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Harwood Family Collection

Information about the Collection

The Harwood family have long-standing ties to the history of Farmville and Prince Edward County, Virginia. The family has been involved in the insurance business in Farmville for over 150 years. Genealogically related families, including the Warren, Booth, Walker, Martin, and Crute families, were involved in the tobacco business and real estate in Farmville, Virginia.


These materials, assembled over the generations by members of the Harwood family and related families, were donated to the Farmville-Prince Edward County Historical Society in April 2021.

Scope and Content

This collection, which dates from 1806 to 1983, consists of property deeds, correspondence, wills, photographs, and genealogical materials.


This collection consists of .65 linear feet contained in (1) legal-sized Hollinger box and (1) archival photograph binder.


The materials in this collection are organized first by surname and then chronologically within those designations.

There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Contents of the Collection

   Box 1 of 1:

H.E. Warren and Thomas M. Noble, articles of agreement, 1858 (re: dry goods store partnership)

H.E. Warren, account at Noble & Womack, March 1859 to July 1859

H.E. Warren, bonds (and receipts) issued by Prince Edward County, 1861-1864

Correspondence, Aaron Wilbur, Office Southern Insurance Company to H.E. Warren, December 26, 1863 (re: blockade running)

Cancelled checks, H.E. Warren on behalf of Martha Wiltse, 1863-1864

Promissory note, P.W. McKinney and others to H.E. Warren, 1870

Deed, property transfer, Hickson Estate to H.E. Warren, 1871 (re: portion of Lot 36, Randolph Survey)

Promissory note, C.R. Morton to H.E. Warren, 1874

H.E. Warren, last will and testament, 1878

Deed, property transfer, H.E. Warren estate to C.M. Walker and L.A. Warren, 1881 (607 acres, Cumberland County)

Deed, property transfer, Mahala Warren, et. al. to Mattie C. Warren, et. al., 1886 (copy) (re: lots 42 & 8)

Circuit Court, Bath County, Virginia, Dickenson and Parrish v. L.A. Warren, final decree, 1915

Correspondence, unknown to “Dear Sister,” undated. (Large portion of second page, including signature is missing. Likely Littleton Warren who was Quartermaster Sergeant with the 18th Virginia Infantry. “Dear Sister” is likely Ella Warren). *Letter is very fragile with portions held together with tape.

Correspondence, R.E. Warren to unknown, undated.

Correspondence, unknown to Ella ______, 1876 (likely Ella E. [Warren] Walker)

Cancelled checks, C.M. Walker, 1878-1879

Deed, property transfer, Prince Edward County Building Fund to C.M. Walker, 1880 (re: Lot 29, Venable Survey)

Cancelled checks, C.M. Walker, 1880-1889

Deed, property transfer, W.R. Berkeley to W.G. Dunnington and C.M. Walker, 1885 (re: 1/3 interest in Randolph Warehouse)

Deed, property transfer, John R. Wilson to C.M. Walker, 1888

Cancelled checks, C.M. Walker, 1890-1899

Col. C.M. Walker, commission certificate, signed by Governor P.W. McKinney, 1890

Deed, property transfer, T.H. Dickinson to C.M. Walker, 1896 (portion of deed is missing)

Cancelled checks, C.M. Walker, 1900-1904

Correspondence, R.L. VanDeventer to Mrs. C.M. (Ella) Walker, 1905

Warren Walker, profit and loss statement, 1924

C.M. Walker and Ella Walker, taxes assessed, undated

Ella E. Walker, Daughters of the Confederacy application, undated

Correspondence, E. Lee Trinkle to Mary Booth Walker, undated

Mary Scott Martin, report cards, 1922-23, 1923-24

Correspondence, W.W. Robertson to Edwin Scott Martin, 1925

Correspondence, Anne M. Woods to Edwin Scott Martin, 1927

Correspondence, Mary Lee Wooten to Edwin Scott Martin, 1930

Correspondence, Julia Tyler Wilson to Mary Booth Martin, 1931

Correspondence, Bob Cutler to Mary Walker Martin, 1934

Correspondence, Carrie S. Spencer to Mary Walker Martin, 1934

Correspondence, Mary Scott Martin to Edwin Scott Martin, undated

Postcard, Mary Scott Martin to Mary Walker Martin, undated

Martin Family Genealogy

Thank-you card, Preston Lancaster to John Harwood, 1939

Susan Harwood, report cards, 1947-48, 1950-51, 1951-52

Anniversary card, John Harwood to Mary Scott Harwood, 1955

Scott Martin Harwood, newspaper carrier permit, 1956

Scott Harwood, Camp Virginia, report, undated

Kimberly Booth Harwood, kinship chart

Scott Martin Harwood, kinship chart

Harwood Family Genealogy

Edward Wiltse, account with Barksdale and Company, 1848

Farmville Female Seminary, account detail and receipts for payment, _____ Wiltse, 1948-1851, signed by J.B. Tinsley (likely Charlotte Wiltse)

