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Information about the Collection
In 1839, the Legislature of Virginia incorporated the Farmville Female Seminary; the school existed as a private institution under several other names including Farmville Female College and Farmville College until 1884. In 1884, the State of Virginia passed legislation to open the state's first Normal School; the citizens of Farmville offered the Female College buildings for this new institution. This partnership led to the opening of the first state run institution of higher learning for women in Virginia named, State Female Normal School. The school underwent several names changes including State Normal School for Women in Farmville, State Teachers College at Farmville, Longwood College and then finally in 2002, the school was formally renamed Longwood University. The early years for the school featured Victorian era education for women with classes in languages and arts popular. After becoming the State Female Normal School the institution specifically focused on training students to become teachers in the state’s new public school system. Then in 1914, under the new name State Normal School for Women the college could officially issue full degrees for the first time. By the time the name was changed in 1949 to Longwood College, the emphasis was still on teacher training, but more liberal arts options were available to students. Graduation or commencement has been an important part of student traditions since the institutions founding, and this collection includes programs, invitations and other related commencement materials.

This collection of materials has been collected by both the University Archivist, from various departments, and Alumni, to create a collection of commencement materials.

Scope and Content
The items in this collection date from 1863 to 2019 and include mainly Commencement programs and invitations. However, the collection also includes newspaper clippings, school announcements, and webpage print-outs.

This collection consists of 2.8 linear feet contained in (5) legal-sized Hollinger Boxes.

There are no restrictions to access or use for research purposes.

Digitized copies of the Commencement Programs in this collection can be found on the Longwood University Digital Commons: https://digitalcommons.longwood.edu/commencement_programs/

Contents of the Collection

   Box 1 of 5: 1863-1959

Commencement 1863, Program

Commencement 1863, Transcript

Commencement 1863, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1883, Program

Commencement 1886, Program

Commencement 1887, Program

Commencement 1888, Program

Commencement 1889, Program

Commencement 1890, Program

Commencement 1893, Program

Commencement 1894, Program

Commencement 1894, Invitation

Commencement 1894, Pin

Commencement 1901, Program

Commencement 1902, Program

Commencement 1903, Program

Commencement 1904, Program

Commencement 1905, Program

Commencement 1906, Program

Commencement 1907, January Program

Commencement 1907, June Program

Commencement 1909, January Program

Commencement 1909, June Program

Commencement 1910, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1911, Invitation

Commencement 1912, Invitation

Commencement 1913, Invitation

Commencement 1914, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1915, Program

Commencement 1916, Invitation

Commencement 1917, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1921, Program

Commencement 1923, Invitation

Commencement 1924, Program

Commencement 1927, Invitation (Louise Forbes)

Commencement 1932, Program

Commencement 1933, Program and Sermon

Commencement 1934, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1934, 50th Anniversary Celebration Program

Commencement 1935, Invitation

Commencement 1936, Invitation

Commencement 1937, Program

Commencement 1937, Invitation

Commencement 1938, Program

Commencement 1939, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1940, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1941, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1942, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1943, Program

Commencement 1944, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1945, Invitation

Commencement 1946, Invitation

Commencement 1947, May Program

Commencement 1947, August Program

Commencement 1948, May Program

Commencement 1948, August Program

Commencement 1949, Program

Commencement 1950, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1951, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1952, May Program

Commencement 1952, August Program

Commencement 1953, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1954, Program

Commencement 1955, June Program

Commencement 1955, August Program

Commencement 1956, June Program

Commencement 1956, August Program

Commencement 1957, June Program

Commencement 1957, August Program

Commencement 1958, May Program

Commencement 1958, August Program

Commencement 1958, Transcript

Commencement 1959, August Program

Commencement 1959, 75th Anniversary Packet

   Box 2 of 5: 1960-1985

Commencement 1960, May Program

Commencement 1960, August Program

Commencement 1961, June Program

Commencement 1961, August Program

Commencement 1962, June program and Invitation

Commencement 1962, August Program

Commencement 1963, June Program, Invitation, and Notice

Commencement 1963, August Program and Notice

Commencement 1964, May Program and Notice

Commencement 1964, August Program

Commencement 1965, January Program

Commencement 1965, August Program and Notice

Commencement 1965, Newspaper Clipping

Commencement 1965, May Program, Invitation, and Notice

Commencement 1966, January Program

Commencement 1966, June Program

Commencement 1967, Program

Commencement 1968, Program and Announcement

Commencement 1968, Newspaper Copy

Commencement 1969, Program

Commencement 1969, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1969, General Release

