Books to Screen (March)


For March, we want you to read a book that has been adapted to film or TV. No restrictions other than that. Want to read a classic that has been adapted hundreds of times? That works! Want to read a book that has a movie or TV show that’s been put on hold because of COVID-19? If your choice has been delayed because of the pandemic, isn’t that the way of things right now? Read it anyway! Want to read a novelization of a movie or TV show? We’re fine with that! 

Go out and find a book, but if you want some suggestions, check out these titles!  Each section is divided by age group (Adult, Teen, Middle Grades, and Picture). In each section, there are arrow buttons pointing left and right, letting you scrolling through the selections.  Each image of the book cover is a link to a description and more book details from Goodreads.  The Library Availability will give you details of format and availability by library.

Don't forget to share your titles on social media using #southsidereads21

Key for Local Library Availability

  • CVRL - Central Virginia Regional Library
  • LU - Longwood University: Greenwood Library
  • HSC - Hampden-Sydney College: Bortz Library
Services: *LU Overdrive is available for current students, faculty and staff only.

Adult Reads

Teen Reads

Middle Grade Reads

Picture Book Reads Recommendation