Wiltse Family, account with Dr. J.T. Spencer, 1848 to 1851

Postal cover, addressed to F.N. Watkins, Esq., Farmville, ca. 1850 (reverse includes note regarding the estate of Edward Wiltse)

Cancelled check, Mary Wiltse, 185_ (last number of date is not legible)

Martha Wiltse, guardian of Julia Wiltse, account with J. Overly and with Davis J. Meredith, 1861-1862

American Legion, Jack Garland Post No. 32, resolution in favor of Farmville hospital, 1925

Correspondence between Frank M. Wray, American Legion Department Commander and Dr. Charles Crute, Commander, Post No. 32, 1925

Daughters of the American Revolution, application, Bessie Martin Crute, 1925

Elizabeth Crute Goode, insurance policy, 1951-1952

Elizabeth Crute Goode, last will and testament, 1983

Crute Family Genealogy

Deed, property transfer, James and Rachel Robertson to John Thompson, 1806 (copy) (Campbell County)

Deed, property transfer, Robert Morton and James W. Dunnington to Henry B. Scott and Patrick Jackson, 1840 (property on Main Street, Farmville)

Deed, property transfer, James Strain to Charles Hopkins, 1856 (Rockbridge County)

Deed, property transfer, Thomas Morgan and John Wilson to Charles Hopkins and Thomas Kincaid, 1859 (Bath County, Virginia)

Correspondence, A.C.B. to unknown, December 7, 1862

Contract between descendants of David Booth regarding land in West Virginia, 1902

Nash family descendants in regards to Daughters of the American Revolution membership, undated

“The DAR Consider National Defense,” by Mrs. Geoffrey Creyke, undated

Scott Family Genealogy

Wedding guest list, undated

Christmas card from “Bobbie Bubbles,” undated

Christmas card with attached miniature 1925 calendar

Recipe, Chocolate Deluxe Peppermint Pie


Located in Binder HS-1:

022.001 – carte de visite, 4.25”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified young girl holding basket of flowers. Inscribed on reverse: “3 yrs. old.”

022.002 – carte de visite, 3.75”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified baby.

022.003 – photograph, 3.5”x3.5”, b&w, undated. Family photo, ca. late 1800s.

022.004 – photograph, 2.75”x2”, b&w, undated. Unidentified woman holding parasol.

022.005 – photograph, 3.5”x3.25”, b&w, undated. Unidentified man on horse.

022.006 – photograph, 4.25”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified young girl sitting on dog statue.

022.007 – carte de visite, 4.25”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Toddler seated on chair, young child crouching near chair. Inscribed on reverse: “Walter N. Walker, 2 yrs. Given me Jan. 188_.” (last number in date is illegible)

022.008 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified young girl. (photo cut into oval shape)

022.009 – carte de visite, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified young girl. Inscribed on reverse: “9 yrs. old.”

022.010 – photograph, 5.5”x3.75”, b&w, undated. Unidentified woman wearing fur scarf, fur muff, and large feathered hat.

022.011 – photograph, 6”x3.75”, color, undated. Unidentified woman standing behind bush. (photo has large crease down length of photo)

022.012 – photograph, 3.5”x5”, color, 1966. Unidentified man holding unidentified baby. Inscribed on reverse: “6 weeks old Aug. 4, 1966.”

022.013 – photograph, 3.5”x5”, color, 1966. Unidentified woman holding unidentified baby. Inscribed on reverse: “Aug. 5, 1966. 6 weeks.”

022.014 – photograph, 3.5”x5”, color, undated. Unidentified woman holding unidentified baby. Inscribed on reverse: “1 ½ weeks.”

022.015 – photograph, 7”x9.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified large group of men and boys. Ca. 1930s.

022.016 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Susan Harwood.

022.017 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Baby. Inscribed on reverse: “John Carlton Harwood, 10 mos.”

022.018 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, color, undated. Unidentified baby.

022.019 – photograph, 3.25”x3.25”, b&w, undated. Unidentified woman holding unidentified baby.

022.020 – photograph, 2.75”x2.75”, b&w, undated. Toddler sitting in front of fireplace. Inscribed on front: “Jimmy.”

022.021 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified boy.

022.022 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified young man.

022.023 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified baby in stroller.

022.024 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified child.

022.025 – photograph, 2.25”x1.5”, color, undated. Unidentified young girl.

022.026 – photograph, 2.25”x1.5”, color, undated. Unidentified young girl.

022.027 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified young boy.

022.028 – photograph, 3.75”x3.75”, b&w, undated. Two unidentified babies.

022.029 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Unidentified boy wearing military school uniform. Likely John Harwood.

022.030 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, b&w, undated. Susan and Jimmy Paul and children.

022.031 – photograph, 3.5”x2.5”, color, 1970. Shelly and Elizabeth Paul. Inscribed on reverse: “Shelly and Elizabeth, Xmas 1970.”

022.032 – photograph, 3.5”x3”, b&w, undated. Unidentified African-American man wearing white coat, holding a tray.

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