Commencement 1970, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1970, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1971, Program

Commencement 1972, Program and Announcement

Commencement 1972, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1973, Program

Commencement 1973, Speech Transcript

Commencement 1973, Newspaper Copy

Commencement 1974, Program

Commencement 1974, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1975, Program and Announcement

Commencement 1975, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1976, Program and Information

Commencement 1976, Newspaper Copy

Commencement 1977, Program

Commencement 1978, Program and Announcement

Commencement 1979, Program

Commencement 1979, Radio Broadcast Transcript

Commencement 1979, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1979, Memos

Commencement 1980, Program and Memo

Commencement 1980, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1981, Program

Commencement 1982, Program and Memos

Commencement 1983, Program

Commencement 1983, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 1984, May Program and Announcement

Commencement 1984, August Program

Commencement 1985, Program and Invitation

Commencement 1985, Newspaper Clipping

   Box 3 of 5: 1986-2000

Commencement 1986, Program

Commencement 1987, May Program and Announcement

Commencement 1987, December Program

Commencement 1988, May Program and Memo

Commencement 1988, May Information

Commencement 1988, December Program and Announcement

Commencement 1989, May Program and Memos

Commencement 1989, May Speech Transcript

Commencement 1990, May Program and Procession Information

Commencement 1990, December Program and Announcement

Commencement 1991, May Program and Seating Map

Commencement 1991, December Program and Announcement

Commencement 1992, May Program

Commencement 1992, December Program and Announcement

Commencement 1993, May Program

Commencement 1993, December Program

Commencement 1994, May Program

Commencement 1994, December Program

Commencement 1995, May Program

Commencement 1995, December Program

Commencement 1996, May Program

Commencement 1996, Commencement Address

Commencement 1996, December Program

Commencement 1997, May Program

Commencement 1997, December Program

Commencement 1998, May Program

Commencement 1998, December Program

Commencement 1999, May Program

Commencement 1999, December Program

Commencement 1999, Transcript

Commencement 2000, Program

   Box 4 of 5: 2001-2013

Commencement 2001, Program

Commencement 2001, “In Honor”

Commencement 2001, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 2001, News Releases

Commencement 2002, Program

Commencement 2002, Photos

Commencement 2003, Program

Commencement 2003, Photos

Commencement 2003, News Releases

Commencement 2003, Tina Barrett interview

Commencement 2003, Correspondence

Commencement 2004, Program

Commencement 2004, “In Honor”

Commencement 2004, Correspondence

Commencement 2004, Website

Commencement 2004, News Releases

Commencement 2005, Program

Commencement 2005, “In Honor”

Commencement 2005, Baccalaureate Service

Commencement 2005, Website

Commencement 2005, News Releases

Commencement 2005, Newspaper Clippings

Commencement 2006, Program

Commencement 2006, Photos

Commencement 2006, News Releases

Commencement 2006, Website

Commencement 2006, Correspondence

Commencement 2007, Program

Commencement 2007, “In Honor”

Commencement 2007, Correspondence

Commencement 2008, Program

Commencement 2009, Program

Commencement 2009, News Releases

Commencement 2009, Jerome Kersey CD

Commencement 2010, Program

Commencement 2010, “In Honor”

Commencement 2010, Website

Commencement 2010, Correspondence

Commencement 2011, Program

Commencement 2011, Website

Commencement 2012, Program

Commencement 2013, Program Undergraduate

Commencement 2013, Program Graduate

Commencement 2013, News Releases

Commencement 2013, Article

   Box 5 of 5: 2014-2019

Commencement 2014, Program Undergraduate

Commencement 2014, Program Graduate

Commencement 2014, News Release

Commencement 2014, Newspaper Clipping

Commencement 2015, Program Undergraduate

Commencement 2015, Program Graduate

Commencement 2016, Program Undergraduate

Commencement 2017, Program Undergraduate

Commencement 2018, Program Undergraduate

Commencement 2018, Program Graduate

Commencement 2019, Program Graduate

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