett, 1906

Deed, property transfer, H.E. Barrow to S.W. Paulett, 1906 (Lot No. 41, Randolph Survey) (scan)

Deed, property transfer, B.S. Hooper and wife to H.E. Wall, 1883 (Lot No. 41, Randolph Survey) (extremely fragile/damaged) (scan)

Deed, property transfer, H.E. Wall to H.E. Barrow, 1889 (Lot No. 41, Randolph Survey) (extremely fragile/damaged) (scan)

Deed, property transfer, S.W. Paulett to J.M. Crute, 1913 (Lot No. 41, Randolph Survey) (scan)

Correspondence, Harry E. Rupprecht to H.A. Wilbourne, 1907 (re: quality of granite from Paulett quarry)

Re: rental of Granite Castle Farm, Burkeville, Virginia, 1909

Letter of introduction, H.A. Wilbourne as agent for S.W. Paulett, 1909

Correspondence, American Life Insurance Co. to S.W. Paulett, 1912

Farmville Building & Trust Co., S.W. Paulett, account book and stock certificate, 1912

S.W. Paulett, correspondence & contracts, re: quarry in Buckingham County, 1913

Deed, property transfer, Elizabeth Daniel to S.W. Paulett, 1917 (Lot No. 93, Randolph Survey) (scan)

Cancelled checks, S.W. Paulett, 1917-1918

Correspondence, S.W. Paulett to H.E. Horner, 1918

Correspondence, L.M. Williams, Tidewater & Western Railroad, to S.W. Paulett, 1920

Deed, property transfer, J.M. Crute to S.W. Paulett, 1923 (property bounded by Elm and Main Streets) (scan)

S.W. Paulett, receipt from Prince Edward County Clerk’s office, 1923

Correspondence, A.D. Lloyd to S.W. Paulett, 1928-1929 (re: Texas oil wells)

H.A. Wilbourne, last will and testament, undated (partial, page[s] missing)

Deed of trust, Paulett, Son, & Co. and S.O. Smith, 1886

Deed of trust, Paulett, Son, & Co. and Charles and Mary Brown, 1892

Re: the debt owed Paulett, Son, & Co. by S.O. Smith and Josiah Brightwell, 1892-1901

Re: the debt owed Paulett, Son, & Co., by A.W. Ligon, S.P. Ligon, and S.E. McGehee, 1892-1903

Bond statement, George W. Elam with Paulett, Son, & Co., 1892-1900

Purchase agreement for livestock, Paulett, Son, & Co. and M.B. Blanton, 1893

Deeds of trust, Paulett, Son, & Co. and S.B. Powers, 1893-1895

Cancelled checks, Paulett, Son, & Co., 1893-1904

Deed of trust, Paulett, Son, & Co. and W.L. Guthrie and W.C. Guthrie, 1894

Deed of trust, Paulett, Son, & Co. and W.M. Addleman, 1895

Deed of trust, Paulett, Son, & Co. and Pamelia C. West, 1895-1899

Bonds owned by Paulett, Son, & Co. turned over for collection, 1895-1902

Deeds of trust, Paulett, Son, & Co. and George Harris, 1895-1907

Paulett, Son, & Co., sharecropping contracts with Letcher Booker, Thomas Vaughan, & Allen McDougald, 1896-1901 (scan #1) (scan #2) (scan #3) (scan #4) (scan #5) (scan #6) (scan #7) (scan #8)

Paulett, Son, & Co., purchase agreement for livestock, account detail, and sharecropping contract with Welden Trent and Wilson Trent, 1897-1900

Paulett, Son, & Co., sharecropping contract with Isaiah Taylor, 1898

Dr. W.A. Kearney, statement of bonds owed Paulett, Son, & Co., 1898-1899

Paulett, Son, & Co., purchase agreement with W.G. Carter, 1899

H.S. Carter, Rambler bicycle payment stub, 1900 (bought at Paulett, Son, & Co.)

Deed, property transfer, Emmet Richardson to Paulett, Son, & Co., 1900 (property in Cumberland County) (scan)

Paulett, Son, & Co., sharecropping contract with George L. Kyle, 1901 (scan)

Paulett, Son, & Co., sharecropping contract with Sylvester Meador, 1901 (scan)

Paulett, Son, & Co., list of bonds, etc., not inventoried/considered lost, undated

Paulett, Son, & Co., miscellaneous accounting, undated

Correspondence between R.H. Paulett and L.O. Haden, Fluvanna & James River Telephone Company, 1905

Rental agreements between R.H. Paulett and W.G. Dunnington for brick and iron factories, 1906, 1909

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