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Geraldine Ackiss Photograph Collection

Biographical Information
Geraldine Ackiss, from Newport News, Virginia, attended [then] State Teachers College from 1938 to 1942 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. While at the school, Ackiss was involved in several organizations, including Pi Kappa Sigma, the Athletic Association, YWCA, and the Association for Childhood Education. Additionally, she served as secretary of the Dramatic Club and social editor of The Rotunda (student newspaper).

It is unknown when, or by what means, this collection was acquired by Longwood University or the Greenwood Library Archives.

Scope and Content
This collection, which dates from 1937 to 1940, consists of 38 photographs of student organizations, individual students, and campus buildings. The majority of the photographs were originally taken for the Virginian (student yearbook).

This collection consists of (26) photographic sleeves housed in an archival photograph binder.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Alternate names: Geraldine Ackiss Coote

                                Geraldine Ackiss Sundquist

* denotes photograph has been digitized.

Contents of the Collection


Located in Binder 15:

196.001 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1937-1938, College Orchestra*

196.002 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1937-1938, H2O Club*

196.003 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1937-1938, Monogram Club*

196.004 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1937-1938, outdoor fireplace at Longwood House*

196.005 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1937-1938, Orchesis (dance group)*

196.006 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1938-1939, A Cappella*

196.007 – photograph, 8”x10”, b&w, 1938-1939, Biology Lab (2 copies)*

196.008 – photograph, 8”x10”, b&w, 1938-1939, Cotillion Club Officers*

196.009 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1938-1939, Gamma Psi (2 copies)*

196.010 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1938-1939, girls with same names*

196.011 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1938-1939, Home Ec. Club*

196.012 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, 1938-1939, H2O Club*

196.013 – photograph, 8”x10”, b&w, 1938-1939, Orchesis (dance group)*

196.014 – photograph, 8”x10”, b&w, 1938-1939, Student Council*

196.015 – photograph, 4.5”x3.75”, b&w, 1938, Virginia Rudd and Mary Deans*

196.016 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, undated (appears in 1940 Virginian), Athletic Association*

196.017 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, undated, Cotillion Club Officers*

196.018 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, undated (appears in 1940 Virginian), Debate Club*

196.019 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, undated (appears in 1939 Virginian), Freshman Commission*

196.020 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, undated (appears in 1937 Virginian), H2O Club*

196.021 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, undated (appears in 1940 Virginian), Kappa Delta Pi*

196.022 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, undated (appears in 1940 Virginian), Pi Gamma Mu (2 copies)*

196.023 – photograph, 5”x7”, b&w, undated (appears in 1940 Virginian), Senior A Cappella*

196.024 – photograph, 3.75”x2.75”, b&w, undated, 3 unidentified women*

196.025 – photograph, 3.75”x2.75”, b&w, undated, 3 unidentified women*

196.026 – photograph, 3.75”x2.75”, b&w, undated, 5 unidentified women*

196.027 – photograph, 3.75”x2.75”, b&w, undated, Jane Engleby and Graham Haynie*

196.028 – photograph, 2.5”x3.5”, b&w, undated, training school students and teachers on front step of Hiner Hall*

196.029 – photograph, 4”x6”, b&w, undated, Betty Lucy sitting on roof*

196.030 – photograph, 5”x3.25”, b&w, undated, Norma Wood and Harriette Scott playing in snow*

196.031 – photograph, 5”x3.25”, b&w, undated, Nancy Wolfe, Anne Easley, and Hubby playing in snow*

196.032 – photograph, 6”x4”, b&w, 1940, Virginia Rudd*

196.033 – photograph, 7”x5”, b&w, undated, French Hall and Tabb Hall

196.034 – photograph, 7”x5”, b&w, undated, clock tower on Lancaster Hall

196.035 – photograph, 7”x5”, b&w, undated, cabin at Longwood House

196.036 – photograph, 10”x8”, b&w, undated, Colonnades and Joanie on the Pony

196.037 – photograph, 10”x8”, b&w, undated, Main Cunningham dormitory

196.038 – photograph, 10”x8”, b&w, undated, Lancaster Hall, main entrance


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