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Jonnie Hiner Collection

Biographical Information
Jonnie J. Hiner, born in 1897, in Staunton, Virginia, was a member of [then] State Normal School for Women, class of 1917. She was the sixth daughter of Henry and Margaret Hiner to attend the school. While at State Normal School, she was a member of the Pierian Literary Society, D.I.R.K., YWCA, and the Blue Ridge Club. Additionally she served on the staff of The Focus (literary magazine) and on Student Government. In 1922, Jonnie Hiner married longtime boyfriend, Richard M. Hamrick, a funeral director in Staunton.

Jonnie Hiner’s sister, Mary Clay Hiner was a professor of English at the school from 1905 to 1947 and her sister Winnie Victoria Hiner was Clerk to the Business Manager from 1913 to 1923 and then treasurer of the school from 1924 to 1955. Their combined 84 years of service to the school was honored in 1962 when a newly remodeled campus building was named Hiner Hall (now home to College of Business and Economics).

It is unknown when, or by what means, this collection was acquired by Longwood University or the Greenwood Library Archives.

Scope and Content
This collection, which dates from 1912, 1915-1917, and 1922 consists of correspondence, photographs of State Normal School students and faculty, ephemera, and (2) scrapbooks compiled by Jonnie J. Hiner. The majority of the scrapbook content relates to Jonnie Hiner’s time at State Normal School for Women but sections also relate to Hiner family vacations in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

This collection consists of 2.65 linear feet contained in (1) legal-sized Hollinger box, (2) archival flat boxes, and (12) photograph sleeves in an archival photograph binder.


There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Digitized versions of the scrapbooks in this collection are available on the Longwood University Digital Commons:



Contents of the Collection

   Box 1 of 3: Correspondence & Ephemera

Notebook with classmate addresses.

Correspondence from Fred Stockton, 1915-1917.

Correspondence from “Guy,” 1915.

Correspondence from Orville Dean, 1915.

Correspondence form Richard “Dick” Hamrick, 1915-1916.

Correspondence, unknown senders, 1915-1916.

Correspondence from B.D.M, 1916.

Correspondence from C.B. Collyer, 1916.

Correspondence from “Hugh,” 1916.

Correspondence from James N. Van Devanter, Jr., 1916.

Correspondence from Ray “Uncle Hilde” Hildebrand, 1916-1917.

“Round Robin” letters, July to August 1916

          from: Jonnie Hiner, July 7, 1916

                  Mattie Zimmerman, July 16, 1916

                  Gwendolyn Jackson, July 21, 1916

                  Aline Cole, undated

                  Bettie Board, August 2, 1916

                  Julia Holt, undated

                 Clara Greene, August 14, 1916

                 Mary Peele, August 22, 1916

                 Louise Bondurant, August 25, 1916

Correspondence from Thomas Mc.G., 1917.

Correspondence from Tom Hodge, 1917.

Correspondence to Richard “Dick” Hamrick, undated.

Correspondence from Vance McClure, undated.

Notes to Jonnie Hiner while she was in infirmary, undated.

Wedding invitation, Catherine Paxton and Julius Prufer, December 1921.

Correspondence from Winnie Hiner, December 1922.

Telegram from “Bickles” addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hamrick, December 1922.

Correspondence from Richard M. Hamrick, January 1922.

Plymouth Theatre, New York City, souvenir booklet, circa early 1920s.

Republic Theatre, New York City, souvenir booklet, circa early 1920s.

New Amsterdam Theatre, New York City, souvenir booket, circa early 1920s.

New York Hippodrome, souvenir booklet, 1922.


Pink ribbon with small bell, originally tied around honeymoon-related items (now Box 1 of 3, folder 19-25).

(2) sterling silver charm bracelets with small rectangular links engraved with initials, 1915.

Oversize Photographs:

226.012 – photograph mounted on board, undated, 5.75”x7.75”, b&w, woman wearing white dress and large hair bow, reading book. Inscribed on bottom margin: “Sincerely Josephine.”

226.016 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 7.25”x4.25”, Joseph L. Jarman, portrait.

   Box 2 of 3: Scrapbook, 1912-1917

Jonnie Hiner Scrapbook, 1912-1917 (scan)

   Box 3 of 3: Scrapbook, 1915-1917

Jonnie Hiner Scrapbook, 1915-1917 (scan)


Located in Binder 15:

226.001 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 5”x2”, b&w, unidentified woman wearing white blouse.

226.002 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 4”x3”, b&w, unidentified man wearing suit and tie.

226.003 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 5.5”x1.5”, b&w, Catharine ______, wearing white dress, holding large bouquet of flowers. Inscribed on reverse of folder: “Lest you forget. Catharine.”

226.004 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 5.5”x3.5”, b&w, man wearing military uniform. Inscribed along bottom margin of folder: “I wonder why? J.A.W.”

226.005 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 8”x5”, b&w, unidentified woman wearing dress.

226.006 – photograph mounted on board, 1916, 5”x3”, b&w, Charlotte M. Conover. Inscribed on reverse: “With my love to Jonnie. Charlotte M. Conover. June, 1916.”

226.007 – photograph in presentation folder, 1915, 7.5”x3”, b&w, woman wearing white blouse. Inscribed on bottom margin of photograph: “Lest you forget. Hortense.”

226.008 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 4.5”x3.5”, b&w, unidentified woman wearing dark-colored middie blouse.

226.009 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 6.5”x4.5”, b&w, unidentified man wearing suit and tie.

226.010 – photograph in presentation folder, undated, 10”x7”, b&w, unidentified woman wearing dark-colored dress and pearls.

226.011 – photograph in presentation folder, 1915, 6”x4”, b&w, young man wearing military academy uniform. Inscribed on bottom margin: “A.R. Peterson, 1915, S.M.A.”

226.013 – photograph, undated, 8”x4.5”, b&w, unidentified young man wearing suit and tie.

226.014 – photograph, undated, 6”x4”, b&w, woman wearing white dress. Inscribed on reverse: “to Jonnie with love from your “Alaskan” friend Margaret.”

226.015 – photograph, undated, 5”x2”, b&w, unidentified woman.

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