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Jean Carruthers Boatwright Correspondence

Biographical Information

Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright was a member of the class of 1886, the second class to graduate from the State Female Normal School after its opening in 1884. After graduation she served twice as State President of the Alumnae Association and was also responsible for organizing the Lynchburg Chapter of Alumnae in 1909.

Two of Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright’s daughters also graduated from the school.

Her eldest daughter, Sallie Jean (Boatwright) Goodman, graduated in 1912 and was the first “granddaughter” to graduate from the institution. The Granddaughters Club was later formed in 1928, its’ members made up of daughters and granddaughters of prior graduates.

Margaret G. (Boatwright) McIntyre was the second daughter of Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright to graduate from the school in 1913.

In 1942, Margaret G. (Boatwright) McIntyre’s daughter, Margaret Amelia (McIntyre) Davis, became the third generation of the family to graduate from the school.


In 1948, Margaret G. (Boatwright) McIntyre donated this collection of correspondence to the school via Mary E. Peck, then professor of history. It is unknown when this collection was transferred to the Greenwood Library Archives.

Scope and Content

The correspondence in this collection dates from 1885-1886 and 1948. The (4) pieces of 19th century correspondence were written by Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright to her parents while she was a student at [then] State Female Normal School. The (2) pieces of correspondence from 1948 were written by Margaret (Boatwright) McIntyre to Mary E. Peck and concern the donation of her mother’s correspondence to the school.

This collection consists of (1) archival flat box.

There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Overall, the condition of the letters is good, with the exception of light foxing in some places, moderate creasing, some slight evidence of insect activity, and repair to (1) letter with scotch tape.

Scanned copies of each letter are available as well as transcriptions thereof.

Contents of Collection

Box 1 of 1:

Folder 1 of 6: Correspondence, Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright to parents, December 24, 1885. (transcript) (scan)

Folder 2 of 6: Correspondence, Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright to parents, February 14, 1886. (transcript) (scan)

Folder 3 of 6: Correspondence, Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright to parents, May 9, 1886. (transcript) (scan)

Folder 4 of 6: Correspondence, Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright to parents, undated (likely 1886). (transcript) (scan)

Folder 5 of 6: Small placard describing Jean (Carruthers) Boatwright correspondence, used in display during Founders Day 1949.

Folder 6 of 6: Correspondence, Margaret (Boatwright) McIntyre to Mary E. Peck, October 27, 1948.

                      Correspondence, Margaret (Boatwright) McIntyre to Mary E. Peck, undated.

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