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The Greenwood Library offers an array of genealogy resources to help you start your family history project, or dig a little deeper.  The Library offers access to Ancestry, Library Edition in the library on any of the libraries desktop computers, or at home with your lancer net ID and password. We are also a Family Search Affiliate Library meaning we have access to more resources then the free public version on any of our Learning Commons computers. Also available are newspaper resources, and book resources that can help you discover more about your family history.

Ancestry Library Edition


The Library provides access to several different newspaper resources in person and online.

  • Farmville Herald

The Greenwood Library has microfilm copies available in the Library of the Farmville Herald up to 2014.

Virginia Chronicle also has editions of the Farmville Herald from 1899-1910 available online here.

The Library also offers the following book resource to assist with searches in the Farmville Herald.

Other newspaper resources are available through our Databases & Resources A-Z list. Just search for "Proquest Historical Newspapers"
Tips for searching Newspapers
  • Check to see if digital papers are available for the time and place you are searching.

  • Try browsing different papers during the timeframe of the event.

  • Use Quotation marks when searching an individual's name.

  • Try variations of a persons name. Like nicknames, commons spellings, middle initials, etc

  • Search for keywords associated with the event, rather then the specific person.

  • Use the information you know about an event, person, date or place to try different searches.

  • Be patient and try different searches, just make sure the papers are digitized for the place and time period you are looking for.

Family Search


These are just a few of Greenwood Libraries book resources on genealogy. They can help you start a genealogy project or help you if you need a little extra guidance.

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Genealogy Workshop Handout


If you have any questions or need any assistance using one of our resources please feel free to email Jamie Krogh at